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Volvo 240 First Wash After 10 Years Of Sitting In The Woods

In this episode we give Greta her first bath in 10 years!
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  1. damadgeruk


    10 uur geleden

    Great watch, thank you. My 6yo son is enjoying this too, compliments from Scotland.

  2. WAP295


    Dag geleden

    Good job guys !

  3. What Lies Beneath Urban Explorer

    What Lies Beneath Urban Explorer

    Dag geleden

    My dad had a 740 estate red and white pin stripe interior. The car had a Nissan patrol 2.3 straight diesel engine. After that he had a 960 estate with the same engine as this one you have. A D24 tic Volvo Audi vw engine

  4. Daniel Andries

    Daniel Andries

    Dag geleden

    "How dare you ????" Hahahah !

  5. fubar iraq

    fubar iraq

    3 dagen geleden

    Got my eye on a 240 saloon from my local area . 1 owner and garaged all it's life . Still mourn the passing of my 240 TOSLANDRA ESTATE . VOLVO THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER .....

  6. lab1042


    4 dagen geleden

    13:00 so front power windows but crank windows in the rear? I had only heard of the Dodge Neon SRT4 having that combo.

  7. Travel food live in Thailand Tm88

    Travel food live in Thailand Tm88

    5 dagen geleden

    So cool. I have volvo 940se long time not start.

  8. Hannes Vidgren

    Hannes Vidgren

    5 dagen geleden

    Tip! make bumpers black for a better finish!

  9. Jack Gibbons

    Jack Gibbons

    5 dagen geleden

    I'm more surprised tht it's not rusted being in a forest fr 10 years

    • Jack Gibbons

      Jack Gibbons

      3 dagen geleden

      @tom eng doesn't matter been in a forest fr 10 years where it is damp it will rust, but depends where it been in the forest fr 10 years

    • tom eng

      tom eng

      3 dagen geleden

      Its a Volvo, not a Lada m8.

  10. Gordon Jamieson

    Gordon Jamieson

    6 dagen geleden

    What a wonderfull car ,I had one three hundred years ago ,sane blue but petrol man i didn't know just how much i miss it till i saw your video

  11. colin warner

    colin warner

    6 dagen geleden

    Well done lads, you're doing really good, I cant wait to see more. Colin. The UK.

  12. Yu nice

    Yu nice

    6 dagen geleden

    Awesome! Another Belgian Volvo fan!

  13. Gary LeLacheur

    Gary LeLacheur

    6 dagen geleden

    It is a quality vehicle. Even a layer of moss cannot cover up or destroy its beauty. It will give you great joy when you drive it again.

  14. eikka57


    6 dagen geleden

    Awesome when you manage to save one old beauty👍👍 Greetings from Finland!!

  15. Orion83


    6 dagen geleden

    James May would be proud of you all :-) There was something really satisfying about watching this too. I'm hooked to see how you get on with the restoration of this car.

  16. jay kinno

    jay kinno

    7 dagen geleden

    What country do u live in?

  17. MrTrollgubben


    7 dagen geleden

    Amazing that it cleaned up as well as it did. I actually think it has exactly the same color as my 1984 240DL

  18. Marty Doc

    Marty Doc

    7 dagen geleden

    My heart actually breaks for my 1990 740 GLE now.....

  19. Tino Senf

    Tino Senf

    7 dagen geleden

    Why did you waer a mask when you wash the car under the sky?

  20. Marco Di Franco

    Marco Di Franco

    7 dagen geleden

    Wait 4:50 the spare tyre, has "Spare" moulded into the rubber tread?

    • John McIntosh

      John McIntosh

      7 dagen geleden

      Yep. My 82 240DL had the same thing.

  21. Amad Ahmed

    Amad Ahmed

    7 dagen geleden

    I don't get why the previous owner just left it to rot outside for 10 yrs.

  22. 0e32


    7 dagen geleden

    Regards from Sweden!! I hade got 2 of this.

  23. jean pascale

    jean pascale

    7 dagen geleden

    keep the good work

  24. Aderito Oliveira

    Aderito Oliveira

    7 dagen geleden

    These young guys rescuing a beautiful Volvo instead of buying it to destroy by "blowing the engine" or "smash it to a wall" ... There are millions of videos destroing old cars and i think that people are mental sick and when they grow old i wish they have the same treatment and destiny. This vídeo is the opposite. A group of friends working together to realize something good... My sincere congratulations. From Portugal.

  25. The moped man

    The moped man

    8 dagen geleden

    love it i got a 93 240

  26. Ⓜ️🅰️✝️✝️ℹ️


    8 dagen geleden

    Remove the carpet, it have to be wet if it’s laying without window and hole in the roof.

  27. Viktoras Zinevičius

    Viktoras Zinevičius

    8 dagen geleden

    Nice,good luck .Cheers from Lithuania ;)

  28. Beppe Ananas

    Beppe Ananas

    8 dagen geleden

    is it a D24? LOVE THEEEEEM!!!

  29. Mattias Bergman

    Mattias Bergman

    8 dagen geleden

    Chees from Sweden;-)

  30. Martin Lindahl

    Martin Lindahl

    8 dagen geleden

    What a great find. You have a good time getting this Brick running again.

  31. Brucie Braveheart

    Brucie Braveheart

    9 dagen geleden

    Looking good!

  32. carl worrall

    carl worrall

    9 dagen geleden

    New sub from scotland loving your content much appreciated

  33. Анатолий Балбеков

    Анатолий Балбеков

    9 dagen geleden

    я просто пришел посмотреть как мою машину и кайфануть , всё

  34. Tobes


    10 dagen geleden

    You guys really named it Greta

  35. PenOkOh


    10 dagen geleden

    I'm a professional car detailer or what ever you call it in English, and I must say that you made an amazing job making that Volvo shine. Of course the more work you put into it the better it gets, but you need to start somewhere!

  36. Butlerbob


    10 dagen geleden

    Mooi gedaan en jawel veel werk aan uiteraard zeker na al dat vuil etc. ben erg benieuwd wat het gaat worden uiteraard, Take care!!



    10 dagen geleden

    Goed bezig mannen. Fijn dat er van jullie generatie nog zijn die zich interesseren in zo'n oude ketel. Ik rijd met een 2l benzine super polar. 775 reacties, ik sta versteld!

  38. Smells Like GASOLINE

    Smells Like GASOLINE

    10 dagen geleden

    Shiny rust bucket haha : D

  39. Robert V

    Robert V

    10 dagen geleden

    Wear a mask next time. Mold is worse than covid!

  40. Of Jaximus

    Of Jaximus

    10 dagen geleden

    240 Fam!

  41. NLterror6000


    10 dagen geleden

    nog onderdelen nodig?

    • NLterror6000


      9 dagen geleden

      @Memphis In de kleur blauw heb ik 'm niet

    • Memphis


      9 dagen geleden

      Blauwe motorkap en spatbord

  42. Tura Alexandru

    Tura Alexandru

    11 dagen geleden

    Hello Memphis! Quick tip, I saw recently you bought some tires for the BMW. What I saw worried me, you bought Apollo tires, which are not a really ok brand. I would definitely go for the budged tires from Michelin ( Tigar, Riken) , Kumho, Firestone and so on. Please keep that in mind for the next set of tires you buying.

  43. Robert H

    Robert H

    11 dagen geleden

    Love your 240 estate , my parents had them and we toured in Europe in them ! you are hot too !!

  44. The Gunner

    The Gunner

    11 dagen geleden

    Hello, does anyone have photos or a diagram of how the accessory straps of a Volvo 264 Diesel D24 6 cylinders. The car has Power Sterring pump but no A/C.

  45. Rfbu


    11 dagen geleden

    does the pressure washer damage the clear coat?

  46. Johan Gavelin

    Johan Gavelin

    11 dagen geleden

    A great trick for restoring the black plastic bumpers on these old Volvo's is to go over them with a heat gun. Will make them look like new.

  47. Pixel 23

    Pixel 23

    11 dagen geleden

    12:36 :'D

  48. TheShortBoi


    11 dagen geleden

    I wish good luck on this project!!

  49. Yorick Eekhout

    Yorick Eekhout

    11 dagen geleden

    3:02 Genius! Saving time by cleaning the inside and the outside of the door at the same time!

  50. Afonso Lamy

    Afonso Lamy

    11 dagen geleden

    Hi Memphis, I ve been watching all your playlists, love the content! Why do you guys buy so much german old cars? Is it about availability ? Thanks man

  51. Dennis Vrolijk

    Dennis Vrolijk

    11 dagen geleden

    As a Dutch Volvo 240 Estate owner I stumbled upon your channel. I love to work on my car as well and I like your channel so much that in the last couple of weeks I watched every video! From your Nurburgring adventures, to picking up the V8 Beamer in Germany, from getting the subframe done on the E28 to building the dream workshop with your dad. Love your humor, your passion for working on cars, and the way you bring everything into view, the successes, but the fuckups as well. Keep up the good work, and keep those vids coming!

    • Memphis


      9 dagen geleden

      Thank you for the kind words, Dennis

  52. Angry Sweet

    Angry Sweet

    11 dagen geleden

    Ik was mijn auto elk jaat met de hogedukreiniger, vuil of niet, maar ik begin altijd met het dak, van boven naar onder, om logische redenen ;-) ...

  53. Preyalin Moodley

    Preyalin Moodley

    11 dagen geleden

    Every garage should have a wood burning stove. Good job in saving this old girl. She is awesomely cool.

  54. Willem v

    Willem v

    11 dagen geleden

    Tip: als je de auto probeert te starten, breekt waarschijnlijk de distributieriem. Als deze riem breekt krijg je kromme kleppen en als je een beetje meer pech hebt breekt de nokkenas. Een bekend kwaaltje bij deze VW motoren na lang stilstaan. Mar verder, véél succes.

  55. Alfie 38

    Alfie 38

    12 dagen geleden

    Looking sharp after all that hard work, good job guys!

  56. OfficialViceLitti


    12 dagen geleden

    imagine leaving the moss and only cleaning the lights wheels and windshield...

  57. dominique janssens

    dominique janssens

    12 dagen geleden

    Een reactie uit het West-Vlaamse Gistel. Het is fijn om te zien hoe drie jonge gasten zich interesseren in een oude Volvo. In 2018 kocht ik ook een 245 , gebouwd als "lichte vracht", met enkel twee zitplaatsen. De motor is ook een diesel, zes in lijn. Denk er aan om tijdig de distributie riemen - het zijn er twee - te vervangen. Mijn verhaal is een beetje gelijklopend, want de mijn 245 stond ook een tiental jaren onder de bomen... Ik zie uit naar een volgende video. Do.

  58. Louis Rogerson

    Louis Rogerson

    12 dagen geleden

    I love how you clean it before you get the engine running!

  59. George Austers

    George Austers

    12 dagen geleden

    The interior isn't actually as bad as my BMW was when I bought it lol!

  60. bigdane87


    12 dagen geleden

    Fun fact! V.a.g motors will bolt up to that transmission. Some a6 bits are involved tho. 1.8t, 2.7s,2.8,, not sure about the 3.0. 4.2's definitely bolt up

  61. zoidberg444


    12 dagen geleden

    I'd pull the carpets out - shampoo them with a wet vac and make sure the sound deadening or insulation is dry and remove any mould growing. Also - if there is still a mouldy smell - get an ozone generator. It will react with and kill all the mould, fungus and bacteria in the car making it smell. Also pull the seats out and pressure wash and shampoo them as well. It's likely been wet for some time - you probably have a few of the window seals, the sunroof and the hole in the roof that have been leaking and having water sit in the floor.

  62. Factory051


    12 dagen geleden

    Clearly not subscribers of AMMO NYC.

  63. Reiwas


    12 dagen geleden

    was hoping for snow canon

  64. Filip Flygt

    Filip Flygt

    12 dagen geleden

    So satisfying to see all that moss comming of With that pressurewasher. Hope you can get The car back on the road again soon. Iam a Volvo guy and have owned a couple of 240 stations. Now i drive Volvo 945. Cheers from Sweden!

  65. Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson

    12 dagen geleden

    I had the very same interior - trim, seats, colour and material - on my '86 240GL. In my opinion, those seats and the covering are the best that Volvo ever produced. The BASF Glasurit paint used on this vehicle is about the best paint out there. Because of the high quality products that Volvo used on this vehicle it is no surprise that Greta cleaned up as well as she did! I'm really looking forward to seeing your restoration go forward on this beautiful 240GL Diesel.

  66. mohamed lïher

    mohamed lïher

    12 dagen geleden


  67. Robert White

    Robert White

    12 dagen geleden

    SO satisfying. Looks like a long job though...

  68. mike clark

    mike clark

    12 dagen geleden

    Its beautiful to see these Beautiful cars being brought back to life . I had one - Volvo 245 DL , Then during the day driving Volvos F10 Trucks - Well Done -Look after it .

  69. Toon Kerstens

    Toon Kerstens

    12 dagen geleden

    Leuk project! Zeg alsjeeblieeft gewoon Greeta in plaats van Gretta

  70. tacfoley


    12 dagen geleden

    I love these old Volvos with the HUGE glass areas - so much lighter inside than my current E Class station wagon, for sure!! Not too much money needs to be spent to bring this old gal back to a useful life! Good luck!

  71. Mathias De Bie

    Mathias De Bie

    12 dagen geleden

    Hallo, ik ben Mathias en opzoek naar mijn eerste auto (2dehands) liefst minnimum een 1.6 zouden jullie mij kunnen helpen met ene te vinden?

  72. Mark C.

    Mark C.

    12 dagen geleden

    Surprising how nice that came up! Good to see a diesel for a change, don’t see many of those in the UK. I must say your friends Polisher sounded like gravel in a washing machine 🤣

  73. Karsten Jorgensen

    Karsten Jorgensen

    12 dagen geleden

    Use a dehumidifier in the car for a few days together with the heat from the fire :)

  74. Tom Immonen

    Tom Immonen

    12 dagen geleden

    First i thought this was a detailing video but then i caught my eye on that fairy bottle......

  75. Niffy Bling

    Niffy Bling

    13 dagen geleden

    I‘m curious how it’s going on. I bought the same Volvo 240 (but not with diesel) in the same colorway. Please put out the carpet and take a look for rust. The floor unit and the door sills are often in bad condition. Also the rear wheel housings should be checked, if there are rust issues into the direction of the back Seat. I hope to see much more about this project! Keep it going :)

  76. Raj55


    13 dagen geleden

    The head lights are probably after market?

  77. Jimmy Jonsson

    Jimmy Jonsson

    13 dagen geleden

    the engine in your car is very expensive in sweden so take care of it

  78. wewe ewew

    wewe ewew

    13 dagen geleden

    Btw good luck on 70k

  79. wewe ewew

    wewe ewew

    13 dagen geleden

    Lol 69k subs

  80. RSScott


    13 dagen geleden

    Oh, my power washing/car washing OCD was going overtime watching this and cleaning the rear window in circles was killing me......but I still love your videos and can't wait for the first start. She turned out pretty nice 👍🏻

  81. Anton Skoglund

    Anton Skoglund

    13 dagen geleden

    Alla svenskar som ser detta ba åhhh en d24a

  82. SplitUP


    13 dagen geleden

    Thank you so much for saving this old Volvo! I'm looking forward to more videos! I too have saved an old car. A VW Polo 86c. I am now rebuilding it step by step. Greetings from Switzerland :)

  83. Nick Stewart

    Nick Stewart

    13 dagen geleden

    Subscribed to the channel!....looking great guys! should make a hobby of saving Volvo's!....that's my plan!....I have a heavily modified Volvo 740 turbo wagon thats in beautiful shape....theres plenty of groups on facebook you can join and that I belong to that will give you common knowledge and to help you with any parts you may can really do alot of things to this car....suspension...some nice wheels and tires....she would look beautiful lowered on some BBS or similar mesh wheels!....well keep up the good work guys and cant wait for the next video!

  84. Cortin


    13 dagen geleden

    This makes me so happy :). It is`nt every day you come across a Volvo 240 D24, at least not here back in Norway. Seeing you guys taking care of her makes me wanna do it myself. Thank you for doing this

  85. Yellow- Harold

    Yellow- Harold

    13 dagen geleden

    What model of engine does the car have? I have a 1987 240 estate myself, and absolutely love to see that this one is being saved!

  86. Michael Hafner

    Michael Hafner

    13 dagen geleden

    Congratulation that you like to restore this car. My dad had a 240 petrol. I learned driving on this. Best power steering of any car I ever have driven in my life. Good the car didn't had so much power ;-)

  87. Atholl McNicoll

    Atholl McNicoll

    13 dagen geleden

    You lads have taken on a big fix but I think you have potential to see it back on the road, if it passes an MOT inspection that is and if n ot, well what else have you to do - Keep at it.

  88. MrVantage8


    13 dagen geleden

    Nice! Top work, lads!

  89. its_topguN twitchtv

    its_topguN twitchtv

    13 dagen geleden

    owner after wash: Oh, so it was blue. thought it was green 😅

  90. Struwex


    13 dagen geleden

    Love this series

  91. Nik-Roshan Sirak

    Nik-Roshan Sirak

    13 dagen geleden

    Thanks for preserving such a nice old swedish brick, it is a part of Swedens automotive heritage! 🥰

  92. Jyrki Jyrays

    Jyrki Jyrays

    13 dagen geleden

    Be aware the Gent "Volvo" aint the same!

  93. AutoMotivate


    13 dagen geleden

    Staying tuned my friend! Love from USA!

  94. NG Hermit

    NG Hermit

    13 dagen geleden

    Greta cleaned up great!! Greetings from Maine.

  95. Vlad Bordeian

    Vlad Bordeian

    13 dagen geleden

    I absolutely love your channel man. I found you almost an year ago while searching for some mk1 golf videos, trying to learn more about them since i own one, but man you motivate me in so many ways. Congrats on your work man! And thank you for your amazing videos!

  96. Mine Aver

    Mine Aver

    13 dagen geleden

    Its gonna be a damn clean car :)

  97. iamyourfuture808


    13 dagen geleden

    You need to prioritize the hole in the roof ...

  98. tommeke350


    13 dagen geleden

    Hey, echt geweldig! Zijn jullie ook ergens van Vlaams Brabant? 😊

  99. Big Brother

    Big Brother

    13 dagen geleden

    een auto van dertig jaar, hij ziet er goed uit. ik had er vijfendertig jaar geleden een, een geweldig werkpaard en comfortabel om te rijden. veel plezier jongen

  100. Angel Face

    Angel Face

    13 dagen geleden

    A car?????😳😳😳