Boatbuilding Time-lapse / Planking TALLY HO in 3 minutes. (EP94.5)

Boatbuilding Time-lapse / Planking TALLY HO in 3 minutes. (EP94.5)
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I took a bunch of photographs from various different angles while we were planking TALLY HO, and intended to create a time-lapse for the previous video - but it was more work than I anticipated and I did not get it finished in time. So I’m releasing it as a short bonus video! I hope you guys like it.
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94.5. Boatbuilding Time-lapse / Planking TALLY HO in 3 minutes. (EP94.5)


  1. K Hannan

    K Hannan

    3 dagen geleden


  2. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    3 dagen geleden

    Hiya Leo

  3. timoci Sukulu

    timoci Sukulu

    4 dagen geleden

    1n 1980 when I was 16, I built a 16 ft flat-bottom skiff in 2 weeks with a secondary school friend of mine using traditional hand tools. now at 55 I've watched all your Tally-Ho videos from episode 1 to episode 94 every day I would wait for the next episode and many times I would replay them over and over again Great work, I love the videos!

  4. Heath Kennedy

    Heath Kennedy

    5 dagen geleden

    *Waltzing Matilda*

  5. Rei Nori

    Rei Nori

    6 dagen geleden

    Looks like you and crew have done a wonderful job Leo....... Will deck it before the move, or just tack on some plywood to keep it from wracking?

  6. Andrew Denis

    Andrew Denis

    6 dagen geleden

    My Father passed away over Thanksgiving last year. He loved watching your videos. He'd be very happy for you right now. Keep up the great work.

    • Tony Grimes

      Tony Grimes

      Dag geleden

      I suspect he's still watching!

  7. Shaggydude


    6 dagen geleden

    Thank you Leo, For the past 4 years, you have provided far better entertainment that most other show on cable/sat. I still can not believe that you have not broken the 500k barrier.

  8. trevor clapsadle

    trevor clapsadle

    7 dagen geleden

    Love this Leo!! I did another whiskey plank shot,,,, Just cause,, ya know,,,

  9. Sailing the Block

    Sailing the Block

    7 dagen geleden

    Hic.. thats four whiskey planks..hic. thank Leo lol... How about a time lapse of all the "Helpers" who've turned up on the rebuild ... just their pictures and names

  10. Stephen Charles

    Stephen Charles

    7 dagen geleden


  11. Magnus Tonér

    Magnus Tonér

    7 dagen geleden

    Wonderfully syncronized with the music...good work in every aspect!

  12. carpenter pilot

    carpenter pilot

    8 dagen geleden


  13. El Gordo

    El Gordo

    8 dagen geleden


  14. Marc Victor

    Marc Victor

    8 dagen geleden

    I have been extremely sick over the last two years and this project and the quality people involved with it keep kept me focused on something worthy. Instead of fearing the outcome of my cancer, it might sound silly but I hoped to come see this build that caught my passion. Leo is a good person with amazing skills as can be said for his crew. Your neighbor that made your life more difficult will only make you and the Tally Ho much more special. Focusing on goals is important for builds and life. I am still hoping to visit if I get the ok. I intend to Marry my girlfriend of two plus years and fit in a tour of my favorite show on NLcameras. I spent much of my life in the construction industry and have used my skills in many area's

  15. SA Sampson

    SA Sampson

    8 dagen geleden

    Found this channel last week.... watched the whole thing :-) . Definitely a favorite. This is a brilliant work of art - nothing less....

  16. tactus tenebris

    tactus tenebris

    8 dagen geleden

    Great Lines Leo! Can see them now that all those workers aren't milling about...

  17. Micah Hook

    Micah Hook

    8 dagen geleden

    I love this bonus video!

  18. Jeff Keeley

    Jeff Keeley

    8 dagen geleden

    WOW! At least half a dozen 'whiskey planks'-going to be a great night.Many thanks Leo.

  19. Jeremy Wiseman

    Jeremy Wiseman

    8 dagen geleden


  20. Bryce New

    Bryce New

    8 dagen geleden

    CONGRATULATIONS Leo, Pete and ALL volunteers!!!!!! Wishing you all, and Tally Ho, ALL the VERY best now and for the future!!!

  21. robert shaw

    robert shaw

    8 dagen geleden

    Very Nice Leo - No wonder it took so much time. Very well done. Interesting photos and what an exciting thing to see that go together that way. All the best, Leo. Tally-Ho, lads. The water is calling.

  22. mainnj11


    9 dagen geleden

    This video puts the biggest smile on my face! Such an incredible feat!

  23. ArtemiaSalina


    9 dagen geleden

    I can't wait to see it fared up.

  24. Flatcap007


    9 dagen geleden

    Pure class

  25. Bushtrail Freedom

    Bushtrail Freedom

    9 dagen geleden

    Today I got me a bottle of whiskey.. So from Copenhagen-Denmark: .. Big Congratulation and huge CHEERS for the last whiskey-plank ! Or as we say here in Dk. Skål i skibet. 🥃💪🏼⚓️

  26. Josh Gillikin

    Josh Gillikin

    9 dagen geleden

    I have been hoping you had some time lapse photos!

  27. kiaweking


    9 dagen geleden

    Congratulations Sampson Boat Co. on achieving this milestone in the wonderful restoration of Tally Ho. I eagerly look forward to watching the next phase of this amazing documentation. Aloha from Hawaii, Thomas

  28. Se Milberger

    Se Milberger

    9 dagen geleden

    Amazing Work of Art !! All those angel-like planks, lined up next to the hansom transom of Teak. We are in love with Purple-Heart keel. Take a bow, you are doing a great job showing us what can be done with your exotic hard wood. Keep it up and God Bless !! Can you make a few more? This video shows it going so easy and fast.

  29. Jenkins Boat Works

    Jenkins Boat Works

    9 dagen geleden

    Amazing! and to remember where you've come from, pulling original planks and frames out. my my

  30. Zeke Black

    Zeke Black

    9 dagen geleden

    Leo and company, you all are SAVAGES. Sooooo smart, and just all around good eggs. Hope your journey continues my friends.

  31. Dowally Music

    Dowally Music

    9 dagen geleden

    Thanks for using our music Leo! So cool to see the progress of the boat.

  32. Jeff Golden

    Jeff Golden

    9 dagen geleden


  33. t reznicek

    t reznicek

    9 dagen geleden

    “Tall hoe” ain’t right name

  34. Ross Gebert

    Ross Gebert

    9 dagen geleden

    Beautiful Leo.

  35. David Biloen

    David Biloen

    9 dagen geleden

    She's a beaut Leo, amazing.

  36. Brutalford


    9 dagen geleden

    Looks amazing...

  37. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    9 dagen geleden

    Beautiful work Leo, Tally Ho sure is coming along well and I can’t wait to see her in the water where she belongs.

  38. Jamielol


    9 dagen geleden

    Honestly, these were all beautiful time lapses and merged together so nicely with music. Well worth the effort and it’s own video!

  39. The Produce Guru & Mr. Willson channel

    The Produce Guru & Mr. Willson channel

    9 dagen geleden

    Soooo beautiful!

  40. PowerOf One

    PowerOf One

    9 dagen geleden

    Wood is good. It's alive.

  41. Michael Hamburg

    Michael Hamburg

    9 dagen geleden

    How very satisfying!!!!

  42. Jeff Becker

    Jeff Becker

    9 dagen geleden

    How soon til you put the green stripe back on her?

  43. Adam Friday

    Adam Friday

    9 dagen geleden

    Love it. So much hard work. Well done.

  44. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones

    9 dagen geleden

    Will she be painted? Indeed a work of art. I've been watching since you had the boards sawn at Steve Cross of Cross Sawmill in south Georgia,,, it's been a while and it's all been worth it. At least from our view haha I know you've had your head aches along the way. We can't wait to see her at full sail with you at the helm!

    • Alexander Menzies

      Alexander Menzies

      7 dagen geleden

      Yes. Except for the transom.

  45. Vriew Fon

    Vriew Fon

    9 dagen geleden

    Michael Holley, That was delightful Leo with a great selection of accompanying music, Thank you.

  46. Ken Strangward

    Ken Strangward

    9 dagen geleden

    Really cool, in time as well. You must be stoked with your progress as I’m sure we all are watching it. Cheers

  47. Rv4 Guy

    Rv4 Guy

    10 dagen geleden

    When you have a boat of this type and you finish the shell of the hull, say including the deck beams, what fraction of the total job is finished? When you put up the frame of a house you think great, it’s almost done, when it’s actually 30% done. Is it the same for a boat?

  48. Larry Fisher

    Larry Fisher

    10 dagen geleden

    Nice...well done.

  49. John Paquin

    John Paquin

    10 dagen geleden

    Just so you know I love this boat watching this biuld for a l9ng time now when you put on the whisky plane and you all drank your shot of whisky I took part in it at home as I also drank a shot with in someway I feel like I'm part of this project and in some small I am part of as a viewer that help to get you paid by you tube and as one long time watcher I've done what small part I can do I'd l9ve to come help you 8n person as I'm hand with tool and how to biuld stuff I've biuld meany projects in May time I a jack of all trades mast of none kind of person and I still dream of some day building my own live on boat some were around 40 ft boat it must be a wood boat as to me a wood boat is the only real kind of boat all other j7st do not stack up there not real boat there plastic crap so my be it I came to help you I can learn more about wood boat Building and that would help me to learn more on how to biuld a wood boat

  50. Ken Wood

    Ken Wood

    10 dagen geleden

    It’s hard to say which you love more, Building Tally Ho, or Filming and Editing?!! (Whiskey might be the runner up though😄

  51. gregvw123


    10 dagen geleden

    One of the best videos from you! And I've liked them all. Best wishes

  52. Bruce Koehler

    Bruce Koehler

    10 dagen geleden

    You're truly an artist

  53. Jim Warden

    Jim Warden

    10 dagen geleden

    Great fun. Good job.

  54. Bob Green

    Bob Green

    10 dagen geleden

    Leo, it's brilliant!!!

  55. Kripke


    10 dagen geleden

    Happy Easter all Greetings from germany

  56. charles of the Father YaHuWaH Y

    charles of the Father YaHuWaH Y

    10 dagen geleden

    Superb piece of work mate. Outstanding! 😁🍻🥃👍

  57. Mark Ferraro

    Mark Ferraro

    10 dagen geleden

    Simply amazing. Any idea how long it took the original construction crew to plank the hull using what I assume were hand tools only?

  58. Quat Sino

    Quat Sino

    10 dagen geleden

    Leo , you and your crew should be proud of what you have accomplished .. and a special shout out to all the benefactors that have contributed ..

  59. Pierre Fouchard

    Pierre Fouchard

    10 dagen geleden


  60. joe mccarthy

    joe mccarthy

    10 dagen geleden

    We'll done Leo looks fantastic. Can wait to see what the next year bring .. you and the guys and ladys have worked very hard this past year...

  61. Bernard Donnelly

    Bernard Donnelly

    10 dagen geleden

    You are becoming a very talented film-maker Leo. Beautifully timed to the music.

  62. Mike Day

    Mike Day

    10 dagen geleden

    I had a single malt to wish her well

  63. Christophe le Ray

    Christophe le Ray

    10 dagen geleden

    Great work and beautiful ship I remenbered the built of the « recouvrance » at BREST (France) When i was yonger . It is the same passion and the respect of past 👍🇫🇷

  64. Jacques Bosc

    Jacques Bosc

    10 dagen geleden

    If you think the planking on Leo's restoration was a lot of work, you should see how the Brazilian shipwrights are doing it on Sailing Yaba. On one of the episodes, they are using an oil rag and a blow torch to heat the plank to bend it.

  65. Ralph Gesler

    Ralph Gesler

    10 dagen geleden

    Failed to show that "green supervisor" nodding her approval at every step!

    • S J

      S J

      10 dagen geleden

      00:54 🦜😊

  66. tinker'n e-round

    tinker'n e-round

    10 dagen geleden

    I'm impressed with the placement and alignment of the camera as you progressed. I'm sure you didn't have a camera that stayed put for each one of those shots for the entire duration of the planking.

  67. Dave


    10 dagen geleden

    Thanks Leo. Beautiful lines, with masterful shipwright skills. Enjoy your vacation now.

  68. Jabbatic


    10 dagen geleden

    Is it over yet?! I keep drinking whisky every time I see the whisky plank being installed! I can't take all this beauty (and whisky)!! Hmmmmmmmmm, I'm feeling better after that last dram. I think I need to watch the time lapse again... it's soooooooo good... 😁😁

  69. elkski Utah

    elkski Utah

    10 dagen geleden

    Now what steps are next? Massive sanding? Filling holes and cotton in seams? Are you going to borrow that seam filler tool? How did you reposition the camera so accurately?

  70. Marty Schlosser

    Marty Schlosser

    10 dagen geleden

    What a gloriously inspirational video, Leo! Thank you for sharing the photos with us in this manner.

  71. Terry Bechard

    Terry Bechard

    10 dagen geleden

    Truly a work of art Leo!

  72. Greg Chaney

    Greg Chaney

    10 dagen geleden


  73. Willco5114


    10 dagen geleden

    That was fun. Many thanks.

  74. Tim C

    Tim C

    10 dagen geleden

    It's really coming along well. That's going to be the most gorgeous sailboat when on the water and the sails are full. I can't wait to see the Tally Ho then. Truly a labor of love.

  75. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    10 dagen geleden

    I started watching this channel around Episode 75. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to go back to Ep 1 and I am glad I did. I not only gained a better understanding of the history of the boat and I also feel I have gotten to know, as much as you can watching a video, Leo better. I would encourage anyone new to the channel to fine the time to do what I do. Don’t forget to like each episode as you go along. I am not sure if that effects the monetization, but it can’t hurt Enjoy Happy🐰🐰

  76. 5eKwartier2


    10 dagen geleden

    makes it look like an easy, quick fix. I know it hasn't been!

  77. Joe Brown

    Joe Brown

    10 dagen geleden

    Really cool Leo love it. How you kept a stationary camera in the same spot all that time is amazing. Planking is beautiful masterful shipwright skills.

  78. Village Blunder

    Village Blunder

    10 dagen geleden

    Boat building made easy.

  79. vlada Bocanek

    vlada Bocanek

    10 dagen geleden

    Why did it take so long? now I see, it's possible to plank her in 3 minutes!! :D

  80. Scott Spell

    Scott Spell

    10 dagen geleden

    It's an Easter miracle!

  81. danjsimonds


    10 dagen geleden

    Simple, elegant, effective. A fine example of one of the less-appreciated features of the Tally Ho project. Leo has developed a sophisticated and artistic eye to his video production. Always a pleasure to enjoy. This is one of his best.

  82. albertobenitezv22


    10 dagen geleden

    Magnificent Leo and Crew. Enjoyed every single video. Thanks 🙏🏻

  83. Rafael Jillet

    Rafael Jillet

    10 dagen geleden

    thanks, that's soooo satisfying

  84. Daniel


    10 dagen geleden

    @Sampson Boat Co Remind us why you start planking 3/4 way up as well as the bottom so have two closing planks? Must have missed that video? Lovely boat and excellent time lapse of the process.

  85. marc3471


    10 dagen geleden

    You clearly had this planned out from the start as you have all the angles fixed, heads off to you. Great work Leo, and she looks gorgeous!!

  86. tg tg

    tg tg

    10 dagen geleden

    Magnificent work I agree fully with your earlier comment on risk Re finger. As to whether it's a new boat or replica, my thought is this even though almost entirely new the rebuild version does keep the original soul and spirit of tally ho which has remained in the yard throughout the process while a new replica would look like the original but have its own distinct spirit and soul.

  87. Conan the Destroyer

    Conan the Destroyer

    10 dagen geleden

    Oh the curves on that beauty will make a seasoned sailor blush.

  88. Yahoo


    10 dagen geleden

    It’s a shame it has to be painted. Can’t you just clear coat it?

  89. Samuel Willis

    Samuel Willis

    10 dagen geleden

    Very satisfying video!

  90. Wacked


    10 dagen geleden

    Aight, I forgot the works behind this not being a newly built boat, and the old one with rotten timbers. How does this work?

    • Tony Grimes

      Tony Grimes

      Dag geleden

      Explained if you watch from Episode 1!!!!!!

  91. Edward Schmitt

    Edward Schmitt

    10 dagen geleden

    Well that made it look simple as pie! I'm a gonna make me one in my backyard too!!!!

  92. John


    10 dagen geleden

    This project, and your absolutely wonderful production of videos about it, is one of the few bright spots that have got me through the last year. Thanks for this, congratulations on an inspiring and beautiful job, and may the rest of her take shape just as fair and with many more stories to tell. If things go just right and I have a bit of luck, maybe I'll be able to visit Port Townsend again while you're still up there and see her in person!

  93. Ohskelily Wurarah

    Ohskelily Wurarah

    10 dagen geleden


  94. John Pandolfino

    John Pandolfino

    10 dagen geleden

    What's with the thumbs down......put them where the sun don't shine.....

  95. John Pandolfino

    John Pandolfino

    10 dagen geleden

    What a beautiful form......

  96. AnimeGaming


    10 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the bonus video, Leo. She has beautiful lines!

  97. blinkinbaboonbiskit


    10 dagen geleden


  98. glenn p

    glenn p

    10 dagen geleden

    Great how you positioned the camera in the exact spot and angle each photo Wishing you the best

  99. Quarlow 12

    Quarlow 12

    10 dagen geleden

    I love how every pic was in the exact same spot. Very cool Leo.

  100. Floyd Seaton

    Floyd Seaton

    10 dagen geleden

    I might have missed it but I wonder how many "man" hours it took to plank Talley Ho?

    • Tony Grimes

      Tony Grimes

      Dag geleden

      No e, Tally Ho.