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  1. TheDetonator42


    2 uur geleden

    ProZD: Sophie move. Sophie: YOU DARE COMMAND ME, FOOLISH HUMAN?

  2. N o

    N o

    20 uur geleden

    Alinity is about to walk in careful

  3. Collserra


    22 uur geleden

    When he zoomed in I realized the cat wasn't looking at the screen with interest But staring them dead in the eyes

  4. Bored_ Person

    Bored_ Person

    23 uur geleden


  5. A refrigerator

    A refrigerator

    Dag geleden

    Prozd: he's just standing there menacingly

  6. Gerald Fitzgerald

    Gerald Fitzgerald

    Dag geleden

    Why is Sophie the cat version of Mr Popo

  7. MrHyde


    Dag geleden

    When you are idle during the escaping part of a mission

  8. gweaver2006


    Dag geleden

    Legend says sophie, to this day, hasn’t moved

  9. Blazieth


    Dag geleden

    This is not a foe you can negotiate with, my man. Take it from another Cat Papa.

  10. Ghost _141

    Ghost _141

    Dag geleden

    Legend has it Sophie still hasn’t moved

  11. anyjen


    Dag geleden

    Leyend has it that Sophie is in front of the TV to this day.

  12. Hazmi Rasid

    Hazmi Rasid

    2 dagen geleden


  13. Claire Kaplan

    Claire Kaplan

    2 dagen geleden

    Try saying it again, I think it might work this time.

  14. elliewellie


    2 dagen geleden

    I love how she's just a little cross-eyed

  15. Amy Lee

    Amy Lee

    2 dagen geleden

    sophie looks exactly like my cat.

  16. EthnicPlumberGirl


    2 dagen geleden

    The worst part is if he tried to move her himself, Sophie would've clawed the spot she's sitting in and inevitably kicked the TV, just like all cats.

  17. Nacho Bro

    Nacho Bro

    2 dagen geleden

    "Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?"

  18. Chad Electrobulge, Thot Slayer

    Chad Electrobulge, Thot Slayer

    2 dagen geleden

    Cat thinks that she is a villager, 2021 4k HD colorized

  19. A F

    A F

    2 dagen geleden

    But she's so cute!!! :'D also, besides her eye color, she looks very much like my cat, Bear :) he is also fluffy and black minus a random spot of white fur under his belly

  20. DarkStory Studio

    DarkStory Studio

    2 dagen geleden

    Sophie- No...I won't, you canot make me ever..

  21. Hyperion


    2 dagen geleden

    Plot Twist: She didn't move.

  22. Christopher Rollins

    Christopher Rollins

    2 dagen geleden

    move sophie

  23. Some dude named Moss

    Some dude named Moss

    2 dagen geleden

    Why'd he give his cat a human name?

  24. mango


    2 dagen geleden

    you own a shape

  25. Sophie Speliopoulos

    Sophie Speliopoulos

    2 dagen geleden

    Just found my new alarm clock sound thank you

  26. william mckinley

    william mckinley

    2 dagen geleden

    she's just standing there menacingly

  27. Camera Man

    Camera Man

    3 dagen geleden

    Yes I totally agree

  28. Ducky Momo

    Ducky Momo

    3 dagen geleden

    Hang on SungWon... I almost watch all your entire contents.

  29. Justin Yang

    Justin Yang

    3 dagen geleden

    The amount of views this man gets is inversely proportional to the length of the video

  30. mini luigi

    mini luigi

    3 dagen geleden

    This is what all my cats do



    3 dagen geleden

    Sophie move

  32. Rowcan


    3 dagen geleden

    Sophie: _dial up noises_

  33. Johnny Carcinogen

    Johnny Carcinogen

    3 dagen geleden

    Well...? Did she?

  34. Krzysztof Karpiński

    Krzysztof Karpiński

    3 dagen geleden

    Please make more skits.

  35. Oblithian


    3 dagen geleden

    "This is what you guys do right just stare over here for hours. NOW I am the center of attention"

  36. Rokechi Kan

    Rokechi Kan

    3 dagen geleden

    I love black cats, because they look like a blob of darkness that looks vaguely like a cat

  37. Cwunchy


    3 dagen geleden

    rude of you to tell her to move in HER house

  38. Sara Remi

    Sara Remi

    3 dagen geleden

    Sophie: 🧎🏼‍♀️

  39. Tomodachi


    3 dagen geleden

    Villagers don't move when sat. The cat isn't moving when sat....Sophie is a villager *C O N F I R M E D*

  40. lost things

    lost things

    3 dagen geleden

    Love this Howl's Moving Castle rp

  41. Redlin5


    3 dagen geleden


  42. master chief

    master chief

    3 dagen geleden

    Dafuq I thought she was looking at screen. Until he zoomed in

  43. GameTheVideo


    3 dagen geleden

    I love how his videos that get the most views are the ones that are less than a minute. Meanwhile he puts out in depth boardgame reviews and pokemon rankings which are awesome and they have much less :( Love your content though dude!

  44. White Dragon

    White Dragon

    3 dagen geleden

    Is that cat even alive?!

  45. PapiCholow


    3 dagen geleden

    Sophie : the cat that cant be moved

  46. Vixencat


    3 dagen geleden

    I'm not moving

  47. Mittens


    3 dagen geleden

    My irl name is Sophie 0_0

  48. Cascade Hellsing

    Cascade Hellsing

    3 dagen geleden

    Your animal just didn't want to cross

  49. Natalie Wegscheider

    Natalie Wegscheider

    4 dagen geleden

    The NLcameras Algorythm is getting weirder. I think it´s trying to say something. I am on the hunt for clues - oh the URL ends in poo

  50. Lucky Fox

    Lucky Fox

    4 dagen geleden

    Why did I get the notification for this 3 days after it was posted instead of 3 days ago? I already saw this 3 days ago from my recommended. Their cats are adorable and I need to get notified immediately if they're starring in a ProZD video

  51. joshguy27


    4 dagen geleden

    Literally my cat

  52. sophia marhx

    sophia marhx

    4 dagen geleden

    No. I don't think i will.

  53. E Dab

    E Dab

    4 dagen geleden

    Should’ve turned your subtitles on, she doesn’t speak English.

  54. IAteItGuy


    4 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, the common house cat in its natural habitat. Wherever you happen to be paying attention.

  55. Space Moth

    Space Moth

    4 dagen geleden

    Sung won: Sophie, move Sophie: I don't feeeeel like it

  56. ねこみくん


    4 dagen geleden

    She's jealous of the village animals cause they're getting all the attention lol

  57. Cowboy Kunckles

    Cowboy Kunckles

    4 dagen geleden

    That cat apart of the Tv in crossing it a new feature

  58. Espeon804


    4 dagen geleden

    Nah that's her new spot.

  59. Freak Zilla

    Freak Zilla

    4 dagen geleden

    He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!

  60. Oxybe


    4 dagen geleden

    "Your charms and curses hold no sway over me, warlock of a thousand voices, so says the Great and Floofy Sophie!"

  61. AkameGaKillfan777


    4 dagen geleden

    At least you didn't call it a stupid idiot like Alpharad did

  62. vit


    4 dagen geleden

    *I just love black cats because only they can pull off silhouettes like this.*

  63. CasualTwist51


    4 dagen geleden

    The void says "make me"

  64. Kicapan Manis

    Kicapan Manis

    4 dagen geleden

    *"I'M BATMAN"*

  65. Mike Rotch

    Mike Rotch

    4 dagen geleden

    My dog is named Sophie lol

  66. Dial E For Eggs

    Dial E For Eggs

    4 dagen geleden

    That’s a weird Egg

  67. Ryū Youkai

    Ryū Youkai

    4 dagen geleden

    He sounds like aizawa : )

  68. Ryū Youkai

    Ryū Youkai

    4 dagen geleden

    The 4th wall has been broken by sophie

  69. Sop


    4 dagen geleden

    I've never seen my name on so many comments before. thanks Sophie

  70. Laurent Vic

    Laurent Vic

    4 dagen geleden

    ProZD: "sophie move" Sophie: "who are you, mere mortal, dare to command me, a higher being than you?"

  71. Jona


    4 dagen geleden

    ProZD: "Sophie move" Sophie: *Lost in the eternal pit of darkness*

  72. EndeRedCreeper543


    4 dagen geleden

    The void has denied your request

  73. DStar Lugia

    DStar Lugia

    4 dagen geleden

    legends are being told that ProZD still continues to tell "spohie move" till the very end of time

  74. akesi Inari

    akesi Inari

    4 dagen geleden

    sophie move

  75. Mr Krunch

    Mr Krunch

    4 dagen geleden

    ProZD: Sophie, move. Sophie: Checkmate

  76. LaBirb Boi

    LaBirb Boi

    4 dagen geleden

    imagine seeing to eye balls in a dark room thats how i see it when seeing ProZD’s cat

  77. BiggyDrake


    4 dagen geleden

    I hope Sophie moved.

  78. Guusje Warmenhoven

    Guusje Warmenhoven

    4 dagen geleden

    New update: a giant black cat called sophie on your island

  79. Tensin14


    4 dagen geleden

    I think I saw her ear move a little

  80. chinchy111


    4 dagen geleden

    You have to say sophie dont move and she will move

  81. StuffAnimations


    4 dagen geleden

    took me a while to realise she was front facing

  82. indoraptor 135

    indoraptor 135

    4 dagen geleden

    I feel this

  83. Miles W

    Miles W

    4 dagen geleden

    Sungwon: Sophie move Sophie: *my goals are beyond your understanding*

  84. Skiffee


    4 dagen geleden

    You gotta hit her with that "Pspspspspspsps"

  85. Heather Fuller

    Heather Fuller

    4 dagen geleden

    Me with my cat all the time

  86. Sarcastic Guy

    Sarcastic Guy

    4 dagen geleden

    *ProZD:* Sophie, you're blocking the view. *Sophie:* sounds like a you problem

  87. Englisc Fuhsaz

    Englisc Fuhsaz

    4 dagen geleden

    ProZD: sophie move Sophie: /\ /\ 👁 👁 \ | \ __ | \ | U U \

  88. tones


    4 dagen geleden

    why don't u just move the TV, how inconsiderate of u

  89. LilianIris


    4 dagen geleden

    Legend to this day says that Sophie still hasn't moved...

  90. The Mew

    The Mew

    4 dagen geleden

    I think he wants her to move

  91. Hamburger Cheezeburger

    Hamburger Cheezeburger

    4 dagen geleden

    My cat does this too. Especially when law and order comes on. My brother always says "there's a cat in the court room."

  92. NerotheHuman


    4 dagen geleden

    ProZD: Sophie move Sophie: *Deep in Thought* Was orange a color or a fruit first?

  93. Absolutely Nothing

    Absolutely Nothing

    4 dagen geleden

    Her eyes are pointing in different directions

  94. mya p

    mya p

    4 dagen geleden

    typical cat wont move haha no matter what u say

  95. Zach


    4 dagen geleden

    She's trying to tell you to do something about your flowers, they're taking over your entire island

  96. Dman2456


    5 dagen geleden

    That’s funny my sisters cat is named Sophie and she doesn’t like to listen either

  97. Will Bowden

    Will Bowden

    5 dagen geleden

    The Royal Crown is worth 1.2 Million Bells

  98. Matthew Spurlock

    Matthew Spurlock

    5 dagen geleden

    Sofi looks like she’s having a nam flashback

  99. Raymond Biskner

    Raymond Biskner

    5 dagen geleden

    Leave it to a Cat to find a way to become MORE STATIONARY out of spite.

  100. Viktor kjong-Johnsen

    Viktor kjong-Johnsen

    5 dagen geleden