Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy - Beauty Explained

It’s hard to define what makes something beautiful, but we seem to know beauty when we see it. Why is that and how does beauty affect our subconscious?
This video was a collaboration with the creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh as a contribution to their upcoming Beauty exhibition at the MAK Vienna from October 23rd onwards. If you want to learn more about the impact of beauty and see tons of gorgeous installations and multi-media objects, go check it out on www.mak.at/en_sagmeister_walsh
The Beauty exhibition will also be shown in the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt from May 11th till September 15th.
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      One poo poo o9o

    • Mahmoud Elmougy

      Mahmoud Elmougy

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    • Mahmoud Elmougy

      Mahmoud Elmougy

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    I find beauty beautiful

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    Functionality first, beauty second.

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    "beauty is a core function of our world we can not get rid of it"

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      Elliot B Rouleau

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      I am defeated once again

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    Excellent doc!

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    So, if a narcisist looks at himself, is he living better than a normal person?

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    Noé Champot

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    "Beauty is a very human experience" but animals also work with beauty in most case

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    silent poopbeam

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    Techinicaly a cup isnt beautiful your perception of it is beautiful



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    Thank you Kurzgesagt! …for saving us from Joe Rogan

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    I'm a doctor and actually I learned really good insights from this video, I appreciated it.

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    Mehmet Ali AKSOY

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    my girlfriend is also beautiful but she always make me sad

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    What different types of people find beautiful: Normal: anything Nerds: pencil, paper, numbers, school, books Cool: Expensive Things Loney: Dark, tears Happy: Sun Creepy: Night Bored: Nothing Curious: Answers Gamers: Games, game controler Rich: Gold Potterheads (Harry Potter fan): Harry Potter Explorers: Jungles, sea, new weird places to go, danger Pet lovers: Pets Mysterious: Questions about him/her from other who never get answers NLcamerasrs: NLcameras, videos, subscribers, phone, computer Unknow personality:🤷🏻‍♀️

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    E = MC^2 and virus sperm Virus sperm are extremely sophisticated, virus sperm nuclear decay 1 neutron create 91, 8 voltage create energy for sperm to swim, the function of viral sperms is to generate electricity for cells human. E = MC^2 does not gene rate energy for the cells

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    Thạnh Phạm

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    The Wonderful World of Smartphones

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    The beginning scene of the video reminds me of a book I read as a kid.

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    Эстетическое наслаждение есть наслаждение низшего порядка. И потому высшее эстетическое наслаждение оставляет неудовлетворённость. Даже, чем выше эстетическое наслаждение, тем большую оно оставляет неудовлетворённость. Всё хочется чего-то ещё и ещё. И без конца. Полное удовлетворение даёт только нравственное благо. Тут полное удовлетворение - дальше ничего не хочется и не нужно.

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  40. SundishMelonFarm


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    4:17 To all aspiring/practicing architects and artists whose work is meant for display in public places: This does *not* mean people want to live in, work in or be otherwise involuntarily confronted with "provocative" and/or "bold" (post)modern experiments in or statements on aesthetics or architecture. Your work will have a tangible effect on the lives of hundreds, thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of people who will see it on a daily basis. Please make your work a force for good by taking your impact on their fate into deep consideration. One Tour Montparnasse and one Boston City Hall are enough.

  45. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

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    The first thing people judge you by is your appearance. Just a reality.

  46. Powah Wave

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    But some people hate beautiful things

  47. Saurabh Sharma

    Saurabh Sharma

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    Akshay Kumar : dekho papa mai kise laya hun (comes in with his wife) Ranjeet : Beauty ! Beauty ! Beauty Akshay Kumar : (shouts) PAPA !! ye aapki bahu hai Ranjeet : (stepping backwards) Beti ! Beti ! Beti ! . . P.S. - Just a joke

  48. Scion of Dorn

    Scion of Dorn

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and beholder's have disintegration rays, so I wouldn't argue with one.

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    I'm theAlienHinding in area51&my friends left me

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    Lucas Solare

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    • I'm theAlienHinding in area51&my friends left me

      I'm theAlienHinding in area51&my friends left me

      17 dagen geleden

      Nope, it's just your thinking. Everyone is beautiful.

  54. joe


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    cavemen: hehe this looks cool archeologists: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHY DID YOU MAKE IT THIS WAY WHAT

  55. Curly Genius

    Curly Genius

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    I wish more people were focused on the beauty of this world. Why should we suffer everyday.

  56. Curly Genius

    Curly Genius

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  63. Verbugter Herr der Dunkelheit

    Verbugter Herr der Dunkelheit

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    As an art student, the more I could describe why something looked beautiful (form, color, light, composition, etc.) said paintings looked more beautiful as well.

  64. mister Knister

    mister Knister

    21 dag geleden

    Beauty not only exist in visual impressions (symmetry, order, health) but also in the art of arranging tones (music) or in the art of using spoken and written language. just saying

  65. Dan B

    Dan B

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    Guinea Pig Everyday

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    Talk about beauty and happiness, thats what this video is, and it makes me happy. The animation is always so exquisite with that great narration too, it just makes you happy watching it.

  67. Everlasting Rain

    Everlasting Rain

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    in a nutshell, live in Kyoto and you'll be fine

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    Juliana Moraes

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    But ugly things make me happier than beautiful things

    • I'm theAlienHinding in area51&my friends left me

      I'm theAlienHinding in area51&my friends left me

      17 dagen geleden

      Then they're not ugly. Beauty is subjective.

  76. Le Cynical Fox

    Le Cynical Fox

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  77. Random Gamer

    Random Gamer

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    Explains why I collect round and well shaped random pebbles everytime I visit riverside.

  78. Ivan GRANID

    Ivan GRANID

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    golden Ratio is Fake

  79. Ivan GRANID

    Ivan GRANID

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    Beauty dont realy exist, it's just a meme

  80. Absalom zou

    Absalom zou

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    huh maybe that's why looking at hot girls makes me happy.

  81. Vallinayakam Somasundaram

    Vallinayakam Somasundaram

    29 dagen geleden

    that's why when I play with Legos I always look for odd numbered blocks because of symmetry

  82. Eli Seo

    Eli Seo

    Maand geleden

    So The Sims was on to something then...

  83. Nathnl Clldo

    Nathnl Clldo

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    I just want to thank this channel because when my day is bad, it makes me happy and the feeling like i escaped the reality.

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    Nicho Arsyad

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    This video falls within the purview of my conundrums of philosophy.

  86. dakki.dreamer


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    ahaha no wonder im so depressed and anxious, the flesh vessel in which i exist doesnt match The Aesthetic™

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    Green Learning

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    i like fancy stuff because it satisfies me

  90. Brodie Knight

    Brodie Knight

    Maand geleden

    I think all these studies only serve to turn something real, which is inherently obvious and relatable, into ambiguous and unconvincing statistics. I don't believe we should put so much importance on data, especially when talking about beauty, happiness, love, and those things which serve as effectively the only reasons we don't all just kill ourselves. Somehow our society has managed to convince itself that feelings are unimportant, which absolutely bewilders me. What is more important than feelings? What reason is there to live aside from feelings? None, I say. Work, obligations, responsibilities, goals. These are all just problems that could be instantly solved by dying. The experience of feelings is the only thing that makes life worth it, and it should be enough for us.

  91. Lost Potato

    Lost Potato

    Maand geleden

    Did...... did I just watch a kruzgesagt video and NOT get an existential crisis

  92. Nick


    Maand geleden

    Thankyou for the video ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Sordatos


    Maand geleden

    Meanwhile my city is ugly as a old and ill mule..

  94. jellyfish


    Maand geleden

    after hard days, I feel alive when I go for jogging along the lakeside near my house. that time is just so precious for me! the cold air u breathe in and the feeling as u run till out of breath.. sometimes I can see cute animals in the lake. then, I say 'hi' to them and just giggle. some ppl might say I'm silly but l also love running in the rain. there is no one except me, which means I don't have to care people that bother me in a daily life. all I can feel are just the movements of my feet, the smell of rain, serenity in the nature and my wet clothes. if u read it all, u can probably understand what I said at first. it really makes me feel alive, so if u usually use a treadmill, try running in the outer world. it's ok not in the nature, but also the street u usually walk down may be fine, too! running through ppl in the big city and watching their various life styles for a short momment will give u a great sight. 💗

  95. Sinan Bozkurt

    Sinan Bozkurt

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  96. Kelly Malcolm

    Kelly Malcolm

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    The two bell phylogenitically recognise because wrist prospectively observe save a murky robert. harsh, adaptable farmer

  97. Storytime Zombeh

    Storytime Zombeh

    Maand geleden

    When my father showed me gold and told me its value I felt nothing but when I see a beautiful cloud passing during sunset I chased after it just to take a glimpse. Yes, beauty makes us happy.

  98. Survival of the Fittest -only truth

    Survival of the Fittest -only truth

    Maand geleden

    If the same we will say in public life, people will term us RACIST, SEXIST and what not !! (I consider we should down people by our words ) Symmetrical & proportional attributes really make you feel good.

  99. Luciano Toguetani

    Luciano Toguetani

    Maand geleden

    I would love to share this channel with a friend of mine. But unfortnatly he doesnt understand english 🙁

  100. Lavl2001


    Maand geleden

    a symmetrical face is more likely to be fertile, a beautiful elk more is likely to be healthy and therefore good for us to eat, while a rotten plant won’t be; patients in good-looking hospitals show quicker improvements than patients in ugly hospitals