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  1. Amanda Lindley

    Amanda Lindley

    10 uur geleden

    I love your reactions to like American based things.

  2. THADZ


    Dag geleden

    She's like killing him slowly Jesus "I hate him so much I'm slowly killing him with food"

  3. Rosie Elsen

    Rosie Elsen

    Dag geleden

    That first one litrally gained a whole me + 5kg in a month 😳 How tf is that possible.

  4. Kevin Denovan

    Kevin Denovan

    2 dagen geleden

    Do u see any uk person this size

  5. Barnett Torelli

    Barnett Torelli

    2 dagen geleden

    12:03 I can see you holding your laughter Harry, don't even try to hide it.

  6. Gaelic Gladiator

    Gaelic Gladiator

    2 dagen geleden

    That man really out here ruinin Rhode Island’s reputation smh

  7. Pro_Rman


    2 dagen geleden

    wish they reacted to this 3 or 4 years ago when we wouldve seen their real reactions

  8. Brady Brie

    Brady Brie

    4 dagen geleden

    He looks like a fat ass jontron

    • Uary Music

      Uary Music

      4 dagen geleden

      Holy shit your right wtf

  9. Hunter Devaney

    Hunter Devaney

    4 dagen geleden

    How can you honestly say if your happy your happy with your life when your actively killing yourself.

  10. Annabelle


    5 dagen geleden

    The worst that ever happened to me was I gained 10 kg within 3months and lost it in 2weeks

  11. luke cooper

    luke cooper

    5 dagen geleden

    Woman gets in bed Bed :

  12. Jose Jalapeno

    Jose Jalapeno

    5 dagen geleden

    Am I the only person who genuinely gets frustrated with these kinds of ppl?

  13. Aaliah Xxx

    Aaliah Xxx

    6 dagen geleden

    Me watching this whilst lay in bed eating oreos...

  14. KhalidTuPapi


    6 dagen geleden

    I feel like a fucking genius, as an American I guessed 360 kilos before they revealed it

  15. YizBlack


    6 dagen geleden

    I am aussie

  16. electro_ beam

    electro_ beam

    6 dagen geleden

    how's someone gonna gain 112 pounds in 1 month that's my whole weight and i'm a 5'6 13 year old boy

  17. akira sendoo

    akira sendoo

    7 dagen geleden

    in my country we fine companys who dont offer wight loss programes and really obse people pay for fees in hospital

    • Nehemiah Simpson

      Nehemiah Simpson

      7 dagen geleden

      S9 basically you fatten people up 2 get their money

  18. Christiano Lewis

    Christiano Lewis

    7 dagen geleden

    I thought 2016 behz would be in it haha

  19. neon moss

    neon moss

    8 dagen geleden

    Jokes how I weigh like 70 kg he nearly gained my weight in a month 😂😂

  20. Arjun Satish

    Arjun Satish

    9 dagen geleden

    Yo can you guys please help me? My parents promised that if I hit 2.5k subscribers before Christmas they day will get me a new bicycle, and I really need a new one. If y’all could help that would be great, but if you don’t that’s fine.‍

    • Mélchi


      Uur geleden


  21. DJ-PLAYZ


    10 dagen geleden

    Hary held it in 12:00

  22. Theo Mino

    Theo Mino

    10 dagen geleden

    They did Alfie dirty 😂

  23. matthew


    11 dagen geleden

    Guy this is harsh you shouldn’t expose ksi’s life for content

  24. Chaz Jokes

    Chaz Jokes

    11 dagen geleden

    What’s bigger jj’s forehead or tobis nose

  25. Devanshu Malhotra

    Devanshu Malhotra

    12 dagen geleden

    That guy gained 50kg And me realizing i am a 53 kg 15 yr old

    • N43U N4Z

      N43U N4Z

      3 dagen geleden

      @Nehemiah Simpson that’s an average weight

    • Nehemiah Simpson

      Nehemiah Simpson

      7 dagen geleden

      Is that good or r u over weight

  26. Joel Boney

    Joel Boney

    12 dagen geleden

    10:30 WTF IS THAT

  27. Days in Dubai

    Days in Dubai

    13 dagen geleden

    Simon is too skinny, at least tobi is muscular

  28. Jim


    13 dagen geleden

    790 lbs harry simon and tobi: zzzzzz 360 kilos them: OH MY GOD WHAT

    • Nehemiah Simpson

      Nehemiah Simpson

      7 dagen geleden

      I was thinking that

  29. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix

    14 dagen geleden

    If your happy your happy

    • Cassius Felix

      Cassius Felix

      14 dagen geleden

      Nice words from Tobi

  30. Xenia


    15 dagen geleden

    There worst part is that there are people defending this kind if thing cuz "bOdY p0siTIviTy😩😩😩💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍😍💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💁‍♀️💁‍♀️"

  31. Dan the man 123

    Dan the man 123

    16 dagen geleden

    This is my second biggest fear being on this show cause I’m still young and I’m a heavy guy and I’m always seeing this show and it scares the shit out of me



      16 dagen geleden

      Dude, now is the time to make a change in diet and start working out. I believe in you man, you got this :))

  32. Hugh Harkin

    Hugh Harkin

    16 dagen geleden

    That bed said NOPE😂

  33. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love

    16 dagen geleden

    I am bored

  34. monica frost

    monica frost

    17 dagen geleden

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  35. H R

    H R

    17 dagen geleden

    We needed JJ and Ethan in this video for more laughter

  36. H R

    H R

    17 dagen geleden

    BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbW Disclaimer: No Where in the the full length of the above comment does it abbreviate to the word beautiful. Just Big

  37. Aaryan Guglani

    Aaryan Guglani

    18 dagen geleden

    Mfw I'm watching this video while feasting on ramen 🍜: 😬😳

  38. claudia corr

    claudia corr

    18 dagen geleden

    Simon: in 6 months I struggle to gain 2kg Me, gaining 2kg from watching this 😵

  39. Demøn


    18 dagen geleden

    10:33 this lad pulled a peng one innit

  40. Demøn


    18 dagen geleden

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it since they have three channels and their own channel hit they filmed this the same day they filmed virgin diary’s

  41. raad abuhijleh

    raad abuhijleh

    20 dagen geleden

    They should just watch a ksi video won't change that much

    • Nehemiah Simpson

      Nehemiah Simpson

      7 dagen geleden

      Only about 700lbs

  42. Haraldur Björn Hjörleifsson

    Haraldur Björn Hjörleifsson

    20 dagen geleden

    Harry have you been sleeping enough 🙏😘❤️

  43. lulu


    20 dagen geleden

    simon and harry educating tobi about feeders is something else lmaooo

  44. cursed


    21 dag geleden

    bro i’m only like 45-55 kg 😮

  45. eshal khan

    eshal khan

    21 dag geleden

    1:45 THAT'S 7 OF ME!!!

  46. RiceWithLowPrice


    22 dagen geleden

    Americans: wait so your telling me when them UK people gain 100 pounds they get money, but when we gain 100 pounds we get fat!?

  47. J. Fuse

    J. Fuse

    22 dagen geleden

    12:01 lets not brush over the fact that harry wiped away his laughter

  48. C dot H

    C dot H

    22 dagen geleden

    Simon just proves how dumb he is every episode he’s on

  49. McKenna Gautreau

    McKenna Gautreau

    23 dagen geleden

    Watching 600 life breaks my heart

  50. Andy Saghbini

    Andy Saghbini

    23 dagen geleden

    Why is JJ not on the show?

  51. Agrippina Albina

    Agrippina Albina

    24 dagen geleden

    Yes now, if you hadn't seen already, I was ChrisMDs Personal Chef for 24 hours. Go watchhhh LINK HERE -

  52. LeavingSight


    24 dagen geleden


  53. Jake Hooson

    Jake Hooson

    24 dagen geleden

    W2s orders a large pizza from domino’s and 4 cookies after the recording

  54. Annamaria Goswick

    Annamaria Goswick

    24 dagen geleden

    I appreciate they're giving in to the Harry's 3rd channel memes

  55. Tyrese Wilson

    Tyrese Wilson

    24 dagen geleden

    NGL harry was fucking bang out of order in this

  56. Kieron Charles

    Kieron Charles

    24 dagen geleden

    When they said that the couple were juggolows I thought they said jiggleows 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  57. Michael Vo

    Michael Vo

    25 dagen geleden

    watching this while eating McDonald's

  58. Rebekah McBride

    Rebekah McBride

    25 dagen geleden

    The doctors fat himself 😳

  59. MasLeche


    25 dagen geleden

    videos like these inspire me to keep losing weight man. crazy how people end up like this.

  60. Kayleigh Duffy

    Kayleigh Duffy

    26 dagen geleden

    there's a boy in my town who weighs over 25 stone... hes not even 18

  61. Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank

    Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank

    26 dagen geleden

    "I struggle to put on 2kg in 6 months" I can do that in a week...

  62. Jasmine


    26 dagen geleden

    1:40 the reaction 3:00 oh, feeders? (maybe a feeder, maybe just can't refuse him)/ 3:40 oh um...well 4:59 do people usually say "k-g's" instead of kilos? or is kinda equal 8:06 oh jeez 13:00 I guess it's difficult for some people to be hard on their SO's (oh, like 14:56)

  63. jayman691


    26 dagen geleden

    Harry KILLED me in tis vid

  64. Will Morrell

    Will Morrell

    26 dagen geleden

    Simon out of order exposing con like that nah

  65. The Gaming King

    The Gaming King

    27 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile me watching this video with 2 burgers fries chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce

  66. Noor Alwakel

    Noor Alwakel

    27 dagen geleden

    Harry’s face at 12:00

  67. Vincent Planebrink

    Vincent Planebrink

    27 dagen geleden

    The first one gained more than I weigh in a month

  68. S. M.

    S. M.

    27 dagen geleden

    Bro we need to stop having so many fast food options

  69. S. M.

    S. M.

    27 dagen geleden

    Bro we need to stop having so many fast food options

  70. Rave TV

    Rave TV

    28 dagen geleden

    Aww, where Jj?? 😒

  71. Sloofiie


    28 dagen geleden

    Some of these are just big Babies and need to grow up

  72. Spekt


    28 dagen geleden

    Love how the first thing that comes up on this video is a McDonald's ad..

  73. ItsMeek


    28 dagen geleden

    6 tobis LMAOOOOOO

  74. Stefan Wong

    Stefan Wong

    28 dagen geleden

    "it jiggles :D"

  75. Chalotte Collins

    Chalotte Collins

    28 dagen geleden


  76. ukg corky

    ukg corky

    29 dagen geleden

    what phone is that that toby has please anyone?

  77. Good Guy ChainZ

    Good Guy ChainZ

    29 dagen geleden

    From now on we’re measuring weight in tobis🤣🤣🤣

  78. Hector Luckham

    Hector Luckham

    Maand geleden

    360 kg thats almost as much as jj lol

  79. Aussie 6359

    Aussie 6359

    Maand geleden

    I must say Simons camera and lighting is frickin insane!

  80. Rashard Baker

    Rashard Baker

    Maand geleden

    “The bigger issue is..” Harry: Them 😂😂😂

  81. Ruby Mae D

    Ruby Mae D

    Maand geleden

    My Nana loves this show.

  82. Hamad ALenezi

    Hamad ALenezi

    Maand geleden

    I weigh 56 kg holy fuck

  83. Jack Coyle farrelly

    Jack Coyle farrelly

    Maand geleden

    Like am not that far away from 5 stone

  84. Janessa


    Maand geleden

    Tobi is to pure for this video lmfao

  85. Zicadus


    Maand geleden

    Bro Harry is so funny 😂

  86. Jay Aro

    Jay Aro

    Maand geleden


  87. Elixo


    Maand geleden

    Tobi's face at 10:24 Shock

  88. A Coffin

    A Coffin

    Maand geleden

    Your reacting to ksi

  89. Katie Watker

    Katie Watker

    Maand geleden

    if he ate zoella its alfie deyes 😭

  90. Daniel Mclaughlan

    Daniel Mclaughlan

    Maand geleden

    Where's he hiding the crumbs hahahahahahaha, trust fam there aren't going to be any crumbs leftover, the jaw unhinges like a snake

  91. Rafael Cantarella

    Rafael Cantarella

    Maand geleden

    12:02 look at harry

  92. Luis Wall

    Luis Wall

    Maand geleden

    This would of been hella funny with JJ😂😂

  93. Manieesh Manohar

    Manieesh Manohar

    Maand geleden

    i think they meant harry's 4th channel coz he also has kicktown.

  94. HangDatCactus


    Maand geleden

    That weight is 10 times as Heavy as me

  95. Swackhammer Studios

    Swackhammer Studios

    Maand geleden

    What I took from this is, you can get Dr Pepper at McDonald’s in America and not Canada... this is saddening.

  96. Julius Randle

    Julius Randle

    Maand geleden

    Im sittning here eating crisps, i feel like Im gonna end up here😳

  97. Poke CamCam

    Poke CamCam

    Maand geleden

    Doesn't that fetish exist cause the male brain finds a pregnant woman attractive in a way? So if you get a little belly after eating, to the man it looks like they are carrying? Idk I read it on some weird website when I was researching something else..

  98. aj quayle

    aj quayle

    Maand geleden

    Stones not kg

  99. Harshdip Singh

    Harshdip Singh

    Maand geleden

    Am I the only one couldn’t watch this video without throwing up ?

  100. Json g

    Json g

    Maand geleden

    They don't have to be feeders, they were probably just asked to sneak in the food and weren't mature enough to refuse. Still dumb

    • Becca


      Maand geleden

      I dont think it's about being mature enough to refuse, these people have emotional connections to the over weight person and it can be hard to refuse them. They get very good at manipulating people around them to get them what they want. If the person says no, the over weight person will use any type of emotional abuse or manipulation they can to get their own way