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Special Delivery - LTT Edition

Regular Redditors will undoubtedly have seen a picture of this PC, courtesy of the Oregon Wildfires. @Linus Tech Tips and @Craft Computing teamed up to make it right again. Check out their build video here: nlcameras.info/wiki/pW7Mk3ulxXG8yJw/video
Affiliate links when? www.lttstore.com
Check out the parts from /u/NeverLuckyChozo's new PC
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Asus PRIME B450-Plus: amzn.to/33RoL9M
Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super: amzn.to/34Qt2JJ
Samsung 970 Evo 2TB: amzn.to/36Rdmsy
Corsair RM650x 80+Gold PSU: amzn.to/2GY9DhI
Gigabyte C200 Tempered Glass Case: amzn.to/36TBj2o
LG 27GK750F-B 1080p/240hz Monitor: amzn.to/3lxa15O
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Leopard Print Elevator by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3974-leopard-print-elevator
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips

    15 dagen geleden

    HUGE Thank you to you, Jeff! Much love from the LTT team. -CW

    • MicahTheManiac


      10 dagen geleden

      Great job

    • wil8115


      11 dagen geleden

      well done guys,

    • vasco valente

      vasco valente

      12 dagen geleden

      @Jeff Lith As always

    • Nice Rice Ninja

      Nice Rice Ninja

      12 dagen geleden

      I subscribed to both of your channels after watching both of your collab videos. Great job Guys!

    • Cihan Hinds

      Cihan Hinds

      12 dagen geleden


  2. C Simon

    C Simon

    2 uur geleden

    how in the hell is the trees not burn but the houses is?????????????? the gov set this fire because they did not want people in the area. think about it???????

  3. Spec_Ops Gaming

    Spec_Ops Gaming

    4 uur geleden

    I'm so happy to see that i got into such an amazing community this past year when i built my very first pc, and i'm very happy to see that neverluckychozo(not sure how he has it spelled) got so much help from this community and got a new pc..the pc community is such so amazing and i love you guys(yes including craftcomputing and LTT, jayztwocents,bitwit and the others..all hail the pc master race

  4. Ketiv007


    19 uur geleden

    Real heroes man, i love you guys

  5. Xterminator


    22 uur geleden

    Cam I have a Pc coz atm i have a laptop that can only run among us

  6. Susan Wojcicki

    Susan Wojcicki

    Dag geleden

    He even looks like a reddit user. Story checks 100%

  7. Felix


    Dag geleden

    why do i think of gaben when i see this dude

  8. DaShed Developments

    DaShed Developments

    Dag geleden


  9. asdsa dwq

    asdsa dwq

    Dag geleden

    spencer enjoy you new pc! :)

  10. RaNdOm nAmE

    RaNdOm nAmE

    2 dagen geleden

    He looks like your average redditor

  11. omaiow


    2 dagen geleden

    tbh tf2 is so unoptimzied that there is a chance it won't run source: I have over a thousand hours on tf2 and have never seen it run well

  12. Barrett Abney

    Barrett Abney

    2 dagen geleden

    Americans caring for and helping each other. That is what makes this country great. GO VOTE!

  13. Mohamiid Ouda

    Mohamiid Ouda

    2 dagen geleden

    Subscribed, turned on the bell. Gotta say it love the intro, but spicing it up a bit w music would be dope.

  14. KennieShooter


    3 dagen geleden

    What if... One day.. He won't be Jeff?

  15. Guardianzozo


    3 dagen geleden

    I had a PC die in a apartment fire once along time ago so its really cool to see you guys do something like this for someone cause i know the pain of losing your gaming PC soon after building it, all of you are amazing

  16. deazhawk


    4 dagen geleden

    In Germany, we call something up the road when its

  17. Vladimir Putin on a stick

    Vladimir Putin on a stick

    4 dagen geleden

    That is one beefy boi, but on a serious note this was a really great thing and hopefully he has a great time with that upgrade to the 2080 super! I'm pretty jealous considering I'm running a 1650 non super🤣

  18. Jesse11spykid


    5 dagen geleden

    "up the road" linus said. it's an easy drive he said. classic clickbait Linus. Thanks alot

  19. Nick Pilney

    Nick Pilney

    5 dagen geleden

    Jesus, pulling into that neighborhood was an absolutely sobering moment while watching this. Nice to see the conclusion of a great story

  20. perfectly_unstable


    5 dagen geleden

    267 salty bois that have never heard of being human.

  21. ShadowKyun


    5 dagen geleden

    I heard continue for 3 hrs and 20 mins and I knew that this was definitely oregon

  22. SNUGG


    6 dagen geleden

    You're a G. The fires were a nightmare. Shout out from your followers up in Portland.

  23. Alex Orosz

    Alex Orosz

    6 dagen geleden

    Everyone liked that

  24. redxpen


    6 dagen geleden

    "While it is just up the road from me, it's still 185 miles away" Lmao, my entire state is about 100 miles wide and 50 miles tall

  25. aryan826


    6 dagen geleden

    very sweet, interesting way to wear a mask doe :P

  26. SashaaYeet _

    SashaaYeet _

    6 dagen geleden

    I’m still using a gtx 660

  27. Max Czapski

    Max Czapski

    7 dagen geleden

    I... don't know about that bracket. I at least hope he sanded it and made sure it wasn't the least brittle. Corroded metal also is a dirt magnet. Nice sentimental touch, I hope it lasts.

  28. Josh Malloy Racing #666

    Josh Malloy Racing #666

    7 dagen geleden

    Don't be shocked about mask aha in Australia I have failed to see one person wearing a mask and I travel to the city 5 days a week for work.. but great content!!

  29. *NOT* two 8 year olds in a trench coat

    *NOT* two 8 year olds in a trench coat

    7 dagen geleden

    Man, I live in Canada and had a forest fire destroy some forest RIGHT beside my home and it was scary having to evacuate but man, I couldn't imagine these state wide fires...

  30. David G

    David G

    7 dagen geleden

    That was very nice of this community to do, respect.

  31. Эльдар Казарин

    Эльдар Казарин

    7 dagen geleden

    Ля, красавчик)

  32. Lol Goteem

    Lol Goteem

    7 dagen geleden

    Big chungus reddit moment

  33. Jaeger Hahn

    Jaeger Hahn

    7 dagen geleden

    You live IN SALEM TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. A-VOIDED


    7 dagen geleden


  35. Sarge Hawk

    Sarge Hawk

    7 dagen geleden

    congrats spencer you deserved it buddy i cant believe the damage it did truly sorry bro

  36. because


    8 dagen geleden

    Dam boi he THICC

  37. Martin T

    Martin T

    8 dagen geleden

    Nice job to both channels! 👍🏻👍🏻

  38. Heresy


    8 dagen geleden

    oh no its a redditor

  39. T A N K J U I C E

    T A N K J U I C E

    8 dagen geleden

    I’ve had a computer for 8 years and it still runs but it lags

  40. Inside effect

    Inside effect

    8 dagen geleden

    almazing but who does he remind me of nostalgia critic

  41. Fart Smucker

    Fart Smucker

    8 dagen geleden

    This was pretty damn great, kudos to good people.

  42. David Ackerman

    David Ackerman

    8 dagen geleden

    This is one of the most wholesome bits of content I've seen in a while. You guys are amazing for doing this for him!

  43. SciVerse


    8 dagen geleden

    WoW 👏 love the PC community

  44. Tarantula Madness

    Tarantula Madness

    8 dagen geleden

    I live in Salem Oregon lol.

  45. Soviet Humman

    Soviet Humman

    8 dagen geleden

    When you drove through the town it looks like Chernobyl

  46. Electronic Scavenger

    Electronic Scavenger

    8 dagen geleden

    Awesome job guys.. it's great.

  47. BilboPlaysMinecraft


    8 dagen geleden

    The green text was legit

  48. Cologan


    8 dagen geleden

    made me smile :)



    9 dagen geleden

    Well congratulations to the boy! 👍 But he better play 2 hours a day and do sports 4 hours a day...really...boy...do sport!

  50. Walid Mamdouh

    Walid Mamdouh

    9 dagen geleden

    Spencer better change his reddit username after this Edit: ohhh...i paused way too early nvm lmao

  51. fadhil noman

    fadhil noman

    9 dagen geleden

    respectably he looks like Lord Gabe. Nice

  52. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    9 dagen geleden

    My heart sinks looking at what is left of that area. Reminds me of Fort Mac a few years ago. Really nice of your two channels to team up on this.

  53. Montasir Asaira

    Montasir Asaira

    9 dagen geleden

    love you guys keep up with the good work

  54. Fernando Kugi

    Fernando Kugi

    9 dagen geleden

    This bottle on the background is a Hidrohoney Yggdrassil from Brazil?

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

      9 dagen geleden


  55. Hermano_PC


    9 dagen geleden

    im happy for him.....i have a hard time too living whitout a Pc nowdays .

  56. Chris Larson

    Chris Larson

    9 dagen geleden

    Fantastic, good people still exist and it gives Spencer a little bit of normalcy back to his life. Great job guys

  57. Webert de Souza Lima

    Webert de Souza Lima

    9 dagen geleden

    Super nice move of both of you. Hope all those people who lose their homes are ok and can recover from it too.

  58. akilhawk


    9 dagen geleden

    Hey look rain... :)

  59. Kody


    9 dagen geleden

    this is a great story honestly

  60. some guy who likes games

    some guy who likes games

    9 dagen geleden

    Still hate the fact that twomad got a better pc than this guy

  61. Kai Nuu

    Kai Nuu

    9 dagen geleden

    I went with you. 😎

  62. Kevin Gee

    Kevin Gee

    10 dagen geleden

    I love the collaboration that you guys did to help this guy out. Thank you so much for helping him! :D

  63. Mohammed Shaihan

    Mohammed Shaihan

    10 dagen geleden

    Now who's gonna help me replace my broken pc from 2005 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  64. PwRPlaY


    10 dagen geleden

    And remember when they said gaming was anti-social. Great story.

  65. Shawn Saunders

    Shawn Saunders

    10 dagen geleden

    I live not to far from where those fires were in Oregon. My Air quality rating peaked at 460ish which is 160 above hazardous. Luckily we didn’t have to evacuate, but we were on standby. I joke with my dad that if we had to evacuate, that I’d grab a backpack full of clothes, my phone/wallet/other essentials, and my $4000 custom PC that I built last Christmas. Luckily it never came to that, but it’s crazy to see the reality of what could have been my home had the fires continued.

  66. jainxaya


    10 dagen geleden

    i shouldve expected him to look like that

  67. Audiocronic


    10 dagen geleden

    That dude seems super nice and appreciative. What a cool video.

  68. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    10 dagen geleden

    You guys are awesome for doing this.

  69. Jude Mc

    Jude Mc

    10 dagen geleden


  70. The Police

    The Police

    10 dagen geleden

    hope all is well with bro, good pc

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      10 dagen geleden

      Nice LtT store plug.

  71. MicahTheManiac


    10 dagen geleden

    You guys and Linus really helped make this guy's day, this is just amazing to see!

  72. Jermy Eder

    Jermy Eder

    10 dagen geleden

    so cool of both you and LTT. good to see

  73. Philipp W

    Philipp W

    10 dagen geleden

    i dont wanna be mean but he looks like what id imagine the stereotypical reddit gamer would look like

  74. Si Raff

    Si Raff

    10 dagen geleden

    Great thing you guys did here. Just one question. How did some houses survive that? It looks like a scene from fallout. Good luck to all affected.

  75. Zunlite


    10 dagen geleden

    "can it run tf2" bruh

  76. Eternal Being33

    Eternal Being33

    10 dagen geleden

    Is that andy milanokis under that mask?

  77. Tim Seidel

    Tim Seidel

    10 dagen geleden

    Hey Jeff, you now there are windshield wipers right? ;D

  78. Artemis 337

    Artemis 337

    10 dagen geleden


  79. FluX


    11 dagen geleden

    Aww, you guys are amazing.

  80. Jean Pineau

    Jean Pineau

    11 dagen geleden

    I like how in the US, living "basically up the road from him" means being a 3h drive away. That's like crossing a very small european country haha

  81. Владислав Кудлай

    Владислав Кудлай

    11 dagen geleden

    people like you did life much nicer. Thank you all. Hello from Ukraine.

  82. sannio komi

    sannio komi

    11 dagen geleden

    Linus and Craft Computing for helping him out. This is amazing.

  83. Justin S.

    Justin S.

    11 dagen geleden

    Just goes to show that the PC enthusiast community takes care of each other!

  84. Jeff Chadrick

    Jeff Chadrick

    11 dagen geleden

    Nice LtT store plug.

    • sannio komi

      sannio komi

      11 dagen geleden

      And thus the "Slightly Lucky_Chozo" was born

  85. kdotc


    11 dagen geleden

    LOL even here I find a LTT store plug.

  86. bilisha coli

    bilisha coli

    11 dagen geleden

    "you think it'll run TF2?" asking the real questions. What a chad.

  87. GD Beverley

    GD Beverley

    11 dagen geleden

    You and LMG get major props for this. Great thing you all did!!!

  88. saxpert


    11 dagen geleden

    And if you have some time between gaming.....please do some gym.

    • bilisha coli

      bilisha coli

      11 dagen geleden

      I was laughing so hard at the LTT store plug then 5 seconds after I'm like oh no holy$#@#

  89. Hrothgar Skraekelig

    Hrothgar Skraekelig

    11 dagen geleden

    You have a new sub from Canada :)

  90. Arnie Guiao

    Arnie Guiao

    11 dagen geleden

    dat LTT store dot com! haha

  91. Harley Faggetter

    Harley Faggetter

    11 dagen geleden

    You know you've made it when your merch store spot is such a meme on its own that everyone else plugs it too

  92. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj

    11 dagen geleden

    Linus and Craft Computing for helping him out. This is amazing.

  93. SergioEduP


    12 dagen geleden

    One cannot simply escape the lttstore

  94. kazenorin


    12 dagen geleden

    The laid-back vibe vanished at 5:25

    • vinasu maaj

      vinasu maaj

      11 dagen geleden

      Ah the Oregon weather, rain and not rain.

  95. Link


    12 dagen geleden

    I just burnt my house. Now what?

  96. Aaron Hemphill

    Aaron Hemphill

    12 dagen geleden

    No shit. I live in Salem too. Good on you man!

  97. Richard Yao

    Richard Yao

    12 dagen geleden

    You might have wanted to try using RNNoise to remove the wind noise.

    • bilij pdan

      bilij pdan

      12 dagen geleden

      I was laughing so hard at the LTT store plug then 5 seconds after I'm like oh no holy$#@#

  98. silverstang07 **

    silverstang07 **

    12 dagen geleden

    Here because of LTT, subd for the content.

  99. Tasnimul Hasan

    Tasnimul Hasan

    12 dagen geleden

    And thus the "Slightly Lucky_Chozo" was born

  100. W Johnson

    W Johnson

    12 dagen geleden

    Just some dust in my eye...