How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer

A program called Covax wants to distribute Covid-19 vaccines fairly. Is it working?
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Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the world’s richest countries poured money into the race for a vaccine. Billions of dollars, from programs like the US’s Operation Warp Speed, funded development that brought us multiple Covid-19 vaccines in record time. But it also determined where those vaccines would go. Before vaccine doses had even hit the market, places like the US and the UK had bought up nearly the entire supply.
This turns out to be an old story. In nearly every modern global health crisis, from smallpox to malaria to H1N1, rich countries have bought up vital medical supplies, making poor countries wait sometimes decades for life-saving support. It’s effectively a system in which where you live determines whether you live or die of a preventable disease. Leaving a disease like Covid-19 to spread unchecked in some places also gives it a chance to mutate -- and variants of the virus are already raising alarms. So: how do we get vaccines to countries that can’t afford them?
One solution underway is called Covax. It’s a program co-led by the World Health Organization; Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; and the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Its goal is to get vaccines to lower- and middle-income countries at the same time as rich countries. So how is it supposed to do that? And will it be enough?
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  1. Vox


    5 dagen geleden

    Poorer countries might not get vaccinated until 2023, writes Julia Belluz. Read more on Vox:

    • gRaczek


      32 minuten geleden

      How come countries that develop vaccine are evil, but not the country that started this all?

    • Chiem Ogbonnah

      Chiem Ogbonnah

      15 uur geleden

      How you suppose to you this pool purchasing power "aka Purchasing Economies of Scale" to reduce vaccine prices when companies that you highlighted such as Astrazenaca produce all their doses at cost.

    • Thuanny Galdino

      Thuanny Galdino

      17 uur geleden


    • GEA38


      18 uur geleden

      Beware vox there are cases that are not that trivial. Brazil president doesn't consider the pandemic an emergency so Brazilian states had to work deals on their own such as the case of Sao Paulo. Argentina is polemic case where they discarded bilaterals deal and still don't know why because of confidentiality clauses signed before the negotiations.

    • Medium Rare Potato

      Medium Rare Potato

      20 uur geleden

      Hopefully they don’t get vaccinated at all

  2. Alia Sahar

    Alia Sahar

    11 minuten geleden

    I mean, if you know you are from the poorer country and will get less vaccine, you should have educate your citizen on the importance of wearing a mask and wash your hand and keep a distance of 1 meter apart from each other. That does not involve money but brain..remember Wuhan has zero infection even before the vaccine was out...

  3. Osvaldo Andrade

    Osvaldo Andrade

    12 minuten geleden


  4. M. Ximena Abarca Solís

    M. Ximena Abarca Solís

    18 minuten geleden

    Money is currently our biggest human development stopper, it is no longer a helper, but a precluder



    22 minuten geleden

    So basically the gist of this is that- Rich countries use their populations tax dollars to invest in vaccine- but the if it’s successful everybody wants an A on the science project. I see nothing wrong here. Scientists are not doing this for free! And tax payers interests should be protected if their money are being invested! Poorer countries have scientist too! Either do they studies or wait in line for ur turn

  6. Pyrus


    30 minuten geleden

    Leftoids: “take the vaccine!” Also leftoids: “taking the vaccine is racist”

  7. Patrick Davis

    Patrick Davis

    32 minuten geleden

    The interesting thing is, even some richer countries have had lackluster vaccine programs. For example, Canada. The SAME COUNTRY that has enough doses to vaccinate it's population five times over has a single digit percentage of even partially vaccinated people. Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are also falling really behind. Meanwhile, the US and UK are pulling ahead- two countries that people made fun of earlier in the pandemic. Americans might be back to normal by July.

  8. Harambe Catcher

    Harambe Catcher

    40 minuten geleden

    To those in the third world, it's cool, you can have my two "vaccines" if you want them. I'm sure there's plenty other people here that would be willing to donate their shot to you, too.

  9. RarelyAccurate


    49 minuten geleden

    So, people that paid for something and invented it got it. 🤔

  10. gal turgman

    gal turgman

    Uur geleden

    Israel already have about 90+% population already vaccinated. But it makes sense that richer countries would prefer to get there population vaccinated first.

  11. Jake Matheson

    Jake Matheson

    Uur geleden

    So the point of this video is: Those that paid to develop the vaccine then using the vaccine when it’s ready is wrong.

    • Pyrus


      29 minuten geleden

      Pretty much the smooth brain take I expected from vox

  12. Thegreatcanadianlumberjack


    Uur geleden

    We are all in this together should be corrected to You are in this only if you have money.

  13. Ioannis Lazaridis

    Ioannis Lazaridis

    Uur geleden

    Bad West, bad! Having a monopoly in vaccines and not sharing with poorer countries. Oh wait, Russia and China are selling cheap and effective vaccines, but are not mentioned in the video.

  14. gororo14


    Uur geleden

    I have sympathy for all mankind, but instead of building hospitals, and improving their health systems the Indians have been building rockets, aircraft carriers and nuclear bombs? That is not the fault of the worlds richest countries. Rich Indians have fled the country and don’t care about their kin so really India shouldn’t be begging anyone for anything, they just need to be responsible for themselves.

  15. I.O


    Uur geleden

    mrna is not a vaccine its gean therapy.

  16. My Big Year

    My Big Year

    2 uur geleden

    I donate my vaccine

  17. Tiny Town Software

    Tiny Town Software

    2 uur geleden

    If the rich countries didn't pay for speedy vaccine research, vaccines would have come much later.

  18. ItsBrad


    2 uur geleden

    Spreading the vaccine out makes no sense logically. Take care of your own and then you can help others far more effectively. Extra vaccines from the USA are already making their way to allies and economic partners.

  19. Justin Grant

    Justin Grant

    2 uur geleden

    Money equates to priority Literally Nothing new here

  20. ikwilkijkenverdomme


    2 uur geleden

    The title doesn’t match the video...

  21. Eva Achtzener

    Eva Achtzener

    2 uur geleden

    Karen’s entered the chat

  22. Arian Jafari

    Arian Jafari

    2 uur geleden

    So what?

  23. Nabiya Naseem

    Nabiya Naseem

    3 uur geleden

    Meanwhile, thousands are dying in India everyday

  24. junjie su

    junjie su

    3 uur geleden

    China is providing vaccine aid to 80 countries and three international organisations, while exporting vaccines to more than 40 countries, cooperating with more than 10 countries in vaccine research, development and production, and donating vaccines to peacekeepers in various countries in response to the call of the United Nations.

  25. Lone Monk

    Lone Monk

    3 uur geleden

    Vox is nothing but a juvenile conspiracy theories channel

  26. mi8


    3 uur geleden

    tl;dw: Nice things cost a lot of money.

  27. ganesh chandra

    ganesh chandra

    3 uur geleden

    The fact that so called developed first world countries denied to waive off patent rights says a lot.

  28. Armchair warrior

    Armchair warrior

    3 uur geleden

    what is not mentioned US media and gov has the gall to tell the poor countries not to use Chinese/Russian vaccines. US put your money where your mouth is.

  29. Huy Ng

    Huy Ng

    4 uur geleden

    Life is unfair 😞

  30. Iron


    4 uur geleden

    Shocker, they who fund and buy the product get the product.

  31. Neeraj Yelpale

    Neeraj Yelpale

    4 uur geleden

    Its sad that even when millions are dying.....its a ll about money

  32. Joseph Kerr

    Joseph Kerr

    4 uur geleden

    And the west accused China for playing "Vaccine diplomacy".... How about the west play "vaccine diplomacy" too ! At least it will benefit the poorer countries.

  33. ac0rpbg


    4 uur geleden

    You missed the most important point tho. Without incentive to get it first and as fast as possible, rich countries would not fund it at all. Covax is utopia.

  34. Klipk


    4 uur geleden

    2:14 this just in, having money helps do things

  35. Adam Bowers

    Adam Bowers

    5 uur geleden

    Pandemics last longer is also partly due to larger populations and national strategies. Not just richer counties buying up vaccines. Yes it's an issue, but the issue is wider than having quick and early access to the vaccine.

  36. thenayshaveit


    5 uur geleden

    Rich countries provided the possibility of a vaccine, dramatically shortening the pandemic.

  37. Brayden Mueller

    Brayden Mueller

    5 uur geleden

    Capitalism seems to still be working. Stop complaining & wait your turn. The solution isn't to hire some corrupt 3rd party organization. Middle-men raise prices and increase delays.

  38. Juan Venegas

    Juan Venegas

    5 uur geleden

    This is just how money works. Outside of all morals and principles money rules everything and let’s you get almost anything.

  39. Adora Tsang

    Adora Tsang

    6 uur geleden

    I'm not sure. Poorer countries lack medical capacity to administer vaccines quickly. Sending vaccines equally sounds good, but it isn't necessarily more effective. Countries like DRC returned 1.3 million vaccines back to COVAX because they can't administer all the vaccines by expiration date. Maybe it isn't so bad that rich countries have more vaccines at this point. The medical teams from richer countries might be able to help administer vaccines in poorer countries later this year. Blindly sending vaccines to poor countries without enough medical professionals to give the shots doesn't sound very effective.

  40. Asuka Kattau

    Asuka Kattau

    6 uur geleden

    Why did rich countries procure so many doses, even exceeding their needs?

  41. Just Kidding

    Just Kidding

    6 uur geleden

    Capitalism always gives a solution which never works.

  42. Jessica S

    Jessica S

    6 uur geleden

    I think the first initiation of Covax is ok. Its not perfect but gives us and many other countries a baseline to work with and make improvements using lessons learned from this pandemic. As the expert stated COVAX is an "after the fact" implementation. So we have to get through this one with the legacy system until the new system is in place. The next pandemic is where we can start judging if the system works. Therefore, WHO should start lobbying now if they want it setup correctly for future. Paris Agreement took 20+ yrs to get finalized... I imagine it will take the same amount of time for this as well.

  43. Home Allsop

    Home Allsop

    6 uur geleden

    We also wouldn't have the vaccine so quickly if we haven't invested so much so quickly...

  44. TheDrover15


    6 uur geleden

    "Those that purchased first, or made the biggest order, or invested early into research and development are standing at the front of the line"... You mean countries who funded the vaccine gets it before those who waited until it was done 😲 how could we let this happen! Without rich countries giving companies money on underdeveloped vaccines that might not have led to anything, there wouldn't even be a vaccine right now.

  45. Fahry Friansyah

    Fahry Friansyah

    6 uur geleden

    There’s only one solution to this get the entire world to unite and isolate the US

  46. Charanjeet Singh

    Charanjeet Singh

    6 uur geleden

    Every-time there is a disaster, a bunch of people who can help others tend to get confused between getting richer or saving millions of lives.

  47. Black supaman

    Black supaman

    7 uur geleden

    Nothing personal, it’s just business.

  48. Ulysses


    7 uur geleden

    And today we learned what we already knew…life isn’t fair

  49. lobecosc


    7 uur geleden

    Can someone explain to me why countries are paying for vaccines to save the lives of their citizens?

    • KA


      6 uur geleden

      They kind of aren't if they're allowing the disease the mutate and last longer, shove your sarcasm up your hole.

  50. Sagar Barot

    Sagar Barot

    7 uur geleden

    Now this is journalism ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Frank PhpDevelopment

    Frank PhpDevelopment

    7 uur geleden

    Also India decided to invest billions in its space and military research programs .

  52. Science Is A Religion

    Science Is A Religion

    7 uur geleden

    Money will destroy everything.

  53. Alejandro Palacios

    Alejandro Palacios

    7 uur geleden


  54. SierraLimaKilo TV

    SierraLimaKilo TV

    7 uur geleden

    So if Canada secured 316 million Covid vaccines. Where are they? I can tell you. Not in Canada!

  55. Orthane


    7 uur geleden

    It's almost like countries and groups of people should always put themselves and their people first. That's how it has always been, and that's how it should be.

  56. Jozroz


    8 uur geleden

    Here's an analogy to compare what it's like when the rich nations buy it all up: instead of a government prioritising risk groups such as the elderly or those with health risk factors, you simple give it to the richest citizens who bought their way to it with money, despite the fact that these rich folks are the ones who can afford to wait a little longer since they typically can work from home and maintain social distancing and in the worst case can afford treatment should they fall ill. Meanwhile, you leave the vulnerable masses (a larger portion of the population) to have no choice but to continue working as best they can and increase their risk of illness, all the while hoping the already poor healthcare system they have access to doesn't collapse around them.

  57. Artie Fufkin

    Artie Fufkin

    8 uur geleden

    Anyone in a poor country who who wants the highly-experimental, seemingly ineffective vaccine that was supposed to go to me, you can have it!

  58. _harryh__


    8 uur geleden

    The question is, is it worth it for the development speed? Or should there be laws on vaccine buying that could lessen funding?

  59. Sofa Miller

    Sofa Miller

    8 uur geleden

    Answer: they promoted lockdowns that prevented herd immunity.

  60. Jula S.

    Jula S.

    8 uur geleden

    its sad that you guys didnt talk about temporarily settig free the patents so that more vaccines can be produced. it's a big thing that the eu is against while it could help poorer countries a lot

  61. Efthimios


    8 uur geleden

    Take this to its logical conclusion, capitalism has failed us (again).

  62. トートー。


    8 uur geleden

    Actually those vaccine would mean nothing if the virus kept mutating in those countries that are in risk thus making the virus spread again. And untill we're back at from ground zero.

  63. DJ Golf

    DJ Golf

    8 uur geleden

    Canadian here. I feel bad that my government is hoarding so much. Sorry folks

    • My Big Year

      My Big Year

      Uur geleden

      Yes apologize for the governments mistake...white guilt much? 😉

  64. Jangbu Sherpa

    Jangbu Sherpa

    9 uur geleden

    why is not there any donation from china? because they are the ones who started and needs to be more responsible.

  65. Ozzy Greg

    Ozzy Greg

    9 uur geleden

    The Us spent 1.2 billion to aid in the research and development, gets vaccines in return. Mukesh Ambani richest indian has over 88 billion dollars does nothing but its everyone else's fault?

  66. Hrydra


    9 uur geleden

    oh well :)

  67. Cristian Pechi

    Cristian Pechi

    9 uur geleden

    What about Sputnik V and Sinovac? This video doesn't say anything about non occidental vaccines...

  68. Rangga Kusuma Dinata

    Rangga Kusuma Dinata

    9 uur geleden

    It's always been every man for himself in this industry

  69. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan Sharma

    10 uur geleden

    WHO is useless

  70. Stripe263


    10 uur geleden

    Honest question, why is anyone surprised that the countries who bankrolled the development of the Vaccine want to hoard said Vaccine?

  71. Onurb Schrednei

    Onurb Schrednei

    10 uur geleden

    You couldve also mentioned how the US and the UK have in practice an export ban on vaccines. All vaccines in Canada and Israel for example were produced in EU. This is also the reason why the EU is behind the UK and US: while the vaccines produced in EU are being send to the UK (8 million from Biontech alone) and other countries, none of the vaccines produced in Uk are going to EU..

  72. hbbstn


    10 uur geleden

    This video title could also be 'How rich countries accelerated vaccines'

  73. Ian Reynolds

    Ian Reynolds

    10 uur geleden

    The developing world is intentionally stunted for the purpose of profit margins and nationalism.

  74. Inzemam Zahidi

    Inzemam Zahidi

    10 uur geleden

    step 2 - find a workaround and develop a COVAX scam :)

  75. hbbstn


    10 uur geleden

    Well Brazil and India weren't that worried about securing vaccines so you cant blame rich countries for their ignorance.

  76. Angela Lanier

    Angela Lanier

    10 uur geleden

    The intellectual property issue with publicly-funded vaccines deserves its own video and not just a one-liner! Every vaccine manufacturer around the world should be producing COVID vaccines, not just ones with licenses from pharma companies.

  77. Teemo Guides

    Teemo Guides

    10 uur geleden

    Without the rich countries there might not even be a vaccine anyway.

  78. Domenico Bartoccioni

    Domenico Bartoccioni

    11 uur geleden

    Vaccine inequality wasn't born with covid but it is an atavistic problem. Is Vox just waking up now?

  79. Ryan Berg van den

    Ryan Berg van den

    11 uur geleden

    This is the problem with capitalism

  80. Josh


    11 uur geleden

    How is this unfair? The rich countries paid for it do you expect people just give their money away for free you live in a fairy world. So called poorer countries can make their own, it's not like China and Russia didn't hoard their own vaccines first.

  81. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow

    11 uur geleden

    If they didn't try to help and solve the covid issue in all the countries no one is safe even the west.... It because virus don't care u r rich or poor it just spread so if u don't unite and try to stop this as one it going to back fire on u at some point and that's going to be a disaster... Think... . If u don't have life then what u do with the billions....

  82. David Minhvo

    David Minhvo

    11 uur geleden

    Huh Canada my country secured doses 8 times our population i'm canadian i had no idea for what reason guess more is always better

  83. Cosmic INFJ

    Cosmic INFJ

    11 uur geleden

    Aid / friendship

  84. Tears Black

    Tears Black

    11 uur geleden

    My opinion, as a person who's from a third world counrty and is suffering with all theses contaminations and deaths, I do think that China should pay (without asking for any kind of money back later) for 100% free vaccines in the poorer countries. The virus started there and they definitely have monetary savings for doing it without damaging their economy.

  85. Vlad Razym

    Vlad Razym

    11 uur geleden

    As a citizen of Ukraine I want to say Thank you! for all of the rich countries which sponsor vaccines for poor nations. Otherwise there wont be a chance to bit covid by ourselves

  86. Ťøxî Ramesh

    Ťøxî Ramesh

    11 uur geleden

    After someday it will be proved that this pandemic was preplanned. THEN I WILL BE AMAZED

  87. ThaEvicT


    11 uur geleden

    You show so many vaccines, but do not show sputnik V? the only one proven to be without side-effects, said by the governments of Germany and Austria? seems dodgy.

  88. Dahlia AL

    Dahlia AL

    11 uur geleden

    Whoever thought of keeping vaccines to themselves are harming the world and themselves.

  89. All K

    All K

    12 uur geleden

    Poor countries are governed by corrupt politicians

  90. All K

    All K

    12 uur geleden

    Lets blame China for this

  91. Warren Klein

    Warren Klein

    12 uur geleden

    1 All of the vaccines are experimental and will be for many years to come. 2 The rich countries are experimenting with their populations, good for all as long as everyone understands point 1.

  92. urdad69


    12 uur geleden

    Theres always a problem with you... Israel literally made a deal to let themeselves become the guinea pigs of Pfizer while also protecting all of its citizens and literata becoming the first country to come out of the pandemic safely. Either way if you just start distributing vaccines around the world to every country there wont be enough vaccines for any country to reach herd immunity...

  93. Vaskar Gautam

    Vaskar Gautam

    12 uur geleden

    Rich gets richer while poor gets poorer - looks like it's the only reason why COVID was allowed to be a pandemic.

  94. Sergej Harter

    Sergej Harter

    12 uur geleden

    This is like a third party payer system and it is a disaster and there is a difference what you pay and what you get. The next part I do not support these international organisations they are a disaster and a failure like the WHO

  95. Govor Marian Cosmin

    Govor Marian Cosmin

    13 uur geleden

    A bunch of lies

    • Link


      11 uur geleden

      I disagree with the video, but it’s not a bunch of lies....

  96. Bradders -

    Bradders -

    13 uur geleden

    Rich countries pay to develop the vaccine, rich countries pay first to buy the vaccine so ofc they deserve them first

  97. Bradders -

    Bradders -

    13 uur geleden

    UK gov has stated after its own vaccine program is finished it will aid every poorer country on earth with theirs whether its helping administration or helping pay, how could people criticise rich countries for looking after their own country first

  98. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson

    13 uur geleden

    Okay, but without the rich countries making those deals, the vaccines wouldn't have been developed so quickly

  99. schranz tech

    schranz tech

    13 uur geleden

    My country is poor (Serbia), but it somehow managed to offer 4 different types of vaccines for it's citizens (even foreigners from neighboring countries)

  100. Brian Lane

    Brian Lane

    13 uur geleden

    Well without the bilateral deals then we wouldn’t even have a vaccine