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Apple Is Hiding Something…

Snazzy Labs discusses the 2021 Spring Loaded Event-Apple isn’t telling us the full story…
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Apple kicked off 2021 a bit late with an April 2021 (4/20) event held online. The long fabled AirTag (yeah, it isn’t plural) have been released and the new Find My update in iOS 14.5 is part of Apple’s grand plan to become the de-facto device tracking network. We got a new iPhone 12 in a cute purple color (aww), and we finally got a new Apple TV 4K 6th generation with a redesigned Siri Remote (GOODNESS, GRACIOUS IT WAS ABOUT TIME, EH!?). A long rumored iMac design finally came to fruition with an M1 chip and external power supply (yeah, the design is weird and we talk about that), and then we have the most powerful iPad Pro ever made that exceeds the display performance of any device Apple has ever made. And that’s where things get sus. Apple isn’t telling us something very important about the future of iPad and I theorize what this might be. This isn’t a summary video-it’s an analysis. So kick back and enjoy the ride.
Thumbnail by Richard Waterworth - NLcameras.com/richardtech


  1. Snazzy Labs

    Snazzy Labs

    17 dagen geleden

    Use my special link privateinternetaccess.com/snazzy to get 77% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee!

    • KA l

      KA l

      6 dagen geleden

      I think the chin is there for the classic iMac look. If they removed it not everybody would recognize it as a iMac and there may be confusion by some people. The iMac has had a unique look for all these years and Apple more or less needs to keep it for everybody to instantly know its a Apple product.

    • Alex Dubois

      Alex Dubois

      10 dagen geleden

      I'm getting the iPad pro and will use AWS workspace for what I can't do on it.



      13 dagen geleden

      @Discipulus legis obfuscating and acrimonious comment.

    • Discipulus legis

      Discipulus legis

      13 dagen geleden

      Repetitive and boring video....

    • Billy Forrest

      Billy Forrest

      14 dagen geleden

      I dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPlekt. Just google for it if you wanna try it

  2. Mr Cyborg

    Mr Cyborg

    14 uur geleden

    Hey I found to get rid of the whit bezels of the I Mac Just add black tape For y’all dingus who got mad that apple removed the apple logo on the IMac Just add a apple sticker

  3. Clay Miller

    Clay Miller

    18 uur geleden

    I thought the iPad announcement was cool but I agree, I still use the 2018 gen 3 12.9” iPad Pro for everything related to school and I have no reason to upgrade cause it handles everything fine. Lately some apps have been crashing when I’m doing too much like multi-screen but I don’t think it’s the hardwares fault.

  4. Eric


    20 uur geleden

    I'm not sure why you say "I don't know why he's holding a controller." I've had a mac for thirty years and have played games on it on a daily basis. Just because it doesn't have every game under the sun doesn't mean you can't do gaming on it. Also it's often very easy to just run them through vm.

  5. Jonathan Andrews

    Jonathan Andrews

    Dag geleden

    The keynote was kind of mid bc of the 🖥 tbh and no purple iPhone 12 pro’s.

  6. Hiojios


    Dag geleden

    so he grew a beard?

  7. Elijah Dennis

    Elijah Dennis

    Dag geleden

    Let me tell you something shh pc gamers don’t know about Apple Arcade

  8. First & Last

    First & Last

    2 dagen geleden

    it sounds like your right …  is going to get rid of the old bolted to a desktop-style workflow and migrate all apps to the mobile iPad

  9. Shaner The Grey

    Shaner The Grey

    3 dagen geleden

    I bet snazzy is a douche bag in real life.

  10. Cortney Stetson

    Cortney Stetson

    3 dagen geleden

    Wait, thank you. I’ll just get the new remote. I lost my other one forever ago 😂

  11. obamtl


    3 dagen geleden

    The chin is probably there because of the speakers. I’m not sure I want speakers that powerful behind the a screen from a durability point of view.

  12. Abo Salah

    Abo Salah

    3 dagen geleden

    Samsung makes 1500 nits OLED

  13. benygh911


    3 dagen geleden

    NOPE, that Mini LED display ISN'T made by Apple hehe 😁🙃 (Samsung Actually, isn't that HUMILIATING..?) 😜

  14. Barbara Nostrand

    Barbara Nostrand

    4 dagen geleden

    Yet another "talking head" who ignores major Mac markets and when they have major sales. Right now is the time for Education and Government to make bulk buys and for parents to buy graduation presents.

  15. Folkus On Me

    Folkus On Me

    4 dagen geleden

    omg 😂 honestly thought you were gonna talk about apple hiding something re: the airtags because why do they exist...

  16. Jarhead46


    4 dagen geleden

    I don't watch videos with idiotic link bait titles. Or any other videos by people who do this.

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      4 dagen geleden

      Ok bye chump

  17. Reebs


    4 dagen geleden

    THE IMAC HAS A CHIN FOR A SIMPLE REASON. If they built the form factor as you said, it would like a iPad with a key board and mouse. Not good for product identity. They are trying to differentiate the two. Simple as that.

  18. daghrb6


    4 dagen geleden

    Typical Apple to make some great thing and completely miss the goal on others.. - Lile I would never buy and Ipad Pro because It has incorrect screen ratio for every workload or leasure I would want to get from It, 16:9 is what I want. And for a Pro device It must support USB Plug and Play like Androids' USB OTG.

  19. Siddheshwar Kumbhar

    Siddheshwar Kumbhar

    4 dagen geleden

    Remind me of Samsung Corby!

  20. Ken N

    Ken N

    5 dagen geleden

    I agree, the IPad would be perfect if it had professional software such as final cut, xcode, etc...

  21. Daniel Marchant

    Daniel Marchant

    5 dagen geleden

    Come on apple we want M1 Xgrid

  22. kiel hawkins

    kiel hawkins

    5 dagen geleden

    You know he's holding a controller playing google stadia :)

  23. James Rowe

    James Rowe

    5 dagen geleden

    No. A SLIGHTLY better iPadOS is NOT utilizing the power in the way pros want. Pros are buying Surfaces. You claim “awkward convergence is not the objective” but anything OTHER than just putting a REAL operating system on this iPad; macOS, is just that. No we don’t want features trickled into iPadOS to make an awkward mess of an operating system. WE WANT MACOS ON THIS HARDWARE.

  24. martini


    5 dagen geleden

    get inside me

  25. Zachary Chovan

    Zachary Chovan

    5 dagen geleden

    So what does he think they’re hiding? I’ve watched this video twice and can’t figure it out, lol

  26. Ln6Ec


    5 dagen geleden

    My wife and I bought an Air Tag for our dog’s color. That way, if the dog ever runs away, whoever finds her will know that her owners are douche bags

  27. Somerset Productions

    Somerset Productions

    5 dagen geleden

    the iMac was also probably so thin they couldn't fit in the ethernet jack

  28. Fredrik Avsnes

    Fredrik Avsnes

    5 dagen geleden

    But you u know Oled is for dark roms 😉

  29. ginito


    5 dagen geleden

    You’re just being NEGATIVE about everything for the sake of getting clicks by controversy. You’re not even been critical, just negative. Don’t you think this trillion dollar company, apple, tested everything you’re trying to bash?

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      5 dagen geleden

      What am I being negative about, dingus?

  30. DaRealDunkey


    6 dagen geleden

    The apple terminator tracking the last human with the apple tag in their head

  31. Ben W

    Ben W

    6 dagen geleden

    iPad needs a good docking station, basically so it's a laptop with plenty of ports. -- I think what Apple is trying to do is to merge macOS and iOS. But the lack of ports and a very good system for files (which macOS pretty much has, but iOS doesn't use) we need that in an iPad and in laptops, fi the iPad and iOS are going to merge into macOS. I feel sure Apple is heading toward a unified OS, even if it's not the best fit or best idea. We need the best desktop and laptop features to stay in the OS. That said, at times, I wish I could just write or draw on the screen or use my hand for gestures, but the gestures have gotten so that I don't always know what I'm doing for sure. So we need the best of both worlds and we need choice. Or we need a rethink. Where is that next brilliant, insanely great developer or team or leader, the thinker who can merge software, hardware, industrial design, graphic design, beauty, and simplicity and elegance, into a computer line again? I mean, where is that whiz-kid or team of whiz-kids who will shake up the industry and redefine it, and make apple, Microsoft, and Adobe quake in their boots, because the new stuff is so jawe-droppingly good? We need another Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. (The original Woz is still around. We need him too.)

  32. Ben W

    Ben W

    6 dagen geleden

    I wish Apple would separate the screen and computer and allow expansion for RAM and add more USB and Thunderbolt ports. Keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, printer, ext. hard drive, DVD / Blu-Ray player, headphones, microphone, even with a USB hub, you need more ports for anything that wants to be a powered USB port. I have an old iMac. I doubt I can upgrade any time soon. But eventually, I have to upgrade or get a Windows box. Also, Apple Music needs to allow people to opt out without going into their account to turn it off. Not letting people say No when their budget sucks, not cool, Apple.

  33. Brent M. Rust

    Brent M. Rust

    6 dagen geleden

    The iPod is back... half the viewers say “what’s an iPod?”

  34. Oliver T.

    Oliver T.

    6 dagen geleden

    I really wanna hear when the new 16" MBP will be released - and what the rumored hardware for it is. Been absolutely wanting one since they announced them a couple years back.

  35. Victor Ducloux

    Victor Ducloux

    6 dagen geleden

    Once again I'm surprised by the keen and precise analysis of your videos, and also of the argumented predictions! Continue the great job! If I could share a thought, during the explanations and analysis I would love some other video than the generic apple one's... Maybe some self made illustrations of what you imagine? Have a nice day

  36. André Jaccon

    André Jaccon

    7 dagen geleden

    i bought the tag in AliExpress a long time at go with same feature

  37. Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru

    7 dagen geleden

    iPad Pro would be great as an HDR external monitor with on-the-go capability. Stop being stubborn Apple!

  38. Sven Schubert

    Sven Schubert

    7 dagen geleden

    The things that please Apple Jacks, and that the rest of use have been using for years. Never ceases to amaze.

  39. HtS643KyS6555GxQ3edA


    7 dagen geleden

    How do secure installations/bases block this air tag from transmitting their location?

  40. g2h0


    7 dagen geleden

    nice snowflake!

  41. C H

    C H

    7 dagen geleden

    Airtags are NOTHING like Tile. They use every other iOS device to track them, not GPS like tile. If you don’t understand how the technology works and the significance then don’t report on it. Why do you think why Tile filed something with the Senate against Apple as unfair competition. Tile cannot compete and is total trash compared to airtags.

  42. Chester Money

    Chester Money

    7 dagen geleden

    iPadOS to become MacOS with a touch friendly UI? MacOS certainly has buttons that look like they should be touched 🧐

  43. John Dsl

    John Dsl

    7 dagen geleden

    If someone taps my airtag in the shops .. then they get my contact details ?

  44. Kairo


    7 dagen geleden

    I love the Mac. Looks great!

  45. KeironWaites


    8 dagen geleden

    Seems obvious to me that an AirTag Pro will have wireless charging using the same cable as the Apple Watch.

  46. Technological Elite

    Technological Elite

    8 dagen geleden


  47. Kevin Bradley

    Kevin Bradley

    8 dagen geleden

    The M1 iMac is the first iMac to get my attention since the iMac DV. I’m actually considering getting one for several reasons. I’ve used Mac mini’s for years but I’m honestly tired of monitor cables and speaker cables gunking up my desk. Trading up to an M1 from my Intel i5 would be great, I love the colors, and the all-in-one simplicity really speaks to me.

  48. Desther


    8 dagen geleden

    Disagree that the new iMac is a good deal starting at $1,300 smackeroos. You're paying double the price of an M1 mini with essentially the same innards and better I/O, and getting nothing but a display with a terrible white border around it in return.

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      8 dagen geleden

      Also I never said it was a good deal. I said it was a decent value.

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      8 dagen geleden

      An excellent display, FWIW.

  49. Lightning Gaming

    Lightning Gaming

    8 dagen geleden

    i want that new remote...oh yeah i dont have tv os and i still use the old apple tv

  50. Jonathan Welch

    Jonathan Welch

    8 dagen geleden

    IMac why so small 27 is the standard where I am from

  51. nilton pedrett

    nilton pedrett

    8 dagen geleden

    I think that merge two wolds is the next thing. Visual Studio 2022 is comming to MacOS, think have this powerhouse as a portable workstation, running in a "dex" style when running desktop apps or in tablet fashion when running a tablet app, seamsly switching...



    8 dagen geleden

    Literally a Samsung tag

  53. Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe

    Theo Rouers - Solar E-Bike Touring Europe

    8 dagen geleden

    I subscribed, it was really enjoyable, THX

  54. Luiz Siqueira Neto

    Luiz Siqueira Neto

    8 dagen geleden

    I really liked the iMac design, I found it a real lesson. They were very bold when removing the front Apple logo, they are confident that the design is unique, and I think it is. The chin is brilliant, it creates a unique personality, it is so notorious that the apple logo is unnecessary, it is a masterpiece. The chin in the iMac is like the notch no iPhone, unique.

  55. Mac Maniac

    Mac Maniac

    8 dagen geleden

    I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that apple kept the imac chain. Take it from a pro using imacs for years, apple got it right, you absolutely need the chin! Where else am I to stick my post-its?!

  56. DaniPooo


    8 dagen geleden

    I don't really know why peaople hate on that chin so much. I don't think it's that big of a distraction and hey it gives the machine some identity.

  57. Chris


    8 dagen geleden

    $4k for a 160 nit OLED??? I just paid $3700 for the Sony A90j, 1300 nit peak. Get ur facts straight bro

  58. Nathan Liu

    Nathan Liu

    8 dagen geleden

    4:28 LTT store segway LMAO

  59. James Stonks

    James Stonks

    9 dagen geleden

    what? the previous tv remote is great, whats wrong with it?

  60. Artur


    9 dagen geleden

    They said that they wouldn't bring the touchscreen to the mac, but does it mean they will bring macOS to the iPad?

  61. DarthFN


    9 dagen geleden

    I really really like this new remote.

  62. Titan V8

    Titan V8

    9 dagen geleden

    I have a tile 2 mm better than this I let in the car sometimes I can forgot in the larking place :D

  63. Tomas Villegas

    Tomas Villegas

    9 dagen geleden

    I'm glad the beard is back.

  64. Vincent Keith

    Vincent Keith

    9 dagen geleden

    iTags - congrats. You've just purchased the most advanced tracking device ever invented to track your every move - the data indicating every tiny move you make will be permanent, searchable, and eventually for sale. Awesome.

  65. MalcolmO


    9 dagen geleden

    "... the proper person's owner." ??? You mean Apple? No, Apple's owned too. News flash: The Air Tag connectivity? It's really keeping tabs on the iPhone's owner, or I should say user.

  66. Hacks509


    9 dagen geleden

    And isn’t the iMac just a G3 iMac? The G3 has color matching keyboard and mice. I think they’re just doing a tribute to the G3. But I could be wrong

  67. Tayem Keshk

    Tayem Keshk

    9 dagen geleden

    can you make on ipad pro video of u trying to run Big Sur On the VM you tried before

  68. Wawasjohn


    9 dagen geleden

    I really hate the new screen is only in the big boy ipad. Like would love it in the 11 inch. I don’t want a big laptop like tablet. And the price ouch. In Australia it’s a 700 dollar make up with the bigger screen. I’m currently using a iPad Air 2” so I’m due for an upgrade. But I think im stuck with the smaller pro or the iPad Air that came out last year. Is thunderbolt really needed?

  69. Eric Lewis

    Eric Lewis

    9 dagen geleden

    Id like to see you loose some air tags and see if people are honest and return them. Leave them random places.

  70. itaiosu


    9 dagen geleden


  71. whoshotdk


    9 dagen geleden

    Someone needs to stuff a battery into an M1 iMac and replace the screen with a touch sensitive one. With a custom (magnetic) stand, it'd be an awesome uber iPad AND a desktop running Mac OS.

  72. Chris


    10 dagen geleden

    19:21 I think your LG OLED tv can sustain greater than 168 nits lol

  73. Nomadic


    10 dagen geleden

    I just watched the vis where the "genius" broke your mac pro and you look so much different!

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      10 dagen geleden

      I’m old now lol

  74. Edwin Schaap

    Edwin Schaap

    10 dagen geleden

    “It’s not offered in space gray, so it’s not a professional machine.” 😂🤣 You got yourself a new subscriber.

    • XOX


      3 dagen geleden

      90% of apple products then unless you choose rose gold

  75. Avery Comer

    Avery Comer

    10 dagen geleden

    I’ve had an Apple TV for years and I never knew until today that you could hold down the TV button to turn off your TV 😑

  76. M Latief

    M Latief

    10 dagen geleden

    I like your version much better hahahah

  77. Roy Eastham

    Roy Eastham

    10 dagen geleden

    Get your lips off Google's butt... Google is so nosy... probably gives info directly to Biden administration...whom I don't want up in my business! I worship Jesus... which pisses off Joe!

    • Snazzy Labs

      Snazzy Labs

      10 dagen geleden

      What the hell are you talking about?

    • Roy Eastham

      Roy Eastham

      10 dagen geleden

      Apple ain't corrupt and as nosy or sharing my info with Biden... even under subpoena!

  78. Dinowarrior21


    10 dagen geleden

    Wow look I can beat the system its called a mallet and knief. I can cut off the AirTag tracker, smash it, toss it in the ocean then loot the bag and sell it to a pawn shop or ebay.

  79. Massimo Fiorentino

    Massimo Fiorentino

    10 dagen geleden

    FYI, the AppleTV calibration is also featured on the "old" 4K version now after the recent update. Yet, if you have a calibrated television, or if you are using Dolby Vision (not sure what criteria it is using and how it can detect it), it tells you that you won't need it and won't initiate the calibration.

  80. Sean Goldstrohm

    Sean Goldstrohm

    10 dagen geleden

    I keep thinking that the new iMac would not look out of place at an IKEA…

  81. James Nemo

    James Nemo

    10 dagen geleden

    Man I just love the way you breakdown Apple's releases. I'm a big fan myself, I have a £5.5k MacBook Pro for video editing, iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro, Airpods Pro & Apple TV. And AirTags are certainly something I'd look into and would love to know more about them. I have about £10k worth of camera kit I could do with keeping tabs on so the concept of tracking them is a great idea where I could hide one inside the lining of camera bags etc. So yeah! A video would be helpful. Thanks!

  82. garsmack1


    10 dagen geleden

    I thought what I think should be pushed is an iPad Pro that can dual boot to PadOS or Mac OS when docked with a keyboard. Makes more sense if it had the power of a laptop computer to be able to run as a laptop computer. I’ve been telling my wife to hold off on buying her new computer or iPad until they come out with this rumored move. What’s the holdup?

  83. Ryand0523


    10 dagen geleden

    How much of an improvement will this iPad Pro be over the original iPad Pro? Released back in 2016 or 2017, I think. I may buy this version but that depends on how well the iPad can play HDR movies, with its locally dimming screen, but I will wait for reviews before I buy, but it is looking likely that I will buy a new iPad this year. Though I should also ask does this mean their will be no new ipad announced at Apple’s iPhone event generally in September, for if their will be I’d prefer to wait to see what Apple may release then.

  84. Ragekage


    10 dagen geleden

    You should get a consultation job at Apple

  85. Gz senpai

    Gz senpai

    10 dagen geleden

    8:33 I really hope that's the case cause it's the only thing that will make me spend money on apple if they don't fuck it up that is.

  86. Lyd Far

    Lyd Far

    10 dagen geleden

    Will the new remote be able to control volume and mute on the Apple TV itself? I can only get my remote to control volume on my TV, which is a PITA because of my speaker setup. I don't understand why I can't program the remote to control volume on the Apple TV. I'm I missing something? Hope it makes sense? 😊

  87. Or Harel

    Or Harel

    10 dagen geleden

    Its such an amazing marketing strategy: Apple take us step by step to understand that we miss the combination of an iPad and a Mac. Each and every time they get us closer to it and make us understand that we need it and also educate us on how we should use a device that isn't exist yet (The matching icons and UI in both iOS & MacOS). Amazing.

  88. m4mario


    11 dagen geleden

    I don’t sub to more tech youtubers anymore, but you’ve earned a sub.

  89. The Kingdom

    The Kingdom

    11 dagen geleden

    You might as well do a video on AirTags, everyone else will. I totally agree with you about the Apple TV remote. I can't wait to start using the new larger remote with MUTE & TV on/off buttons.

  90. Casey Dillard

    Casey Dillard

    11 dagen geleden

    Nice summary of the event, Kano.

  91. Franco Barbagallo

    Franco Barbagallo

    11 dagen geleden

    If apple made a product like Microsoft surface book 3 I’d buy it in a second at whatever price they ask Rigid solid base with laptop keyboard Detachable iPad like screen

  92. C G

    C G

    11 dagen geleden

    Well you’re gonna like WWDC this year

  93. CA Driver

    CA Driver

    11 dagen geleden

    Is excessive swap (10GB+) really OK? It bothers me from an environmental aspect that my 16GB M1 Mini is swapping so much. Soldered SSD :( Love that it runs so cool on the other hand. My iMac Pro required a lot more AC in my studio.

  94. Graham Gibby

    Graham Gibby

    11 dagen geleden

    So, Apple Remote 2021= Amazon Fire Remote c. 2008?

  95. Matt Snyder

    Matt Snyder

    11 dagen geleden

    I really just wanna be able to thunderbolt an iPad to a MacBook and take advantage of both chipsets at once.

  96. Erik Rognerud

    Erik Rognerud

    11 dagen geleden


  97. MadBird


    11 dagen geleden

    Well the $449 accessory actually surprisingly includes a airtag:) good deal if u ask me...

  98. nin6246


    11 dagen geleden

    Apple sucks in almost every way, especially in regards to consumer freedom and choice.

  99. Baraka Andrew

    Baraka Andrew

    11 dagen geleden

    Just say it, you want macOS on the iPad. That would be a killer and honestly I’ll buy both without hesitation.

  100. Nathaniel Crowell

    Nathaniel Crowell

    11 dagen geleden

    APPLE SUS!!!!!!!!!! AMONGUS