Prince Charles Concerned About Diana Portrayal On 'The Crown'

During "ET Canada Live", Graeme O'Neil weighs in on the reports that Prince Charles and Camilla are concerned about their public image as their relationship, along with Princess Diana, are dramatized on "The Crown".
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  1. Bax M

    Bax M

    Uur geleden

    She is portrayed beautifully .. he is more concerned about his own ass image



    Uur geleden

    How Charles picked an old horse face hose bag over the beautiful Diana just blows my mind, Diana was "sit on my face fine" to no end and hope he's happy now

  3. K O

    K O

    Uur geleden

    Charles deserves no mercy

  4. Tammy Palmer

    Tammy Palmer

    Uur geleden

    The Queen and her family are all responsible for Diana’s death.. Charles needs to just go away with Camilla and retire. He is to weak to ever be a king.. The Queen needs to step down and hand it over to William and Kate.. The longer she holds on causes more damage to the crown.

  5. T D

    T D

    2 uur geleden

    He should be concerned about himself. We all know he don’t give a shit about Diana and he’s a creep.

  6. unnecessary NPC

    unnecessary NPC

    2 uur geleden

    the host is having his life on the line picking this news

  7. Eduardo Morales

    Eduardo Morales

    2 uur geleden

    Charles and camilla suck



    3 uur geleden

    Her portrayal or his,get serz dude,u were a piece of shit husband

  9. Celeste Katia

    Celeste Katia

    4 uur geleden

    Charles was never worthy of being with a lady like Diana. He is a Coward.

  10. Jmsessn


    5 uur geleden

    well, he better be

  11. Noncedo Ngwenya

    Noncedo Ngwenya

    6 uur geleden

    Maybe Camilla could have kicked the bucket

  12. Noncedo Ngwenya

    Noncedo Ngwenya

    6 uur geleden

    He is a horrible man who continued to marry an even more devilish woman

  13. Noncedo Ngwenya

    Noncedo Ngwenya

    6 uur geleden

    We actually don't care...

  14. dani u

    dani u

    7 uur geleden

    both charles and camilla did diana SO dirty. it’s amazing that even when diana is dead she is more famous and loved than the entire royal family

  15. D B

    D B

    7 uur geleden

    Put the crown to one side, once Charles Married Diana Camilla should have had the decency and dignity to walk away. She didn't do that and that's why She will never be excepted by most of the people.

  16. Siti Nurbaya

    Siti Nurbaya

    11 uur geleden

    concerned my ass

  17. Shagumagu


    11 uur geleden

    2.09 mins is enough to pass the throne to Prince William. No wife had to endure that cruelty from Charles.

  18. Shagumagu


    11 uur geleden

    Oh just be a condom and hide you know where until the crown is over.

  19. Strange Boy

    Strange Boy

    11 uur geleden

    *The Crown S4* : We stirred the pot. PC & Camilla are concerned about their public image. *The Crown S5* : Hold my beer. *Palace* : SHOOK.

  20. sankei


    12 uur geleden

    concerned about diana portrayal?? pweh! really?? maybe concerned about camilla portrayal!!! vile evil couple!!!!!

  21. Alice Rossi Marzouka

    Alice Rossi Marzouka

    13 uur geleden

    Actually the victims here are all 3 of them... Orchestrated by the elderly of the family...

  22. Heey Beech

    Heey Beech

    14 uur geleden

    People need to remember that its just a SHOW. It's not real

  23. July Jet

    July Jet

    14 uur geleden

    God stfu Charles no one likes you or camilla! Like never ever not in the life time not later Your image will never be repaired maybe for some time in the UK but the rest of the world will forever hold a grudge, just get lost man

  24. Opemipo Williams

    Opemipo Williams

    14 uur geleden

    He needs to worry about himself and his lil wife🙄

  25. Ann Bair

    Ann Bair

    14 uur geleden

    Honestly, it is sad that the foundation of the rule of the royals have to live in such away where Diana and Charles had to be put together because of those out of date rules. The royals deal with a large amount of old laws to keep morals and honor but yet loose themselves trying to be a moral compus for others. Yet forgetting setting the example is to go and become the person someone can learn to love and understand. it is very said that camila and diana had to go through this because it is wrong to remarry. This is why we took church out of state in the USA on top of getting taxes and other benefits from taking church out of state. It is very sad that a young man had to deal with such a pain, feeling that he caused not only death and image problem in his own family. regardless, you can love more than one person. Diana and charles loved each other but they were not in love with each other, it is very heart breaking for both. it is sad that diana died. it is sad camila has to live understand that hatred image. sometimes yall need to handle stuff with kindness. we forget they are people too

  26. Sabrina P

    Sabrina P

    14 uur geleden

    I wonder how the relationship between Charles, Camilla, William and Harry is. They must see it the same way we do or!? If Charles would have never had an affair with that milk cow looking Camilla and if he would have been a better husband and put some more effort in it, Diana would still be alive. Her life came to an tragic ending and it makes me believe sometimes that maybe it was a set up - which I know could be far fetched but who knows really. Just too convenient that Diana died and then finally they could be together publicly. What a shame. In my opinion, the Queen should have never approved of their marriage and should have denied Charles the throne if he goes through with marrying Camilla. It’s a ugly eyesight to see Camilla next to him or on the balcony. She doesn’t belong there. Mind y’all, Camilla herself was still married too back then when Charles married Diana and had little children. So she cheated on her husband as well. That’s truly a dirty scheme Camilla and Charles set up, disgusting.

  27. Kirei Desien

    Kirei Desien

    15 uur geleden

    The Royal Family doesnt deserve Princess Diana. They are bunch of devils

  28. Peter Alabadejo Haenga

    Peter Alabadejo Haenga

    17 uur geleden


  29. Yip Skip

    Yip Skip

    17 uur geleden

    I was a kid when all this happened and have never forgotten he's shit. Princess Diana was too good for him. She was beautiful and had such a kind heart. His goofy looking ass never deserved her and its a sad she couldn't live a life of happiness.

  30. Rube Red

    Rube Red

    18 uur geleden

    I can't imagine how mesirable Diana's life was with Charles and having no one to confide to by the end of the day, she was soo alone battling her heartbreaks, He doesn't respect her, and he has the nerve to defend his mistress... imagine that..aside from the humiliation that he's causing Diana to the public :( , he's soooOo selfish! I wish he will never become a King!

  31. BeingAmera


    19 uur geleden

    Charles and camilla are both losers

  32. bellabemon


    19 uur geleden

    the hell are you concerned for???? You dont even concerned about her when you cheat on her pls

  33. Adrienne Clarke

    Adrienne Clarke

    19 uur geleden

    I admire the love Charles has for Camilla. I really like Camilla.

  34. Aishwarya Indu

    Aishwarya Indu

    19 uur geleden

    Unfortunately, she is no more to defend herself and her sons won't bring anything to light to maintain the equilibrium. Charles was married off against his will. That doesn't give him or his family the liberty to ruin that poor thing's life.

  35. Travelers Jet

    Travelers Jet

    19 uur geleden

    I love Diana! She was a simply gorgeous princess, a mother, and a true humanitarian!

  36. Audynita Larasati

    Audynita Larasati

    19 uur geleden

    i hate charles and camilla so much.

  37. ALG /D

    ALG /D

    20 uur geleden

    I love Diana

  38. Rizka Sekar

    Rizka Sekar

    21 uur geleden

    pake santet apaan ya si camilla

  39. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    22 uur geleden

    DON'T YOU DARE compare our Diana with that selfish Markle. Markle's a pure failure. And now just a footnote.

  40. marina kvaskov

    marina kvaskov

    22 uur geleden

    Nothing will ruin their image.As they were not loved ,so they are not loved.But we will always remember and love Diana.

  41. marina kvaskov

    marina kvaskov

    22 uur geleden

    Charles! How could you not love Diana and love Camilla?No one can understand it.Diana was a beautiful woman with a kind heart.And you really prefer a smoky Camille.

  42. Elizabeth Eng

    Elizabeth Eng

    22 uur geleden

    Are you kidding??? This paints Charles very badly . Ick!!!

  43. Dolores M Lesica

    Dolores M Lesica

    23 uur geleden

    If the Queen would have allowed Charles to marry Camilla, Diana would be alive today! Unfortunately there never would have been William and Harry, but you don’t miss what you never had! He was awful to her and very jealous of her popularity, I remember reading this during that time. I always felt that her death was the fault of Charles and Camilla and of course the Queen. Not that they had a hand in her death, but they were the cause of her death. If they weren’t divorced because of Camilla, Diana would have been home with Charles and her sons, not in Paris with Dodi Fayed. I have believed this since her passing and no one will ever change my mind. If only he would have loved her the way she loved him, she would be alive today loving and enjoying her four beautiful grandchildren. Instead Charles and Camilla are enjoying those delightful children, which breaks my heart. I am not very fond of Charles and Camilla. Camilla should have stayed away from Charles and been a good wife to her husband! What Charles ever saw in that woman, baffles me. Camilla was not pretty at all and still isn’t pretty, Diana was gorgeous. Charles should have taken pointers from JFK. Jack Kennedy was never jealous of Jackie’s popularity, he encouraged it. He had his flings, but kept them under wraps. I believe the program about The Crown was spot on. To tell them to put a disclaimer that this is fiction is ludicrous. Everyone knows that this is how it was!

  44. margaux


    23 uur geleden

    That scene is so painful for Diana

  45. j Rose

    j Rose

    Dag geleden

    Adultery is wrong, period.

  46. Venita Allen

    Venita Allen

    Dag geleden

    My husband told me his emotional affair partner was his “cousin”! And told me to be friends with her on FB because she wanted to see pics of our family! And then I found out he had a secret hidden second phone! They sent over 200 messages to each other in a two month period! We live in Vegas this so called cousin was in Mexico. It’s been 3 months exactly since I found out. I still want to rip his head off. I’m glad I took the step of contacting Greatermind hacker. He got all the proof I needed from his iphone call logs, emails, text messages both deleted texts and also social media chats; whatsApp , Facebook, Instagram, as far back as 2 years without having access to his phone. He does all sorts of hacking, giving you 100% Spy access to your target’s device. Greatermindhacker is genuine, He's available 24HOURS. Just Call OR Text +16194310306 and On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT ....Narcissists don't stop. I don’t know what to do.

  47. JustSkippingStones


    Dag geleden

    What many people don't realize is that Charles and the Royal Family had no clue about Diana's mental unstableness until she and Charles married. Her anorexia/bulimia was out of control, severely affecting her moods, but they were in the dark about the reasons why because, like all people with eating disorders, Diana hid it so well. Read Lady Colin Campbell's book The Real Diana for a fair and balanced account of the relationship and its downfall. The Royal Family was very empathetic toward Diana and desperate to help her, employing psychologists, shrinks and even holistic alternatives to no avail. Finally, she drove Charles away. All that know the truth know that he was faithful to Diana until the relationship became completely untenable.

  48. L R

    L R

    Dag geleden

    What is the name of this guy ? The host ?

  49. Denea


    Dag geleden

    🖕🏾Charles and Camilla. RIP Diana

    • L R

      L R

      Dag geleden

      Pretty much lol

  50. Kim Bova

    Kim Bova

    Dag geleden

    The actor's statement is BS. It wasn't a tragedy because they each wanted something the other couldn't give. Charles abandoned Diana in the marriage from the start and it was cruel how Camilla was constantly thrown in her face. He doesn't deserve to ever be King.

  51. S Gordon

    S Gordon

    Dag geleden

    The truth hurts.

  52. Travel with Manuela

    Travel with Manuela

    Dag geleden

    The monarchy should have let them marry in the first place. Then this embarrassment would never have happened and Diana would probably still be alive. Non-the-less Comilia will always be a home wrecker to me. It's okay to want what you can't have. But respect yourself enough not to act on it. Just saying'

  53. E F

    E F

    Dag geleden

    The Crown did fuck all to Charles and Camilla’s image. People never stopped hating them

  54. Graham O'Shaughnessy

    Graham O'Shaughnessy

    Dag geleden

    I see Charles not as a villain, however screwed up he is, he is human. Moreover, he was born into a life that was unlike anyone elses. In many instances he was deprived of love , admiration, and he craves that. I do not see a villain, I see a human being who needs to be loved. Who was born into a familial structure that had a very odd way of expressing them. I think the show did a very good job of humanizing Charles. I empathize with his experience as an audience member.

  55. Adaija Packnet

    Adaija Packnet

    Dag geleden

    He's just salty that people are now seeing the horrible way that he treated her in their marriage

  56. Jackie Barlow

    Jackie Barlow

    Dag geleden

    I remember well how evil they both were!!

  57. Jackie Barlow

    Jackie Barlow

    Dag geleden

    Charles is one of the evil globalists. Evil vile man. He should be put behind bars.

  58. The EDNC

    The EDNC

    Dag geleden

    Poor little royal baby 🍼

  59. Carla Costa

    Carla Costa

    Dag geleden

    He was so insecure. It is sad Diana never got to experience life after Charles.

  60. Isabelle Coleman

    Isabelle Coleman

    Dag geleden

    He should be worried.. he took a young teenage girl who was in love and destroyed her life just for show..

  61. Bruno'sBaBySquirrel


    Dag geleden

    He is not happy that he is being portrayed negatively, but how else would you perceive his behaviour and actions? He hates being confronted with his own behavior.

  62. mm quest

    mm quest

    Dag geleden

    sorry, this's not parallel to Meghan at all! Diana loves Charles and willing to do her Royal Duty If Charles loves her back but Meghan loves only herself !!

  63. Lillian


    Dag geleden

    They killed an innocent young lady. That's the truth. And then they got together with Camilla after torturing Diana for years. I just cannot ever imagine living a life where my husband is obviously having an affair with another woman and is upset at me and expects me to tolerate it. They did her evil. They did her really really evil. She was miserable. In fact, The Crown portrayed their story in a very mild manner. The real truth was much worse than the drama. Royal life is not that great, which is why im so glad harry and meghan left.

  64. Nita V.Kapadia

    Nita V.Kapadia

    Dag geleden

    Actually the real royals are way better than the caricatures in 'The Crown'. I saw all the ten episodes and am surprised by this.Rarely are real people way more fitted to their characterd than the ones playing them on screen.The screen characters are generally romantisized, as in a film called 'Guru' based on Dhirubhai Ambani's life.

  65. onlybugwit


    Dag geleden


  66. Elizabeth Antonie Magdalena Roos

    Elizabeth Antonie Magdalena Roos

    Dag geleden

    Great Britten is a terrible country! It's not the politican and royal family that rules the country. It media. But not the serious media, THE SCANDAL MEDIA. English people don't seem to get enoug of scandals and if it ruins other people lifes, so what! It's the media that killed Diana to earn big money. Diane was told by the media that everyone got behind her back, could not trust anyone, and gave that poor woman, that first of all was a mammy, false proves! So after the big scoop succided Diana to belive in this liers, she heartbroken gave the interwieu to that evil man in media. THEN Diana and Charles got devorced! THE MEDIA RUINED Diana and Charles marrige! THEN Diana were killed, as altso by the media. But you English people had a good time, did' nt you, grabbing all stuff you could from the MEDIA? It was fun, interesting and much more everyday when the scandals, false all of them, could entertaine you! Makes me ill to se the English people cry over Diana that you just knew from scandal magazines, I think it must have been bad counces that made you cry, most likely false tears like crocodilles, began to hate the Queen, Price Charles because you thougt you had the right to see their sorrow. Escpessial the tears of her two children! YOU CLAIMING HAVE THE RIGHT AND YOU STILL DO! Likes to see people bleed! Next were Meghan, her husband and she denied you that! Englishmen has no moral, no RESPECT for their royal family. Be most ashemed, hipocrats!!! 🤬

  67. Javin Leary

    Javin Leary

    Dag geleden

    yoo no lie i thought he was dead XD

  68. Betsy Hada

    Betsy Hada

    Dag geleden

    You're "reporting" on something, having only "almost watched" the first two episodes?! How about going back and doing ALL your homework, before commenting. Because, if not looked at through rose-colored glasses, Diana doesn't come off any too well in Season 4, either. But you people don't "report" on that, do you? You don't "report" on her faux pas, her insecurities, her gross errors in judgment. Only on Charles and Camilla. Just. Stop!

  69. Renuka Devnani

    Renuka Devnani

    Dag geleden

    This is so interesting everyone knows these guys killed Diana, everyone knows Charles is a selfish prick there are no dislikes to these comments as well thank god she raised Prince Harry great he took his wife away from all the drama #meganandharryforever

  70. Denise Milfort

    Denise Milfort

    Dag geleden

    PUH LEAZE! Get off your high horses already. The prince married his one true love, yes he was young and wasn’t strong enough to stand up for her at the time, let them be happy. They have my full Support. Diana may she Rest In Peace is now gone and the prince doesn’t need your forgiveness or Approval, any of You just stop!

  71. ak szczdvrs

    ak szczdvrs

    Dag geleden

    He should be concerned how he’s portayed.

  72. Lance Solms

    Lance Solms

    Dag geleden

    Get over it Charles. The Crown is entertainment - lucky for you it’s not based on 100% truth

  73. Blake Liam Monzon

    Blake Liam Monzon

    Dag geleden

    Even after Covid, please don’t remove your mask, charles and camilla.It fits you, cover your faces forever.

  74. L B

    L B

    Dag geleden

    Charles is our future King. That is unimaginable to me. I only wish our Queen would live forever

  75. Laura Freeman

    Laura Freeman

    Dag geleden

    I’m glad it all came out again. People shouldn’t forget that messed up stuff that goes on in that family.

    • viviane beget

      viviane beget

      8 uur geleden


  76. Naomi Tio

    Naomi Tio

    Dag geleden

    It's frightened me if the queen gives her throne to Charles, the UK, its people, will demand to get off from the united kingdom.

  77. Tess Gregory

    Tess Gregory

    Dag geleden

    Camilla and Charles would not have had to work on their public image if they hadn't committed adultery. Both of them did. They were both married, and they both committed adultery. It was disgusting, and no amount of spin can make that any different.

  78. Augh Bable

    Augh Bable

    Dag geleden

    This is happening every single day and it eerisome when you saw someome really portrayed it well on screen. Like all the memories pouring down😭 This is one of reason why Lady Di is loved... she's representing and so emboss to our thoughts... mental abuse is real.

  79. Nation's sunshine Felix

    Nation's sunshine Felix

    Dag geleden

    Stupid old man you're only worried about yourself

  80. Mirta Vega

    Mirta Vega

    Dag geleden

    Diana committed several mistakes and the worst of all was to be involved with a Muslin, considering that she was the mother of the future KIng of England. UNFORTUNATELY DIANA WAS LOST AND CONFUSED AND BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM WAS CREATED BY CHARLES AND CAMILLA. Nobody was helping her. She really needed a mentor.

  81. Aulia Situmeang

    Aulia Situmeang

    Dag geleden

    I think I can like all the comments here since I agree witth all of them hahaha

  82. 3rrlia


    Dag geleden

    İf I cared for a minute for this family that was due to Diana . I don't care how royal a family is when all they do is emotional abuse and envy. They are horrible especially charles and his camel.

  83. nitakate 49

    nitakate 49

    Dag geleden

    I’m still disgusted that Charles will become King after his adultris affair

  84. Y Kato

    Y Kato

    Dag geleden

    The dead don't talk.

  85. Senoirita G

    Senoirita G

    Dag geleden

    Charles dug his own grave and now he refuses to lie in it.

  86. Shreya Thimmaiah

    Shreya Thimmaiah

    Dag geleden

    Karma 🙏

  87. Ana Bella

    Ana Bella

    Dag geleden

    The way they made Diana bow in the beginning while they all stood in a circle was distressing to watch. This family needs to be defunded. I guarantee not very much has changed. Look at William and Kate. He’s tried showing her affection in public and she acts like he’s throwing boiling water on her. She’s only interested in “the perfect image”.

  88. amit mahajs

    amit mahajs

    Dag geleden

    My mom thought Camilla is Kamala Harris 🤣🤣

  89. Hassanul Karim

    Hassanul Karim

    Dag geleden

    some people are so selfish after all they did, That women was pure and they pushed her to do the unthinkable.

  90. laurels heart

    laurels heart

    Dag geleden

    I bet its all true.

  91. Eileen Taylor

    Eileen Taylor

    Dag geleden

    Maghan has nothing similar to Diana in any way shape or form you should not even say that. Marpel is a money, fame grubbing skank that tricked Harry. No similarity whatsoever.

  92. Eileen Taylor

    Eileen Taylor

    Dag geleden

    HEY SCOBIE They did what they did. He treated her like garbage. So did Camilla. They both deserve it. if they did not screw around she would be ALIVE TODAY.

  93. Leonie Diana Francis

    Leonie Diana Francis

    Dag geleden

    Camilla was the lucky one having this complain about what the wife is doing wrong or saying wrong and then get all the sympathy in the love and then Diana get punished

  94. Leonie Diana Francis

    Leonie Diana Francis

    Dag geleden

    Do the crime do the time getting over it

  95. Priti Singh

    Priti Singh

    Dag geleden

    I am only watching the crown cz of princess Diana 💕 love her. And i feel very horrible what our princess had to go thru. Infact she got murdered from the queen camilla and charles all planned to kill her !!! 😡

  96. Rubab Junaid

    Rubab Junaid

    Dag geleden

    Camilla is a sham, she knew she was wrecking a home. Charles should've left diana if he didnt love her, why make children with her, just to ruin their childhood

  97. Rubab Junaid

    Rubab Junaid

    Dag geleden

    Horrible husband.

  98. IP. Rangga

    IP. Rangga

    Dag geleden

    How dare he.

  99. Janel Martinez

    Janel Martinez

    Dag geleden

    I bet Charles never imagined that all his cheating and nonchalant care towards Diana, would be displayed years...decades later. His wrongdoings are following him like a shadow. Also, my gf says that the Queen's still alive because she knows that Charles wouldn't be a good King- I mean, preferring Camila over Diana? That already shows bad judgement, imagine holding such a high role and the implications.

  100. chriselle J

    chriselle J

    Dag geleden

    The only good thing that came out of that relationship was prince William and Harry. She deserved so much better