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Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Ft. Stuff Made Here - Smarter Every Day 245

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  1. SmarterEveryDay


    Maand geleden

    Shane is a really cool guy. I reached out because I wanted to understand his bat and how his mind worked. I ended up valuing the friendship over anything else. Check out his video and consider subscribing to him here: nlcameras.info/wiki/iavUZo6eyZLe0qg/video

    • Jared Morris

      Jared Morris

      Dag geleden

      Hey when are you going to shoot the video of the supersonic baseball bat down in Alabama??

    • TWIDGET89


      2 dagen geleden

      Just imagine an actual batter using this monstrosity

    • Shane Miller

      Shane Miller

      6 dagen geleden

      This vid kept throwing me off.

    • Jazzy RL

      Jazzy RL

      6 dagen geleden

      Hey Dustin! You should make a bat that incorporates both the mechanical 250 mph bat and the explosive bat!

    • NavalSEALSniper & Sports

      NavalSEALSniper & Sports

      11 dagen geleden

      I think there’s some things to help your record out coming from a baseball player. First off the vinyl balls are killing your power. As a baseball player, we call those dead balls. They’re great for BP in cages because they’re cheap and don’t scuff. If you were to use MLB baseballs they’d fly better because the core of the ball is more springy. Make sure the surface is real leather and the seams are not raised. A better swing can also help you out. The ball being pitched towards you also gives you extra distance, it’s harder to hit a home run off a tee than it is in real pitching. Back spin is another thing I noticed y’all struggled with. Win you roll over, obviously you get a ground ball. When you upper cut, you get top spin so the ball won’t carry. If you can get a more level swing and still get a good launch angle plus it will carry further because of backspin. I hope you see this and can milk every foot out of that record! I live in Huntsville so if you have some kind of public event I’ll be sure to come check it out!

  2. 2goldenace


    2 uur geleden

    17:38 . . And it was at that moment they realized they were gonna invent the first human-made black hole.

  3. tykie gortat

    tykie gortat

    6 uur geleden

    "Thats an electric fence, I better keep that in mind." *Reaches down to touch it 5 seconds later* hahaha

  4. Griffin Loughran

    Griffin Loughran

    6 uur geleden

    Now give it to a real baseball player

  5. SujanraAcoma


    7 uur geleden

    So like... If he’s made a thing that uses gunpowder to launch a hunk of metal... isn’t this basically a gun once the stoppers are out? And you’re playing pool with the baseball? Gun pool?

  6. Amputee Adventures

    Amputee Adventures

    16 uur geleden

    hey how do you guys keep the blank rounds to stay in the chambers after being fired off?? and not flying out with the bat side that has the firing pins on it itself, shouldn't the rounds fly out with the bat side that's facing the ball when striking!

  7. Burnt Nugget

    Burnt Nugget

    17 uur geleden

    Lmaooo wadup!? U caught me offguard...beautiful video as always thanks you

  8. Christina Magee

    Christina Magee

    20 uur geleden

    Homeboy is straight up wearing a Binford shirt, he’s my comedic hero right now lmao

  9. Tammy Sherman

    Tammy Sherman

    23 uur geleden

    Do a collab with Mark rober and see who can hit a ball the farthest, he's done a rocket powered golf club

  10. arthur boddie

    arthur boddie

    Dag geleden

    I love how Dustin is helping some one beat his own record :D

  11. Malakai Blue

    Malakai Blue

    Dag geleden

    What's funny is that I found Stuff Made Here and then youtube recommended me SmarterEveryDay.

  12. Blitz Warzone

    Blitz Warzone

    Dag geleden

    Mad batter with that bat and the supersonic canon will be epic

  13. voodoochild24262


    Dag geleden

    robots wars would have a field day with this

  14. Dag geleden

    Destin: "oh cool so it's a suppressor" Shane: "It. Is not. A suppressor." XD

  15. EvgeniiBondarev


    Dag geleden

    It's a future of baseball

  16. Nootpocket


    Dag geleden

    imagine breaking into a house the person starts loading up their explosive baseball bat and running at ya.

  17. joec0914


    Dag geleden

    I'd like to see you use that bat to hit a golf ball.

  18. Mike Luque

    Mike Luque

    Dag geleden

    How has Dustin not thought of Mad Batter + Supersonic Cannon before? MUST MAKE HAPPEN.

  19. Ralexcraft


    Dag geleden

    Combine them

  20. Danny Hoth

    Danny Hoth

    Dag geleden


  21. Kyng Melio

    Kyng Melio

    Dag geleden

    17:38 that would be crazy

  22. Blake Riyadi

    Blake Riyadi

    Dag geleden

    you look like brad keselowski

  23. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.

    Dag geleden

    Science bros.

  24. Brock Tureski

    Brock Tureski

    2 dagen geleden

    ready! very cool ....

  25. Dika Michio

    Dika Michio

    2 dagen geleden

    I was wondering, what if they used shotgun bullets? 🤔

  26. oblivionspartan


    2 dagen geleden

    lol, I was wondering about the muffler... nothing to see here ATF.

  27. Cyberdactyl


    2 dagen geleden

    Should have painted the balls neon orange.

  28. Chris


    2 dagen geleden

    Can you attempt to see if you can hook this bat up to the spinning motor from your bat to make it hit the ball twice as fast? Maybe even use the baseball air cannon to pitch it to the bat and make it even faster?



    2 dagen geleden

    Destin, Shane, Mark Rober and Colin Furze. My Allstars team

  30. Cactus Crus

    Cactus Crus

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm just happy.

  31. Krijn Dignum

    Krijn Dignum

    2 dagen geleden

    What a good human being

  32. Fry Pan

    Fry Pan

    3 dagen geleden

    Invert the curve of the bat a bit or make a self correcting tee

  33. Ham ster

    Ham ster

    3 dagen geleden

    why not combine the exploding bullet bat and the crazy spinning one you did? do the fusion dance and see if it flies into space

  34. saptarshi chaudhuri

    saptarshi chaudhuri

    3 dagen geleden

    Osmm😍😍 plz make more videos like this I totally love it😍❤❤

  35. Shirokawa Kisei

    Shirokawa Kisei

    3 dagen geleden

    imagine baseball in 3000's

  36. Vendrik Monarca

    Vendrik Monarca

    3 dagen geleden

    Now do it with a .50 caliper

  37. Slayer the robloxian gamer

    Slayer the robloxian gamer

    3 dagen geleden

    Who else understood him at 9:00

  38. Slayer the robloxian gamer

    Slayer the robloxian gamer

    3 dagen geleden

    NLcameras is getting comfortable with these 20 second unskipable ads..

  39. bob qwerty

    bob qwerty

    3 dagen geleden

    Finds out his velocity calculation was almost spot on ".....cool..." LMAO totally not surprised hes thinking "well yeah...math bro.."

  40. Jim Johnston

    Jim Johnston

    3 dagen geleden

    Love that Binford shirt. Binford 6100

  41. rakesh jindal

    rakesh jindal

    3 dagen geleden

    Mad bat +gun bat=kabboom

  42. SixCeed


    3 dagen geleden

    just starting out on youtube with 1.7m subs.. been at this for 9 years lmfao..

  43. Worldwide Darts

    Worldwide Darts

    4 dagen geleden

    I realise how NOT smart I am after watching these videos

  44. jgenert


    4 dagen geleden

    My two favorite youtube engineers.

  45. caffeinated


    4 dagen geleden

    Destin: "oh cool so it's a suppressor" Shane: "It. Is not. A suppressor." XD

  46. Christopher Biomass

    Christopher Biomass

    4 dagen geleden

    New channel... Smarter Stuff Made Here Every Day. Make it so.

  47. SavageBillahx2


    4 dagen geleden

    I would love to see a demonstration in an actual major league field. How sweet would that be!?

  48. Quanchy Plimp

    Quanchy Plimp

    4 dagen geleden

    Put a GPS chip inside the ball, if it survives bat impact, you should find the ball ;)

  49. Joseph Rittenhouse

    Joseph Rittenhouse

    4 dagen geleden

    Instead of a rounded thrusting piston with an angled swing, why not a beveled one with a level swing?

  50. Tony Kiser

    Tony Kiser

    4 dagen geleden

    I love the Binford tools t shirt

  51. John B35

    John B35

    5 dagen geleden

    4:10 don’t mind me just almost committing a felony

  52. Tran Thien hung

    Tran Thien hung

    5 dagen geleden

    "That's CNC machine?" "yeah. if you can't afford them, make them." that smooth talk just radiate the most rad lad energy I ever witness.

  53. GTAHomeGuy


    5 dagen geleden

    Equal humility when smarter than the average joe is so refreshing. You both deserve people taking notice, keep it up.

  54. Din mammas Salad

    Din mammas Salad

    5 dagen geleden

    Me bringing this to baseball or brännboll be winnin 24/7

  55. Cole Wagner

    Cole Wagner

    5 dagen geleden

    What if you combined the inventions

  56. Mason Brown

    Mason Brown

    5 dagen geleden

    Imagine a professional baseball player hitting it

  57. Kikk oman

    Kikk oman

    5 dagen geleden

    Maybe get someone who has actually swung a bat before to do it?

  58. Itzsagoralwaysforyou1 Itzsagoralwaysforyou1

    Itzsagoralwaysforyou1 Itzsagoralwaysforyou1

    6 dagen geleden

    World class video.

  59. random


    6 dagen geleden

    imagine breaking into a house the person starts loading up their explosive baseball bat and running at ya.

    • Vibe-O-matiC Error-izeR

      Vibe-O-matiC Error-izeR

      5 dagen geleden

      imagine yourself in place of baseball

  60. Heather Jolly

    Heather Jolly

    6 dagen geleden

    You always laugh so much in your videos it's sooooo fun watching how FUN this is for you!

  61. Obscure


    6 dagen geleden

    These are honestly two great men

  62. Bring me Peter pan

    Bring me Peter pan

    6 dagen geleden

    OH MAN! You guys totally need to take one of those gelatin body/head analogues and hit it with the bat lol that would be so cool!

  63. Liya niam

    Liya niam

    6 dagen geleden

    Finds out his velocity calculation was almost spot on ".....cool..." LMAO totally not surprised hes thinking "well yeah...math bro.."

  64. Arby Reyes

    Arby Reyes

    6 dagen geleden

    Supersonic baseball pitch + Explosive bat = 1000+ft

  65. Gorrez Gorrez

    Gorrez Gorrez

    6 dagen geleden

    Destin: "He's smarter than me" Shane: "No. Depends on the topic" -that's a very wise answer. No matter how smart you are or how much you know, there's someone who knows more about something than you do. Or, the person your talking to knows more about a particular topic than you do. How much better would we be if we recognized that there's something we can learn from pretty much anyone?

  66. Cayo Costa

    Cayo Costa

    6 dagen geleden

    Put four of his bats on your spinning device.

  67. Lucifer Leon

    Lucifer Leon

    6 dagen geleden

    Combine this with the rotating bat with which you hit the longest homerun, and you could send the ball to mars if you find a way to make the ball not explode at the moment of impact.

  68. James Reedy

    James Reedy

    6 dagen geleden

    @11:42 can you redo this to apply to my love life?

  69. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez

    6 dagen geleden

    hey guys to find the ball put a small tracker inside it

  70. Jonathan Wyatt

    Jonathan Wyatt

    6 dagen geleden

    Shane looks like someone I went to school with almost exactly. But different names.. And the guy I went to school with was smart aswell

  71. chickin


    6 dagen geleden

    Shane is the only person i've seen making a firearm and getting away with it

  72. Adriane Gatrell

    Adriane Gatrell

    6 dagen geleden

    Subscribe to my channel for free iPads

  73. dcsensui


    7 dagen geleden

    Way too cool! Thanks for spending all the time and energy to do something that is totally useless in one aspect, but really educational in all others.

  74. yuli aryanto

    yuli aryanto

    7 dagen geleden

    Hi gimana kalo bola dengan kecepatan tinggi saling bertubrukan?

  75. DvdXploitr


    7 dagen geleden

    4 charges and the ball didn’t break....Just wondering, how many charges would it take to break the ball apart? Is it possible to rip a ball apart without an impact at supersonic speed? At what speed does a ball consistently rip apart once hit?

  76. Peggy French

    Peggy French

    7 dagen geleden

    Finds out his velocity calculation was almost spot on ".....cool..." LMAO totally not surprised hes thinking "well yeah...math bro.."

  77. Sehing Francis

    Sehing Francis

    7 dagen geleden

    Also if you made the pusher part that hits the ball flat rather than round It would work far better Yu are not hitting the ball squarely and all your force Is rolling away from propelling the ball.

  78. Sehing Francis

    Sehing Francis

    7 dagen geleden

    The pushing after the shock of the cartridge is going off is taking energy away from the flight of the ball. Eliminate that pushing spring unlike the ball achieve its velocity and see what that is before you took it away by the secondary push.

  79. stewart hedberg

    stewart hedberg

    7 dagen geleden

    you never found the baseball? no chip? cmon fellas. we need to know

  80. Marcelo Santos

    Marcelo Santos

    7 dagen geleden

    Coudn't you use the drone to see an estimation of where the ball lands? Like, record it when the bat hits the ball and try to capture the ball

  81. villagelightsmith


    7 dagen geleden

    Ge with some ammunition reloaders and explore the forces behind the deformation, cratering, and piercing of over-pressuring primers. Then go after the separation of cartridge case heads, the welding of cartridge cases to the chamber wall, and the "improving" of cases by blowing the shoulder forward. Then, there's what happens to the bullet. Study "The Houston Warehouse" for more exciting questions.

  82. Bryan Marquez Villegas

    Bryan Marquez Villegas

    7 dagen geleden

    i have no idea what they are saying lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Rich Silva

    Rich Silva

    7 dagen geleden

    More weight on the bat will give you more power

  84. Ecktor


    7 dagen geleden

    I wonder if you can fit a tracking device in the ball

  85. Carson Londer

    Carson Londer

    7 dagen geleden

    Your smarter in the water stuff lol

  86. Patrick Leahy

    Patrick Leahy

    7 dagen geleden


  87. HTownFrank


    7 dagen geleden

    Imagine a MLB baseball player swinging that bat!!



    7 dagen geleden

    Combine gunpowder powered baseball bat and mad spinning one . Also make a machine to throw the ball, 'cause otherwise you are in danger..

  89. BaronNate


    7 dagen geleden

    Now imagine if you didn't have a nerd, but a jock hitting it, LMAO. Great job guys. If you DO bring in an athletic guy to hit it, make sure they are smart enough to appreciate it.

  90. ThatOneNoob504


    7 dagen geleden

    *M a d E x p l o s i v e b a t*

  91. ThatOneNoob504


    7 dagen geleden

    *M a d E x p l o s i v e b a t*

  92. Sin Eater

    Sin Eater

    8 dagen geleden

    Killed us with the commerials Smalls...lol

  93. Sam Van der Roost

    Sam Van der Roost

    8 dagen geleden

    To find the ball, maybe some GPS or bleutooth-tracker inside the ball might help? I think there may be a chance the device might break under combined forces

  94. Christopher Parker

    Christopher Parker

    8 dagen geleden

    I demand a recount! This dude is hilarious 🤣

  95. 樱水


    8 dagen geleden

    17:47 TECHNOBLADE INCOMING (Minecraft ytber lol)

  96. Micah Senior

    Micah Senior

    8 dagen geleden

    But what if you punched it.

  97. Rafael Karosuo

    Rafael Karosuo

    8 dagen geleden

    hahahahahahaha Megazord, I love when you join some other great people to work on building stuff and having fun, congrats both!

  98. Thomas Feick

    Thomas Feick

    8 dagen geleden

    If you like tinkers and CAD and CNC and music... Check out Wintergatan and his quest to get his impossibly complicated musical marble mechanical monstrosity to work flawlessly for one million marble drops.

  99. Anderson Shelton

    Anderson Shelton

    8 dagen geleden

    ATF gets a blip on their radar 👀🕵🏿‍♂️

  100. Kieran Brown

    Kieran Brown

    8 dagen geleden

    Me watching his video a week or so ago: "You can just figure it out with some easy linear algebra" Okay he smart Me watching you a few months ago see him work: "This guy smarter than me when it comes to engineering" Yup Shane smart, he is a genius engineer and you have the interest to delve deep into his projects and find out why things happened the way they did and how he could improve some things, dream team tbh. Not to mention you'll learn a lot along the way when you guys do future projects. ;) (not trying to be pushy or anything :P)