How have PENALTY KICKS Evolved from 1900 to 2021? - THE EVOLUTION OF FOOTBALL

How has football/soccer changed over the last 100 years? it turns out quite abit.
Check out skillNshoot:
football soccer recreation challenge. evolution of football soccer boot and goalkeeper free kicks skills and penalties kicks.
Kieran Brown.


  1. skillNshoot


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    Appreciate the shoutout Kieran 🙌🏼 Petition to bring back the old MLS penalties 😅

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      life sparks td

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      lets keep this at 666

    • Christopher Bowers

      Christopher Bowers

      5 dagen geleden

      @Kieran Brown check out Gorge Best and his skills, lots of fake shots, dropping shoulders and just putting defence inside out.

    • just 4 rasam

      just 4 rasam

      7 dagen geleden

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      CiCi Jade

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    • DARÍO 88

      DARÍO 88

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      I loved the MLS penalties I wish FIFA used them in all their competions 601 LIKE

  2. Daniel Mclachlan

    Daniel Mclachlan

    3 uur geleden

    I play field hockey and the original football shootout is what we use now if a game is drawn at full time!

  3. Joshua Arafiena

    Joshua Arafiena

    23 uur geleden

    how did the ball curve like that

  4. REAL mini

    REAL mini

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    only if history was this fun

  5. Sean Wickham

    Sean Wickham

    Dag geleden

    Kudos to the MLS for giving it a try. I've always thought the classic warm-up drill where you have a teammate standing at the top of the 18 playing a give-and-go to a teammate who hits it first-time anywhere outside the box would be a great alternative to penalty kicks. The best part about it is that players practice that technique more than penalties in their lifetime.

  6. Xpired ツ

    Xpired ツ

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    where do i get soccer cleats

  7. Kieran M

    Kieran M

    4 dagen geleden

    Brilliant vid, however I will say that it’s a pretty common misconception that roberto Carlos used the outside of his foot for his FK. I believe He used his lace but just with ridiculous swerve

  8. Erika Hernandez

    Erika Hernandez

    4 dagen geleden

    The paneka free kick master by messi

  9. Agnes Roda

    Agnes Roda

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    are pros allowed to use laceless boots

  10. G15George


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    Great vid

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  12. Koen


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    The 32 meter shootout is still used to this day in field hockey. Not while games then u had penaltys but when it was a draw after a game they would do those shootouts

  13. Sir kakoly

    Sir kakoly

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    Its so cool to have a youtuber live in the same town as you

  14. Realmer Don 11

    Realmer Don 11

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    The MLS penalties actually looks like a pretty good method

    • Josh Aston

      Josh Aston

      2 dagen geleden

      An actual element of skill. Imagine the tension when it comes to the 6'4" bruiser centre halves (if they even reach the box in 5 seconds..)

  15. videomakville


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    Jay Jay Okocha.

  16. Mysterious Gamer RM

    Mysterious Gamer RM

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    1:45 WOW

  17. Eleh Reginald

    Eleh Reginald

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    How can you not mention Jay Jay Okocha in a skills video?? 👎👎👎👎👎

  18. Tawana Matewe

    Tawana Matewe

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    jj okocha very skillful

  19. CocoDaEz


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    the only time the americans made a big roll in fifa 21 : the 1v1 arena inspiration

  20. Rodrigo Cordeiro

    Rodrigo Cordeiro

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    according to the thumbnail, in 2020, the ball kicks the player.

  21. Comitta Productions

    Comitta Productions

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    I missed the johan cruiff penalty

  22. Alfonso Blasco

    Alfonso Blasco

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    Kieran Brown is an absolutte trash golekeeper

  23. Hunta34


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    Love the vid!!

  24. Chance Chance

    Chance Chance

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    Luis saurez right?

  25. Gareth Baird

    Gareth Baird

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    Although Kieran do you know where the penalty kick was invented bonus points if you can name the person who invented it..... If you get it correct I'll subscribe

  26. Respect


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    Why didn't you talk about "The maestro" free kick?

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    Pls support me

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    Pls support

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    Support me bro it's a football channel

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    You should fill a kicker all with helium

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    I didn’t know they had Nike in early 1900s 😂😂😂

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    The Piano Kid

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    Why do you wear swedish

  33. Joby Mathew

    Joby Mathew

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    If i was in 1930s i would be the most skilful player in that decades😀😀😀😀

  34. Joby Mathew

    Joby Mathew

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    I appreciate you have better chance to become a club player in national leagues

  35. Giant JellyFish

    Giant JellyFish

    8 dagen geleden

    I just wanna say that Johan Cryuff didn’t create the Cryuff turn, an Australian footballer (sorry, can’t remember name) did it for the Socceroos 6 days before Johan pulled it off for the first time. True story

  36. Risma Begum

    Risma Begum

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    Where is messi

  37. True True

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  38. Korede Tobun

    Korede Tobun

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    How was jay jay okocha not named the skills even Ronaldinho said he was his inspiration

  39. RizeF1


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    Why does he sound like hes doing a powerpoint in class

  40. DARÍO 88

    DARÍO 88

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    I loved the MLS penalties I wish FIFA used them in all their competions

  41. AibinPlayz


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    Plss do the f100 goal keeper gloves review🥺🥺

  42. Yann-Olivier Mallet

    Yann-Olivier Mallet

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    I don’t really like skills now Does anybody else not like this decade’s skills

  43. Paxton Miller

    Paxton Miller

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    This is a football 🏈 and you dribble a basketball not a soccer ball British people are weird

    • Paxton Miller

      Paxton Miller

      8 dagen geleden

      Also a knuckleball is baseball it’s a certain type of pitch that the pitcher can throw

  44. Joel McWhinney

    Joel McWhinney

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    One other thing that has changed: players will go down In the box with the slightest tap on the foot

  45. Love Kainth

    Love Kainth

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    Where is messi

  46. Federico Emanuele Girelli

    Federico Emanuele Girelli

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    How can you make a video about free kicks evolution and not even mention Pirlo's Maledetta?!

  47. just 4 rasam

    just 4 rasam

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  48. OhThatShitIsDeep


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    Pele was born in 1940

  49. Shelly Chanda

    Shelly Chanda

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    6:17 It's Hockey penalty....

  50. Thiago Gehrke

    Thiago Gehrke

    9 dagen geleden

    A note to the 2010's penalty kicks. Look out for brazilian "paradinha", it was used all over the place!

  51. Igino Boffa

    Igino Boffa

    9 dagen geleden

    Wrong! Panenka got popular after Euro 2000 semi-final when Totti kicked like this

  52. Antonio Villatoro

    Antonio Villatoro

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    How can you talk about modern free kicks and not mention messi at all but mention ronaldo🤦🏻

  53. 10 pound sim racing 1

    10 pound sim racing 1

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    Such evolution

  54. Michæl Carella

    Michæl Carella

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    Today's soccer is a parody

    • Mostafa Darwish

      Mostafa Darwish

      8 dagen geleden

      And your whole country(america) is a parody of England, no difference yet you tend to think you are smarter and better but really & truly you're the most ignorant country in the whole world, very backward calling a game played by hands and a egg "football" while the game played with foot and a real ball is called "soccer", I beg you make it make sense

  55. N. P.

    N. P.

    9 dagen geleden

    Wtf? Pele did that skill passing the ball behind the front legs and back... Not Johansen...

  56. Alfie Davies

    Alfie Davies

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    I remember 100k

  57. Rayhan Kamal

    Rayhan Kamal

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    The thumbnail is scuffed

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    Tobiloba Babajide

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    The elastico flip flap? Nah SNAKE BITE

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  60. Hello Darkness My old friend

    Hello Darkness My old friend

    9 dagen geleden

    Thumbnail: Its 2020 Title: No, its 2021

  61. Mr Brainless

    Mr Brainless

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    Even maradona said the he isn’t the best. He said that the best was EL MAGICO GONZALEZ🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻

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    Xenocide. AQUA

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    bro i loved ur old name bro +Footballskills98

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    The flip flap was R9

  64. muflo sardo

    muflo sardo

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    Wait, Totti did the paneka in 2002, we can say Totti was the best penalty shooter

  65. mk


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    haven't watched your videos in a while

  66. Logan Gloyn

    Logan Gloyn

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    3.43 i have the same foootball

  67. Alex Orpin

    Alex Orpin

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    The old MLS penalty shootout method is still used in hockey except a player had 8 seconds to score not 5

  68. Sheb


    10 dagen geleden

    hey Kieran, sorry but I don't think you should mention skills without okocha Ronaldinho was a Brazilian okocha because Dinho was very similar to him but okocha started before him

  69. Fari Domi

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    He looked on google

  71. Hijlke Cornelis Boorsma

    Hijlke Cornelis Boorsma

    10 dagen geleden

    you are forgetting the pass penalty from Cruijff

  72. F F VIDEO


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    Är du från Sverige jag ser dig med Sverige tröja(are you from sweden

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    The hoc noodle affectively announce because month commonly connect barring a fancy footnote. scientific, divergent trigonometry

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    ayr fresh

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    Jimmy Johnstone.

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    alessandro Truchot

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    My team is PSG

  76. Ivana Knežević

    Ivana Knežević

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    Best gooalkepper in ever is vladimir beara

  77. Isaac Taylor

    Isaac Taylor

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    the mls pently shoot out is based of feild hockey pelntly shoot outs

  78. Yann Poulton

    Yann Poulton

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    Rly enjoyed that

  79. miguel videla

    miguel videla

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    He’s talking about history without mentioning messi 😂😂😂

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      @HAIDER GAMING OP cry more penaldofan girl😂



      9 dagen geleden

      Yeah..The worst player on Earth can never be forgotten😊

  80. Dad


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    imagine the coin flip rule in balkan derbies...

  81. Masum Ahmed

    Masum Ahmed

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    It's crazy how the best player in the world, Messi didn't even get mentioned in this video 😕

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    Kieran is the epitome of "quality not quantity".

  83. Lil Laundry

    Lil Laundry

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    Fun fact the cruyff turn was made by an Australian earlier in that world cup

  84. Uzayr Khan

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    Well anyone notice his face just like Preston?

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    Nice video 💪💪💪

  86. Devante Jackson

    Devante Jackson

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    6:03 I don't hate the idea. I think it could be good but there shouldn't be a time limit. Just apply the time wasting rule to it and count it against whoever is wasting time if that occurred. It's kinda like hockey shootouts. I think it'd be cool to see in Europe.

  87. Mkumar DH

    Mkumar DH

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    How could you not include messi in skills

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    who needs school when you have this as a history lesson 🤩

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    Bro why’s your hair like that lol

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    Field hockey uses an 8 second shoot out system. Brilliant to be part of, as a keeper or field player

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  92. Granny Gives Head

    Granny Gives Head

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    It's insane, in the next 100 years, no one watching this video will be around. Makes you want to enjoy life a bit more doesn't it?

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    Who noticed 2020 in Thumbnail😅😂

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    Who else think Kieran should do videos with child prodigies like chase carrera?

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    forgot about the messi suarez penalty, class video though

  97. Kevin Vdmeer

    Kevin Vdmeer

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    1.50 roberto carlos did use his inside foot wit a swaz

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    That is some nice hair kieran

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    Ronaldinho is the Rick James of music

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    This video is brilliant!!