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  1. Em


    Maand geleden

    Seeing Julen be so sweet and loving with Kermie and Kermie being excited and loving to Julen in return is so so good. I would love to see more soft Julien/dog content.



    2 maanden geleden

    alll these years, my favorite thing is how they carry kermit looking like an adorable eggplant

  3. Will


    3 maanden geleden

    1:47 he’s holding Kermit like a 2-liter of soda

  4. Toby Worth

    Toby Worth

    4 maanden geleden

    When miss peach held his hand he reacted like his crush did it what a big cutie

  5. Indication Disgrace

    Indication Disgrace

    4 maanden geleden

    Jenna: In photoshoot Me: DAMN THOSE HIGH HEELS

  6. Craftealady 06

    Craftealady 06

    5 maanden geleden

    I just want a picture of Kermit’s face on everything

  7. Adrian Mellon

    Adrian Mellon

    5 maanden geleden

    the start of this video was just KERMIIIIIIT!

  8. Liza Zaragoza

    Liza Zaragoza

    5 maanden geleden

    Julian looked like he held a girls hand for the first time when peach grabbed his hand some how 5:30

  9. Saania Salahuddin

    Saania Salahuddin

    5 maanden geleden

    Yes. This is the wholesome dog content that I signed up for.

  10. wicahpi skye

    wicahpi skye

    6 maanden geleden

    I always like the video 3.4 seconds in and never regret it because this content is partially what I live for:)

  11. KAI XUAN


    7 maanden geleden

    imagine this whole video of him petting and going "kermit!!" for 8 mins

  12. Tomi D

    Tomi D

    7 maanden geleden

    I loves how in his vlogs Julien’s really sweet and is a true dad with Kermit, and then in Jenna’s videos he’s like... the STEP dad lol.

  13. Sienna Ramage

    Sienna Ramage

    7 maanden geleden

    Hey, your instant coffee just expired

  14. i just had diarrhea in the hot tub

    i just had diarrhea in the hot tub

    9 maanden geleden

    is it just me or do i just come to this channel just for kermit.

  15. jess smel

    jess smel

    9 maanden geleden

    Lol I watch you guys to fall asleep. Videos, podcasts, gaming

  16. M P

    M P

    10 maanden geleden

    0:29 that image is blessed be cement himself

  17. Myles


    Jaar geleden

    Loving these existential titles

  18. Jake Wickett

    Jake Wickett

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna wearing those heels..”I wanna be tallllll...”

  19. As you Wish

    As you Wish

    Jaar geleden

    I think it would be so awesome to do a kind of documentary showing you guys in the beginning .. with commentary on what was going through your mind then and when it started to grow with snippets of cermet crying when u try to put him down like at least 1/2 hour of cermet crying. It gives me some weird pleasure when cermet cries.

  20. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  21. that bitch

    that bitch

    Jaar geleden

    the way kermit is held 😂😂

  22. Vinka Sakota

    Vinka Sakota

    Jaar geleden

    Kermit is legend !!!

  23. Ninja


    Jaar geleden

    why are you holding a rotisserie chicken in the bathroom

  24. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller

    Jaar geleden

    Sweet Peach

  25. Cyndee Boyko

    Cyndee Boyko

    Jaar geleden


  26. Jason Volkanov

    Jason Volkanov

    Jaar geleden

    Good boy

  27. Maeve Bidonde

    Maeve Bidonde

    Jaar geleden

    Julien is like spongebob yellow hair excited for spatula

  28. Maeve Bidonde

    Maeve Bidonde

    Jaar geleden

    An cermet needs daddy time or it will not grow.

  29. aye


    Jaar geleden

    5:30 is the cutest moment i've ever seen🥰 why isnt anyone talking about this :,)

  30. Mia Ross

    Mia Ross

    Jaar geleden

    I fall asleep to Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant & Karl Pilkington chats from the UK. Brilliant

  31. HBCAT 13

    HBCAT 13

    Jaar geleden

    Cermet looks like raw chicken everytime hes being held s2g

  32. Justine White

    Justine White

    Jaar geleden

    Any man who loves his critters THIS much is the bestest man ever. Jenna, you'za lucky momma. Omg AND holding your hand as you walk down the stairs off stage. What a dream boat. I hope guys are taking notes!!! 😘

  33. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Jaar geleden

    Peeeaachhhhh awww hhhahhahhaaawwww

  34. Rheana Cuenco

    Rheana Cuenco

    Jaar geleden

    I leave yours and Jenna’s videos on at night! 😅 it honestly helps me fall asleep to have a video playing in the background

  35. Diana Bates

    Diana Bates

    Jaar geleden

    You guys get paid doing this

  36. Diana Bates

    Diana Bates

    Jaar geleden


  37. Diana Bates

    Diana Bates

    Jaar geleden


  38. Teresa Gould

    Teresa Gould

    Jaar geleden

    Thank god. Another person that loves watching cooking 🥘 videos all night lol xx 😘 I’m currently watching all of yours

  39. Erica king

    Erica king

    Jaar geleden

    Her pictures in the background

  40. Lisa Fancy Face

    Lisa Fancy Face

    Jaar geleden


  41. Lauren Serrano

    Lauren Serrano

    Jaar geleden

    Cutest dogs ever honestly

  42. Greys Channel :3

    Greys Channel :3

    Jaar geleden

    The way he took her hand tho😏 I cantt

  43. EE EE

    EE EE

    Jaar geleden

    His hot on the outside and NASTY on the inside!!!

  44. Green nugget

    Green nugget

    Jaar geleden

    imagine having the kind of happy that Jenna and Julian have

  45. Lauren Okinaka

    Lauren Okinaka

    Jaar geleden


  46. Becca Burk

    Becca Burk

    Jaar geleden

    when peach grabbed Julien's finger you could instantly see Julien's heart melt. such a good doggy daddy

  47. dumb bitch

    dumb bitch

    Jaar geleden

    Omg cement actually looks cute in the thumbnail

  48. aesthetichovvell


    Jaar geleden

    Aw yeah Pittsburgh

  49. hiko73


    Jaar geleden

    Go to Santa Barbara

  50. ILA


    Jaar geleden

    I love an cermet

  51. Gee Gonzalez

    Gee Gonzalez

    Jaar geleden

    I love how needy the babies are in this video. BLESSSSSSS!!!

  52. Kingfisher


    Jaar geleden

    When Fraser gets a tiny feature on Juliens channel

  53. ouch my poor emo heart

    ouch my poor emo heart

    Jaar geleden

    Sometimes I forget that Kermit is a living animal and not a stuffed toy. Especially when he’s held like he is at 4:31

  54. Big Bad Boi

    Big Bad Boi

    Jaar geleden


  55. A Sad Goth Weeb

    A Sad Goth Weeb

    Jaar geleden

    A true happy boi

  56. grdn rs

    grdn rs

    Jaar geleden

    5:34 peach is such a doll omgg

  57. grdn rs

    grdn rs

    Jaar geleden

    the way julien holds kermit loll and kermit's just chilling omgg 2:30 the dogs soo cute

  58. Ur Boi Sammy

    Ur Boi Sammy

    Jaar geleden

    His chest is a bit red. Is that irritation or something to be concerned about? Is it just the camera??

  59. NerdsLoveDragons Some guy

    NerdsLoveDragons Some guy

    Jaar geleden

    Awwww what a sweet boy 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ love cermit

  60. Carmen A.

    Carmen A.

    Jaar geleden

    Why Cermet keep going on his back when Julien plays with him?

  61. Alexa Mancuso

    Alexa Mancuso

    Jaar geleden

    Bru slippery rock is not far from me my sisters boyfriend went there

  62. prodigy gir

    prodigy gir

    Jaar geleden

    ive been watching bob ross while i sleep for YEARS so preach

  63. Suzanne Snow

    Suzanne Snow

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna's got a basketball game tomorrow! 3:21

  64. Clara Park

    Clara Park

    Jaar geleden

    Weach's paw lol 05:27 lol

  65. Clara Park

    Clara Park

    Jaar geleden

    Weach's paw lol 05:27 lol

  66. Charity •

    Charity •

    Jaar geleden


  67. Angelic


    Jaar geleden

    Peach is so effing cute

  68. charlottte keller

    charlottte keller

    Jaar geleden

    I do that with your podcasts I put them on before I go to sleep it’s nice to feel like I’m not sleeping alone

  69. Jordan


    Jaar geleden

    I want a 3 hour video of just them playing with the puppies, the whole day

  70. g o o s e h o n k

    g o o s e h o n k

    Jaar geleden

    5:31-5:34 Julienne had a moment there

  71. überwachen


    Jaar geleden

    kermit looks very adorable in the intro, he's actually acting like a dog!

  72. Luna Matias

    Luna Matias

    Jaar geleden

    yes true tho bob ross'es voice is so calming and peaceful :'')

  73. Caroline Deniston

    Caroline Deniston

    Jaar geleden

    up until now, I've never seen Kermit do anything dog-like. that boi cries so much lol

  74. Sleepy


    Jaar geleden

    I love how much of a princess Peach is 💕

  75. ••French•• Toust••

    ••French•• Toust••

    Jaar geleden

    Cermit is so ready to be a human baby...

  76. Kaitlyn Montgomery

    Kaitlyn Montgomery

    Jaar geleden

    I will never get over how cermet looks when y’all hold him like that lol

  77. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    2 jaar geleden

    Cut Peach’s nails!!! It gets painful for dogs to walk with long nails. If they “click” on the floor when she walks, they need to be trimmed. This has been driving me nuts for ages 😂 y’all are such great dog parents, but you gotta clip her nails, bro!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Joey Hakanson

    Joey Hakanson

    2 jaar geleden

    Your bathroom is gorgeous. And it's so funny how Kermit and Peach like to be held like that.

  79. mia v

    mia v

    2 jaar geleden

    I love how Kermit is solidified whenever he’s picked up or held 😂😂

  80. 포도


    2 jaar geleden

    5:30 - LOL😂

  81. Raea Rose

    Raea Rose

    2 jaar geleden

    im obsesse with kermits posture. forevermore.

  82. Madison Auten

    Madison Auten

    2 jaar geleden

    5:22 I wasn't paying 100% attention the the video, I just had the audio going, and the "hi" was so cute aw

  83. Aquesance Averun

    Aquesance Averun

    2 jaar geleden

    check out The comments are hilarious!

  84. Moana Jones

    Moana Jones

    2 jaar geleden

    Kermit is ripped as fuckkkkkk

  85. • Bruh idc •

    • Bruh idc •

    2 jaar geleden

    *curtin is happ*

  86. effy rose

    effy rose

    2 jaar geleden

    Deadass thought the thumbnail was jar jar binks

  87. LoRI MuRdY

    LoRI MuRdY

    2 jaar geleden

    Stink !!!!! I'm in Pittsburgh!! I missed you all !!😢😢😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  88. Bright's Kohai

    Bright's Kohai

    2 jaar geleden


  89. jessAri


    2 jaar geleden

    omggg Kermit is my. favorite dog of all time I think 💜💜💜

  90. Izzy


    2 jaar geleden

    i love how julien and kermit breathe the same heaviness no hate both charmers :^)

  91. Jaelyn Campbell

    Jaelyn Campbell

    2 jaar geleden

    That moment when his heart melted when peach reached out for him

  92. Jaelyn Campbell

    Jaelyn Campbell

    2 jaar geleden

    That bathroom is amazing

  93. ayyyitsbeff


    2 jaar geleden

    5:29 what are we

  94. Star Miller

    Star Miller

    2 jaar geleden

    When are they gonna get a cat?

  95. Dee Cohen

    Dee Cohen

    2 jaar geleden

    “I watched Pad Thai videos all nite last nite”...says...only ppl as cool n quirky as Julien. Side Note: I watch competitive eating n mukbang ERRYDAY esp when im prepping din din n having din din.

  96. MoneyWize ENT LLC.

    MoneyWize ENT LLC.

    2 jaar geleden

    Kermie has the pigmentations of a great white shark.

  97. Lee Meehan

    Lee Meehan

    2 jaar geleden

    6:20 Julien worrying if he’s old

  98. Amanda Banana

    Amanda Banana

    2 jaar geleden

    Please also buy one of those giant woks and fry up some pad Thai in your backyard

  99. Samantha 55

    Samantha 55

    2 jaar geleden

    Have a baby already

  100. Mikaela Hauser

    Mikaela Hauser

    2 jaar geleden

    Kerm is such a mood I love it