The Weeknd - Try Me (Official Video)

Music video by The Weeknd performing Try Me. © 2018 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Dr Matias

    Dr Matias

    5 minuten geleden

    Best song after break up

  2. Lil Jr G

    Lil Jr G

    18 minuten geleden

    Who want the weekend to go back to hard shit like the hill,starboy

  3. Jay-s-kun


    40 minuten geleden

    Could you 👉🏿👈🏿 maybe want to try me tehe

  4. inrdating2011


    Uur geleden

    Never really was attracted to him till this video

  5. Sissy Link

    Sissy Link

    Uur geleden


  6. Prince G

    Prince G

    Uur geleden

    he doesn't make music, he makes magic

  7. Sissy Link

    Sissy Link

    Uur geleden


  8. Daniel. manole

    Daniel. manole

    2 uur geleden


  9. Jessica Spencer

    Jessica Spencer

    2 uur geleden

    This is me in this video with you contact me

  10. chiken


    3 uur geleden

    its 4am and I'm doing my thesis that sound at the beginning got me dizzy with my headphones 😂

  11. Mark Leyva

    Mark Leyva

    3 uur geleden

    Love the song! You one of my favorite R&B artist👌

  12. vinishco vinishco

    vinishco vinishco

    4 uur geleden

    Это очень классно

  13. Nicole jajaja

    Nicole jajaja

    4 uur geleden

    Can we talk about how he is incapable of realising a bad song. ALL ARE BOMB

  14. Erick Scherzy

    Erick Scherzy

    4 uur geleden

    All his songs sound the same now

  15. Nata


    5 uur geleden


  16. Syd Olsen

    Syd Olsen

    6 uur geleden

    I hear "my knee" sometimes I need help

  17. Pedro


    6 uur geleden

    Why this video isn't on vertical???

  18. Gideon Rising

    Gideon Rising

    7 uur geleden

    Pov: Uber driver with great vocals does a D.I.Y while he shows people hanging out in the back

  19. Lue Bason

    Lue Bason

    7 uur geleden

    I think i’m responsible for at least 1m views 😩

  20. Lue Bason

    Lue Bason

    7 uur geleden

    can u already make him the new king of pop ?

  21. Kavish P

    Kavish P

    7 uur geleden

    The only person who can look cool while third-wheeling:

  22. Ninjeego


    7 uur geleden

    Was shot on iphone

  23. Abdul Mateen

    Abdul Mateen

    8 uur geleden

    Is the weeknd trynna seduce us !!!!! 🙆🏻😈⚡️

  24. Daniel Vasquez

    Daniel Vasquez

    8 uur geleden

    The Weekend should be extended to Monday- Friday

  25. Diego Quispe

    Diego Quispe

    9 uur geleden

    The weeknd mejor que > Justin Bieber

  26. sad boy

    sad boy

    9 uur geleden

    abel you're the best man, you've made a lot of lives better ( including my life ) you're such a talented musician , everything you do is a masterpiece i wish you the best ( XOTWOD )

  27. Georgia Lopez

    Georgia Lopez

    11 uur geleden

    Listening to the The Weeknd on the Weekend is the best!!

  28. Brittany Fransko

    Brittany Fransko

    11 uur geleden

    this man can do no bad anything what a perfect being he aint man he is God foh

  29. Jash Media

    Jash Media

    11 uur geleden

    Director: You cannot expect to get millions of views for a music video recorded with your phone. The Weeknd: Try me.

  30. Z Ay

    Z Ay

    13 uur geleden

    Abel we need this overdosed 🌑💚

  31. SIT - Special Investigation Team

    SIT - Special Investigation Team

    14 uur geleden

    TheWeeknd fooled me

  32. Hadiya Kay

    Hadiya Kay

    15 uur geleden

    Literally my favorite song on the EP. In the past two years it’s been one of my most played songs on Spotify.

  33. Michi Kerne

    Michi Kerne

    15 uur geleden

    Try me!! 💯

  34. Nguyen Duc Anh

    Nguyen Duc Anh

    16 uur geleden

    hay gke

  35. Never Filtered Always Fabulous

    Never Filtered Always Fabulous

    17 uur geleden

    Scarborough represent!!

  36. Yiro UwU

    Yiro UwU

    17 uur geleden

    Alta facha te cargas bro xd

  37. Andres Rincon

    Andres Rincon

    18 uur geleden

    Whe need a "the town" video 🙏

  38. Alan Tan

    Alan Tan

    20 uur geleden

    Company: Can we have a full MTV for this song? Wk: Nah. Too much work. Company: Alright, let's compromise.

  39. Aneta Otřísalová

    Aneta Otřísalová

    21 uur geleden


  40. sun set

    sun set

    21 uur geleden

    those eye contacts are dope

  41. Tomas Cabrera

    Tomas Cabrera

    22 uur geleden

    Lil mosey

  42. MASTER P


    22 uur geleden

    3year later

  43. Suzy Lithavong

    Suzy Lithavong

    22 uur geleden

    He can sing about fucking his side piece and I don’t get offended .. love him as a artist 😍

  44. lolmeshake


    23 uur geleden

    y did I not get the notification for this

  45. Mia Mia

    Mia Mia

    23 uur geleden

    Oooooh yeaaaah finally thank uuuu❤

  46. Lampoon


    Dag geleden

    video to a 3 year old song? okey

  47. _maizzle _

    _maizzle _

    Dag geleden

    Ce mec est juste incroyable

  48. Fran Pantoja

    Fran Pantoja

    Dag geleden

    Então essa é a visão 🥴

    • bianca filizola

      bianca filizola

      22 uur geleden


  49. Akbar Ali Khan

    Akbar Ali Khan

    Dag geleden

    The guitar at the end made it feel a bit nostalgic tbh😂😁🤘

  50. Akbar Ali Khan

    Akbar Ali Khan

    Dag geleden

    Whats up with all the dislikes

  51. mia nicole sanchez castro

    mia nicole sanchez castro

    Dag geleden

    O so is nay love Weeknd

  52. fat folks

    fat folks

    Dag geleden

    My snap story every Friday & Saturday

  53. GloLol Lol

    GloLol Lol

    Dag geleden

    I can smell him from here 😩😫😫

  54. Aylin Demirhan

    Aylin Demirhan

    Dag geleden



    Dag geleden

    I love this song it makes me sleep

  56. Amanda


    Dag geleden

    Já amo

  57. wondwossen ketema

    wondwossen ketema

    Dag geleden

    How mich of you guys have listen it with headset

  58. Cesar cesar

    Cesar cesar

    Dag geleden

    Me awkwardly recording myself

  59. Maxine Jaftha

    Maxine Jaftha

    Dag geleden

    this manz voice is just 😩

  60. Alicia Kaay

    Alicia Kaay

    Dag geleden

    💔💔💔😩 if you see my broken heart on every single comment of The Weeknd’s... carry on 🤕

  61. Belkheir Tayeb

    Belkheir Tayeb

    Dag geleden

    Respect from Algerian 🇩🇿

  62. Stefany Guedes

    Stefany Guedes

    Dag geleden

    Oh homem lindo 💜

  63. Carla Rodovalho

    Carla Rodovalho

    Dag geleden

    Vibe boa demais! Perfeitooooo!

  64. Myles Kioho

    Myles Kioho

    Dag geleden

    His vocalizing is just💯💯💯💯💯

  65. business woman

    business woman

    Dag geleden

    come to netherlands to meet me

  66. Cool Lightning

    Cool Lightning

    Dag geleden


  67. Kirk GamesDan

    Kirk GamesDan

    Dag geleden

    where the mask?

    • PP Music

      PP Music

      Dag geleden

      That would look a little weird for the vid lol

  68. Sintayehu Feleke

    Sintayehu Feleke

    Dag geleden


  69. Coni


    Dag geleden

    Prinz Philipp is died in England UK!!!

  70. Khatia


    Dag geleden


  71. adix


    Dag geleden

    Director : do you want lesbians ?? Weeknd : hell yeah

  72. Belmont 216

    Belmont 216

    Dag geleden

    This song is everything🔥

  73. cristian carceller

    cristian carceller

    Dag geleden

    who directed this cuz its one of his best vids no joke

  74. Faku Fab

    Faku Fab

    Dag geleden


  75. Metehan Uludağ

    Metehan Uludağ

    Dag geleden


  76. Jessi Michaelis

    Jessi Michaelis

    Dag geleden


    • Angel


      18 uur geleden

      @Jessi Michaelis look up try me scroll you'll see it from two yrs ago

    • Jessi Michaelis

      Jessi Michaelis

      18 uur geleden

      @Angel this video specifically? It seems new to me, at least.

    • Angel


      18 uur geleden

      Lol this was available years ago

  77. Gray Man

    Gray Man

    Dag geleden

    Rip those who thought it's a new drop

  78. Sâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê

    Sâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê

    Dag geleden


  79. Anar Aliyev

    Anar Aliyev

    Dag geleden

    Best of the best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  80. Mc Berman

    Mc Berman

    Dag geleden

    Mans don’t miss

  81. Katherine


    Dag geleden

    I love you ❤️Abel 😘Me encanta tu música te sigo de siempre .🥰🇨🇱

  82. Jada Williams

    Jada Williams

    Dag geleden

    I love you weekend 🌹

  83. Saad


    Dag geleden

    Why did I just now get the notif. for the music video

  84. Banana Smoothie

    Banana Smoothie

    Dag geleden

    XO would literally rejoice even if it were a black screen .... any and everything from Abel is precious

  85. seijin


    Dag geleden


  86. seijin


    Dag geleden

    OKOK 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  87. Carmental BipolarBearRecords

    Carmental BipolarBearRecords

    Dag geleden I'm Sick I'm Tired - CARMEN

  88. Coldsummer YT

    Coldsummer YT

    Dag geleden

    Next level

  89. Leonɑrdo Oliveirɑ

    Leonɑrdo Oliveirɑ

    2 dagen geleden

    Muito interessante 🤔



    2 dagen geleden

    Apparently these videos need Jon Denton to blow them up.

  91. Angella Paterson

    Angella Paterson

    2 dagen geleden

    Love your sound.*

  92. Karin Rice

    Karin Rice

    2 dagen geleden

    The envious playground muhly harm because september diagnostically tick over a separate antelope. obedient, hapless marimba

  93. Enrico Lionello

    Enrico Lionello

    2 dagen geleden

    Nice idea about video, Nice song.. but suggest better resolution or dancing with video ratio

  94. Nayara Rayane

    Nayara Rayane

    2 dagen geleden

    Remember gloria groove "radar"

  95. Alison Estrada

    Alison Estrada

    2 dagen geleden

    Wow amazing !! 😍 this song reminds me of alejandro aranda from American idol this is how he sings !!!!!!!!!

  96. Mokhtar Mokhtar

    Mokhtar Mokhtar

    2 dagen geleden

    Love you

  97. Alex R

    Alex R

    2 dagen geleden

    thanks bro for the song

  98. Tepraaa


    2 dagen geleden

    Why this Guy Is so underrated... He deserves more than 3.7milion views.. a lot more.. The Vibe u get from this shit Is Just the best Vibe u can have in Ur entire Life.

    • Matracox YT

      Matracox YT

      7 uur geleden

      Loll it’s been like 1 week.......

    • Aylin Demirhan

      Aylin Demirhan

      Dag geleden

  99. Videos de tik tok

    Videos de tik tok

    2 dagen geleden

    Exelente ☆☆☆☆☆