bunny's first time seeing snow

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  1. Leesa Logic

    Leesa Logic

    12 uur geleden

    Bunny is a very good dog. 15/10

  2. Thunda Cat

    Thunda Cat

    Dag geleden

    Tell me that you’re doing okay without telling me you’re doing okay.

  3. Abi Heck

    Abi Heck

    2 dagen geleden

    Adorable but she's a greyhound she needs a coat Juilian. Please love you guys. ❤❤❤

  4. xRamble0nx


    3 dagen geleden


  5. kaguuki googi

    kaguuki googi

    4 dagen geleden


  6. Дистимическая Панда

    Дистимическая Панда

    5 dagen geleden

    Богиня, как это красиво ❤️🌌✨

  7. Montana Mccarthy

    Montana Mccarthy

    5 dagen geleden

    I legit had a dream last night Jenna made a new video

  8. Laura B

    Laura B

    6 dagen geleden

    Can’t explain why but I needed the end screen to say “fin”

  9. Absolutely Tiffany

    Absolutely Tiffany

    6 dagen geleden

    Such a beautiful video, Bunny sure has blossomed with you guys. ❤

  10. Annie Moore

    Annie Moore

    6 dagen geleden

    Genuine question, why does bunny have 3 collars on?

  11. Temper Oni

    Temper Oni

    6 dagen geleden

    Sometimes about Bunny walking in the snow, makes her look so elegant and beautiful.

  12. Raylynn Brown

    Raylynn Brown

    7 dagen geleden

    I've been wondering this for a while now but why do the dogs have multiple collars on??

  13. Marimi malu

    Marimi malu

    7 dagen geleden

    Yes! :D We all needed this!

  14. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis

    7 dagen geleden

    Wow Julien. You are extremely talented. This video showed me how truly beautiful Bunny is. Great shots of Big Bear too.

  15. Xavier Cedeno

    Xavier Cedeno

    7 dagen geleden

    This gave me such a sense of peace ☺️

  16. Sarina


    7 dagen geleden

    This has been out for two weeks but I watched this today so I am claiming this as my birthday present and sole reason to be happy

  17. Chandler Franklin

    Chandler Franklin

    8 dagen geleden

    Beautiful baby, and beautiful shots!

  18. killerdog42


    8 dagen geleden

    Honestly love watching your cinematography ❤

  19. Mari


    8 dagen geleden

    yaay a little snow bunny :)🐶

  20. Angelina Calnan

    Angelina Calnan

    8 dagen geleden

    Julien, if you see this your little fam is so beautiful!! I don't mean to upset you by saying this. I used to watch both of your videos weekly with my 12 an 7 year old hahah and my 7 year old sighed and said wow I love Jenna and Julien together hahaha 🤣 you are loved by many. I hope you see this and it makes you smile haha

  21. MultiFandom HamHam

    MultiFandom HamHam

    8 dagen geleden

    Bunny has really grown up and has come so far. ;w;

  22. Эн Ковальчик

    Эн Ковальчик

    8 dagen geleden

    i want jenna back so hard(

  23. fictionalhuman


    9 dagen geleden


  24. Luciana M

    Luciana M

    9 dagen geleden

    That final take on those eyes ❤❤❤❤❤

  25. Crafty Rescue

    Crafty Rescue

    9 dagen geleden

    She is so pretty 😭😭 There's just something so wholesome about her. Hope you, Jenna, and the other kids are doing well ❤️

  26. Alexis S.

    Alexis S.

    9 dagen geleden

    Please don't injure your drone😖 The weather has been really weird lately

  27. ChristineCAlb1


    9 dagen geleden

    Beautiful dog, beautiful country.

  28. Maggot St. Pierre

    Maggot St. Pierre

    9 dagen geleden

    All I can hear is bunny's lil paws crunching in the snow and my chest is tight

  29. Laura Wright

    Laura Wright

    10 dagen geleden

    Can Jenna come outside and play?

  30. JennySilvertonx


    10 dagen geleden

    Hi Julien, sorry I did look at your 3 times but can't see a drone (for your opening scene) and specifically wondered which exact camera out of your kit you used for this specific video please?

  31. Ashley Rainey

    Ashley Rainey

    10 dagen geleden

    Horses look so majestic in the snow. Hope y’all are staying warm and cozy. ❄️

  32. K B

    K B

    10 dagen geleden

    wholesome bunny content 10/10

  33. John Heath

    John Heath

    10 dagen geleden

    I needed this today oh my god

  34. Megatron


    10 dagen geleden

    This was the cutest thing ever

  35. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf

    11 dagen geleden

    “Chonk giraffe sees cold water for first time 2021 colorized”

  36. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf

    11 dagen geleden

    What are this xgiraffe x2

  37. Cherry95687


    11 dagen geleden

    youre so great at story telling thru your cinematography.. i dig it.

  38. Aliza Solivan

    Aliza Solivan

    11 dagen geleden

    Jenna i hope you are taking amazing care of yourself, i miss your videos and your happiness so much, you were the one person I always looked forward to watching and I hope that you can recover so that you can come back on the internet bigger, better, stronger, and even more gorgeous then before. The support is there for you Jenna ❤️❤️😢😢

  39. Blind Justice

    Blind Justice

    11 dagen geleden

    I'm happy to see you have included the dogs on your channel, love seeing them, so does the wife.

  40. Gaming With Kev

    Gaming With Kev

    11 dagen geleden

    Jenna come back!!

  41. Nici Firebird

    Nici Firebird

    11 dagen geleden

    She's such a beautiful girl

  42. Corinne Ordona

    Corinne Ordona

    11 dagen geleden

    Oh the simple joys of the long snoots. Wish I could bring my blossomed horse dog and have a play date.



    11 dagen geleden

    awwww Bunny!!!! this was beautiful

  44. Renee Green

    Renee Green

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you for making this content, Julien :)

  45. E J

    E J

    12 dagen geleden

    She could have a really cute coat

  46. Shanelle


    12 dagen geleden

    Can anyone explain to me why she has three collars on?

    • VixyMix 101

      VixyMix 101

      11 dagen geleden

      Probably a precaution

  47. Julesthecat


    12 dagen geleden

    beauts julli

  48. The ASStroNOTS

    The ASStroNOTS

    12 dagen geleden

    WHERE IS JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  49. Theresa Cook

    Theresa Cook

    12 dagen geleden

    Thank you for continuing to show us your wonderful dog content. I just love you, and your wonderful family. I appreciates that about you.

  50. Annie AndtheRainbow

    Annie AndtheRainbow

    12 dagen geleden

    I needed this today.

  51. Samantha White

    Samantha White

    12 dagen geleden

    i am having a hard day today and found this really calming. thank you

  52. VavaBeeb


    12 dagen geleden

    Such a precious lil Bunny moment



    12 dagen geleden

    Sir that is a dog

  54. Gabby Jackson

    Gabby Jackson

    12 dagen geleden

    beautiful video Julien!

  55. WYD BTS


    12 dagen geleden

    stay safe you guys!✨🥰

  56. chexlex 131618

    chexlex 131618

    12 dagen geleden

    Shes so happy 😊 😭 💓 💗

  57. Sin Dee

    Sin Dee

    12 dagen geleden

    So regal and magestic and sweet and peaceful. 💗

  58. Ashley Wright

    Ashley Wright

    12 dagen geleden

    What a majestic deer

  59. Jessica Sam

    Jessica Sam

    12 dagen geleden

    As someone who has never had a pet dog before, why is she wearing 3 collars?

    • brooklyn •

      brooklyn •

      11 dagen geleden


  60. M Elizabeth

    M Elizabeth

    13 dagen geleden

    she is such a sweet happy girl I'm so proud of her and how far she has come ❤️

  61. Jared Kinsey

    Jared Kinsey

    13 dagen geleden

    cold guhl! - me to my dog every winter - Bunny is so cute!

  62. Cosmic Morningstar

    Cosmic Morningstar

    13 dagen geleden

    This was a really fucking peaceful video dude, ughhh, I've missed seeing this stuff from you, give Bunny a big hug for me

  63. Sogonrei ***

    Sogonrei ***

    13 dagen geleden

    The filming/editing is outstanding Julien! Bunny looks so well acclimated now. ❤

  64. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    13 dagen geleden

    Those slow, sleepy blinks after playing in the snow melt my heart. I want to give her a smooch on the nose 💗

  65. Collette Kent

    Collette Kent

    13 dagen geleden

    She's so beautiful and curious, so mature and elegant sweet baby

  66. Jayda


    13 dagen geleden


  67. ialicat


    13 dagen geleden

    Lovely footage in a gorgeous place of a precious girl.

  68. yevett siemienski

    yevett siemienski

    13 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know why she wears three collars? Genuinely just wondering.

    • yuoop noke

      yuoop noke

      13 dagen geleden

      The shots in this are gorgeous, and Bunny is really enjoying herself. This video makes me feel 😄 From the inside out. Thank you Julien, and Bunny too! Stay safe & warm y'al

  69. Jenna & Julien Animated

    Jenna & Julien Animated

    13 dagen geleden

    We have 7 inches or more of snow where I am

  70. Corey Griffin

    Corey Griffin

    13 dagen geleden

    Claire de fuffa

  71. Olivia Constantinidi

    Olivia Constantinidi

    13 dagen geleden

    thank you for sharing this peaceful moment in your life with us ❤️

  72. Rachel


    13 dagen geleden

    i'm torn between loving these absolutely immaculate vibes and wishing Bunny's peaceful snow time was juxtaposed with Cermit being a nasty chaotic snow demon

  73. sadie


    13 dagen geleden

    drone shots? camera angles? that fireplace image? mans filming a nature documentary of his horse named Yes!

  74. Pee Pums

    Pee Pums

    13 dagen geleden

    snow bunny to warm bunny ❤❤❤❤

  75. Malaika Marie

    Malaika Marie

    13 dagen geleden

    why is she wearing 3 collars???

  76. Bruce H.

    Bruce H.

    13 dagen geleden


  77. tulpamom


    13 dagen geleden

    my therapist says I have to do 5 minutes of breathing exercises a day... I'm counting this as my meditation time

  78. Damara Dayton

    Damara Dayton

    13 dagen geleden

    It's the smiles and wiggles at 2:17 for me

  79. Lucia Campillo

    Lucia Campillo

    13 dagen geleden

    I fucking sobbing what did I do to deserve this video

  80. bre marie

    bre marie

    13 dagen geleden

    julien this is so sick

  81. SaraScreams


    13 dagen geleden

    How does Bunny have three collars and there’s still space for more? 🤣

  82. Snowy


    14 dagen geleden

    The shots in this are gorgeous, and Bunny is really enjoying herself. This video makes me feel 😄 From the inside out. Thank you Julien, and Bunny too! Stay safe & warm y'all 🥰

  83. The Cursed One's Buddy

    The Cursed One's Buddy

    14 dagen geleden

    I miss all the videos with Jenna and the dogs so much 🥺🥺😭😭💔💔 But this is a wonderful video, really peaceful 💕

  84. Rylee Hogue

    Rylee Hogue

    14 dagen geleden

    Why does she wear so many collars

  85. ploy wongpiched

    ploy wongpiched

    14 dagen geleden

    Best gurl 🥺 thanks for sharing this with us Julien

  86. Brianna


    14 dagen geleden

    Maybe things will be okay :,)

  87. Something OrAnother

    Something OrAnother

    14 dagen geleden

    Thank you julien ❤️

  88. Lauracooks


    14 dagen geleden

    Where is the cermit? Hopefully warm

  89. Lauracooks


    14 dagen geleden

    Omg so happy to see Bunny

  90. Jacqueline Reece

    Jacqueline Reece

    14 dagen geleden

    Awww my gramz lives out in big bear 💗

  91. DeeDee Jones

    DeeDee Jones

    14 dagen geleden

  92. margaret butters

    margaret butters

    14 dagen geleden

    I miss your videography and drone footage. Bunny what to say she has come so far !

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      14 dagen geleden

      Your camera shots are AMAZING they give me chills all I need is a cup of hot matcha and a cinnamon roll 💖💖 got the puppers snuggled up 🌌🌌🌌🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  93. Taylor Griffin

    Taylor Griffin

    14 dagen geleden

    This video cured my anxiety

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      14 dagen geleden

      2:20 bunny makin it clap but no fr julie excellent work :>

  94. Patty Archer-Wahl

    Patty Archer-Wahl

    14 dagen geleden

    Bunny is so sweet. Thanks for sharing so beautiful! Love and miss you all❤️

  95. Shannon Ross

    Shannon Ross

    14 dagen geleden

    I saw someone in the pet store today with three of these dogs and I instantly thought of Jenna and Juliet. I still miss her ❤️

  96. elsitahanson


    14 dagen geleden

    its always a good day when we get to see bunny :)

  97. Alex H

    Alex H

    14 dagen geleden

    What a sweet giraffe 🦒 💕

  98. Liv Em

    Liv Em

    14 dagen geleden

    I cry every time I see Bunny, because I just remember how incredibly happy Jenna was, and I think about how much everyone has grown, especially Bunny. I’m so happy for you both, and all of your beautiful dogs, and I hope you have a wonderful time doing whatever you do. This video made me feel like, maybe for a second, 2021 wasn’t going to just repeat all the failings of 2020, and we could all learn and grow and be better to each other this year.

  99. Heidi Swensen

    Heidi Swensen

    14 dagen geleden

    Thank you 🐾 Please send our love to Jenna ♥️

  100. Shanaly


    14 dagen geleden

    as a canadian i wish i had never seen snow. winter is far from over