My First Week with Booger (EMOTIONAL)

Watch me get Booger:
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** you all saw when I got a dog but this is my first week with booger and when I say it got emotional, I simply mean that my stone cold black heart cannot handle the amount of cuteness booger gives off. im thinking about it typing this sentence and am starting to shake so im gonna go but ENJOY!!!!!!
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  1. Megan Sullivan

    Megan Sullivan

    Uur geleden

    i was smiling this WHOLE VIDEO

  2. Amanda A

    Amanda A

    5 uur geleden

    Please keep posting with her and about her, she is so perfect!

  3. Amanda A

    Amanda A

    5 uur geleden

    Oh my gosh this just made me so happy!

  4. Val Nadeau

    Val Nadeau

    5 uur geleden

    The joys of a dog is definitely getting out more. It's amazing. She's beautiful and your awesome!

  5. Gina Hulsey

    Gina Hulsey

    7 uur geleden

    When dogs play by themselves it’s a sign of intelligence

  6. Yanira Kleinsasser

    Yanira Kleinsasser

    9 uur geleden

    We adopted a dog from Nepal who is 7, she was getting stoned to death and lived on the streets.. We've had her 3 years now and she still stiffens up and gets all small and scared if we touch her hips and butt.. theres nothing wrong with her but yeah. I cried for months every time I accidentally pet too far down her back! Shes still opening up but its so true. Its so rewarding and soooo emotional 😢 We had 7 rescue babies, but one got ran over but a speeding car 😭😭😭😭

  7. Emely Martinez

    Emely Martinez

    10 uur geleden

    The fact that you can see her blossom makes me soo happy ugh love her

  8. Alex Cane

    Alex Cane

    10 uur geleden

    Your honeslty such a mood that's what I'm going to be like when I get my new budgie 😂

  9. Rose


    16 uur geleden

    Chris you better get her a Plush Ball Pillow bed from Chewy. My dogs are literally obsessed with it and I steal it from them sometimes 😏

  10. Sunande Smith

    Sunande Smith

    19 uur geleden

    i want a dog so much, like I can’t wait to move to a place that allows dogs



    23 uur geleden

    I died when she knocked your glasses off 💀

  12. Bobbie Buckle

    Bobbie Buckle

    Dag geleden

    She needs a big big boy bed

  13. Natalie decher

    Natalie decher

    Dag geleden

    When Booger finds out what her name means: 😟😔

  14. Kinsley Henderson

    Kinsley Henderson

    Dag geleden

    I need weekly booger vlogs lol

  15. Stephanie Grover

    Stephanie Grover

    Dag geleden

    Get Kong items!! Pitties run through cheap toys!

  16. Shay


    Dag geleden

    Omfg. My puppy's face was all up in my phone when Booger was playing with her squeaky toy. She whole ass pounced on it. 😩 she was like "what the fuck? Where is this coming from?" Can I play? Is that my friend?"

  17. Jessica K

    Jessica K

    2 dagen geleden

    dare i say.... craft vid of making her toys & a bed? if you have a mattress topper or other comfy stuff (even clothes!) you wanna get rid of you could totally stuff or sew into a blanky or other fabric/sheets. or making treats! sooo many vids but more importantly soooo many things for lil boogie!!

  18. Ally Son

    Ally Son

    2 dagen geleden

    The level of excitement over so little makes me so happy. Reminds me of my first rescue. Everything was amazing. My rescue was a former mama dog too. They are so sweet/mellow then they can be goofballs. Congrats!! She needs a prettier collar though or else everyone thinks she’s a boy. Trust me. My dog had those insecurities too-give it time. You got this. It’s amazing when you get to the place where they never flinch/react. The trust feels like the most amazing gift. By the way glasses/hats can make dogs reactive. They have weird visual things. Read that in a training book. And my dog was an immense chewer. I finally found a yellow bone are target she couldn’t destroy!

  19. Katharine A

    Katharine A

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh she thikk

  20. Holly Amber

    Holly Amber

    2 dagen geleden

    Your relationship with Booger is already giving me immense joy. Bless this love story a thousand times over

  21. Jamie F.

    Jamie F.

    3 dagen geleden

    Chris Your adorable

  22. rebecca haney

    rebecca haney

    3 dagen geleden

    i’m gathering that andrew sleeps a lot lol

  23. Sabrina Quant

    Sabrina Quant

    3 dagen geleden

    Love how much love you're giving hers

  24. Maria V

    Maria V

    3 dagen geleden

    ooooo you can flyyyyyy! 🤣

  25. Amanda Sondergaard

    Amanda Sondergaard

    4 dagen geleden

    I started giving her virtual nose boops when she sniffed the camera 😅 she’s the cutest thing ever!

  26. GoGirl311


    4 dagen geleden

    Order from Chewey!!! We buy so many fun furbaby stuff for our 3 in our pack....and theyre alway on time, and we save so much $$ for ordering what we do.....we're obsessed with our Sky, Hercules, And Xena....who is spoiled and so super smart! Aldo our dogs love thus 1 toy i call the blue ball toy....we just ordered 4 more lol

  27. Cullen Denny

    Cullen Denny

    4 dagen geleden

    you put her harness on backwards... the hook should be on her back. you can harm the dog for putting the harness on incoreectly. i mean no shade. i love you chris and i want to make sure booger lives her best life

  28. Thatzefguy


    4 dagen geleden

    There are few things in this world that match the feeling of having a pet, especially a rescue, ESPECIALLY a pit. It's so lovely to see you bonding, I wish you both a fantastic life journey together!!

  29. Kristina Rodriguez

    Kristina Rodriguez

    5 dagen geleden

    her personality is humongous

  30. Kristina Rodriguez

    Kristina Rodriguez

    5 dagen geleden

    i have never seen such a better representation of me w my dog. PLZ MORE BOOGER CONTENT

  31. Mikaツ


    5 dagen geleden

    not to be dramatic or anything but id die for booger and her snores

  32. Molly B

    Molly B

    5 dagen geleden

    This is the most wholesome video. Chris needed this baby and I think booger needed him❤️

  33. lifeafterthenicu account

    lifeafterthenicu account

    5 dagen geleden

    Mother Chris I am living for, the content is chefs kiss

  34. Cosette DeMille

    Cosette DeMille

    6 dagen geleden

    Love u bro but change the intro up

  35. alex valencia

    alex valencia

    6 dagen geleden

    I would die for booger 🥺

  36. Ramie Burtis

    Ramie Burtis

    6 dagen geleden

    Andrew sleeps too much. I'm also obsessed with Booger!

  37. Rosa bella

    Rosa bella

    6 dagen geleden

    You’re such a wonderful guardian to Booger. God bless you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. crystal99


    6 dagen geleden

    12:11 Alright who cutting oinions ? 🥺❤️

  39. maria svedberg

    maria svedberg

    6 dagen geleden

    She is so beautiful and she looked and (sounded 😂) so safe when you filmed her sleeping on your bed. It made me tear up ❤️

  40. Rubie Luna

    Rubie Luna

    6 dagen geleden

    Jesus christ i love her beautiful smooshie face😭🥲she’s so precious

  41. Hayden B.

    Hayden B.

    6 dagen geleden

    When Booger was doing zoomies MY HEART it kinda felt like she finally knew she was home and let loose a bit :) So sweet!

  42. Katie Gibbs

    Katie Gibbs

    6 dagen geleden

    Review Pharrell’s skin care I see the box 👀

  43. Missing In Action

    Missing In Action

    6 dagen geleden

    My mom's cat is named booger haha cute 😍 I guess her previous owners were southern, so we say her name with an accent sometimes 😂

  44. I V

    I V

    6 dagen geleden

    I loved this video so much 🥺❤️

  45. margaritakmp


    6 dagen geleden

    first animate being in history who's scared of andrew

  46. Sam J

    Sam J

    6 dagen geleden

    It brings me so much joy to see how good she’s doing with you 😩I was literally smiling from ear to ear this whole video ☺️

  47. Katie Jo Mikell

    Katie Jo Mikell

    7 dagen geleden

    And get her bully sticks!!! First get a holder they sell them on Amazon and buy a bunch of bully sticks she will love them!!

  48. Katie Jo Mikell

    Katie Jo Mikell

    7 dagen geleden

    Oy Oy Oy! I love you booger love animals just big FYI those ropes are so dangerous so many dogs end up in surgery because they swallow it please read about it OK 💗

  49. Kaitlyn Holling

    Kaitlyn Holling

    7 dagen geleden

    Pitbulls are the absolute best ♥️ you’ll soon realize she was the best decision you ever made - if you havent already! 🥰

  50. ICyou- Montreal

    ICyou- Montreal

    7 dagen geleden

    So my dogs been looking for your dog for 20 minutes straight

  51. Miranda Armitage

    Miranda Armitage

    7 dagen geleden

    Omg my heart 😭 this is so great & I’m so happy booger is safe & has you as her daddy 💜

  52. jordan bodkin

    jordan bodkin

    7 dagen geleden

    Suggestion! I know you’ve already spent a lot of money, but getting some carpets would help her not slide around so much and give her some traction hard wood floors aren’t the best for animals ( not like to fully replace the wood and tile but maybe just some area rugs here and there)

  53. Ally


    7 dagen geleden

    AHH i have the same basket for my doggies toys

  54. Ally


    7 dagen geleden

    chris she might be submissive peeing (you can tell by her body language), but thats pretty common for a scared or timid dog! Approaching her calmy, not talking loudly, or anything like that can help with submissive peeing. Also not petting her if shes showing signs of timidness will help! My rescue pittie would pee every time someone came to pet him or got to excited around him, but it got better!!! Peeing inside could also just be a result from her routine being thrown off or not normal! It's also a really good sign shes playing!! Dogs will only play if they feel comfy :)

  55. Jeskers18


    7 dagen geleden

    Omg Booger is so cute and such a good little sweetheart!! A few years ago we got a puppy as a playmate for our other older dog. The older dog was so nervous at first but once she realized the puppy was there to play she LOST her mind and was so incredibly happy and playful. It seriously made me cry. Being a dog parent is never boring lol. My in laws have a very sensitive dog as well. He's getting pretty close to the end of his days and is just now letting people pet him but barely. It's sad to know that people abuse animals and that those animals can hold onto that trauma for the rest of their lives.

  56. Rach Sapsford

    Rach Sapsford

    7 dagen geleden

    Omg, she is too cute!!

  57. Arabella Root

    Arabella Root

    7 dagen geleden


  58. Lb Belrose

    Lb Belrose

    7 dagen geleden

    Alright Chris now your gonna have to drop some booger merch!! 😍 it’s ok everyone agrees 🐕

  59. Esperanza Serrano

    Esperanza Serrano

    7 dagen geleden

    Get raw hides!

  60. Miss Mariah Madeline

    Miss Mariah Madeline

    7 dagen geleden

    She’s so cute Chris 👏🏼👏🏼

  61. Bailey Anderson

    Bailey Anderson

    7 dagen geleden

    Hey! I have an aggressive chewer also. The only toys that I find that work for my pit bull are from They’re made for aggressive chewers. The nylon ones are AMAZING!

  62. Mikhaela Renee

    Mikhaela Renee

    7 dagen geleden

    CHRIIISS!!! I’m obsessed with herr!!!!!!! I don’t know why I’m almost in tears and I’m 5 mins into this video!!! To see this poor baby not so sure about being around another human to wagging her tale, to the zoomies.. I can’t help but wonder what these poor babies had going on in the past life but to also break down their walls and trust again is just so beautiful!! Plus she got TUDE written all over her and I’m in LOVEEEEE!!!!! You are the perfect match!!!!

  63. izzy infantino

    izzy infantino

    7 dagen geleden

    I am so happy for the both of you! I work at a doggy daycare so I just wanted to let you know about some good toys! Orange Chuck it balls are great because they are basically indestructible and they don’t squeak. Another good toy that we have is a nerf frisbee, we have a red rubber one! Wish you both the best! Can’t wait for the updates ♥️

  64. jujia7


    7 dagen geleden

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you two! She's warming up to you and it's so beautiful to seeeee my heart can't take it🥰🥰🥰🥰

  65. Starry Rari

    Starry Rari

    7 dagen geleden

    I absolutely hate her name she is a Priscilla!!!

  66. browneyesbadvibes xox

    browneyesbadvibes xox

    8 dagen geleden

    tuffy toys for pits are KEY

  67. Janelle Lawhon

    Janelle Lawhon

    8 dagen geleden

    I got my first dog 6 months ago. He came mostly pre trained although he is an aggressive chewer, he will destroy a plushie toy in 20 minutes and LOVES ropes and can successfully rip any squeaker out of any toy easily. He loves other dogs so much to where he barks until he can go and sniff them.... he’s a great dog but buying toys for him sucks because they last only a week. The good thing is he LOVVESS his toy scraps! He loves a toy even if it’s in a million pieces

  68. Deej Ragusa

    Deej Ragusa

    8 dagen geleden

    booger is UNREASONABLY cute

  69. Jordan.r


    8 dagen geleden

    Peta followed you because they know NLcamerasrs get crazy on camera with their animals. Watch out. they’re watching

  70. Cadance Miller

    Cadance Miller

    8 dagen geleden

    She gave us a kiz🥺🥰15:57

  71. Jessi Poole

    Jessi Poole

    8 dagen geleden

    10/10 Content, thank you.

  72. KiraLyn


    8 dagen geleden

    15:53 lmfao this broke me!!!

  73. Alia A

    Alia A

    8 dagen geleden


  74. Alia A

    Alia A

    8 dagen geleden

    She is so sweet

  75. Alia Mann

    Alia Mann

    8 dagen geleden

    She’s so cute! My dog was like her when we first got him. Acted scared when you came close bc he wasn’t used to the interaction now he’s so cuddly and always wants to be rubbed lol I see it in her 🥺

  76. Lydia Amphlett

    Lydia Amphlett

    8 dagen geleden

    My dog is camera shy ,or just too good for us so this would have been a diva vlog if I tried

  77. Tara Flaherty

    Tara Flaherty

    8 dagen geleden

    Her getting the zoomies is such a good sign! Happy healthy dogs get the zoomies :)

  78. Tyler Rod

    Tyler Rod

    8 dagen geleden

    I looove her Aw 🥺

  79. Bria


    8 dagen geleden

    I was so convinced her name would be Klementine 🍊 but am in full support of the name, Booger! Definitely fits her and you guys were made for each other. 💕🐶 So excited for more Chris and Booger Klemens content!

  80. Hanna babanana

    Hanna babanana

    8 dagen geleden

    booger snoring is top tier content

    • Hanna babanana

      Hanna babanana

      8 dagen geleden

      on par with whitey content

  81. Alia Over The Years

    Alia Over The Years

    8 dagen geleden

    SHE IS LITERALY SO CUTE< her derp face is the best thing on the internet right now.

  82. Amber Befeler

    Amber Befeler

    8 dagen geleden

    This video warms my heart she is such a sweet girl I can imagine how much joy she must bring you

  83. Zen's Just Browsing

    Zen's Just Browsing

    8 dagen geleden

    The snoring at the end😂

  84. Riley Ledesma

    Riley Ledesma

    8 dagen geleden

    There is a shark toy at target for dogs. i got it for my lab and he LOVES it!!! This may be a good toy for Booger.

  85. Brunette Bad

    Brunette Bad

    8 dagen geleden

    Rope pieces can tie around intestines so please keep an eye on her when she’s using that toy 🥺❤️

  86. jacks girl

    jacks girl

    8 dagen geleden

    Time to do some dog diys

  87. Evie DiFiore

    Evie DiFiore

    8 dagen geleden

    Im gonna cryyyy this is so cute

  88. loz


    8 dagen geleden

    not going to lie, I want weekly update vlogs of booger

  89. FlowerPrinceJess


    8 dagen geleden

    me, a cat mom with no current pups: "this is the most interesting haul ever"

  90. Valentina Galindo

    Valentina Galindo

    8 dagen geleden

    This is the best video

  91. Jessiexxreel


    8 dagen geleden

    When you take care of a dog you forget to take care of yourself... ME! I have a pitbull, 2 cats, and a bearded dragon. They all eat before I do and two of them don’t eat until 3pm cause they nibble all day and night on it 🙃 so my breakfast is usually actually a snack at 3:30pm 😂

  92. Poison Bear

    Poison Bear

    9 dagen geleden

    Chris, you really are a great dog mom🥰🙃

  93. otter


    9 dagen geleden

    why Andrew always sleeping

  94. Abby Washo

    Abby Washo

    9 dagen geleden

    You’re such a good dog dad!! Something I just learned when becoming a dog groomer is try not to bath her more than once a month bc it can cause their skin to produce too much oil!

  95. Emma McNeil Cowie

    Emma McNeil Cowie

    9 dagen geleden

    This is serotonin boost I need right now. I really hope you give us more updates in time. We love you, Booger! ❤️

  96. Yeimy


    9 dagen geleden

    i screamed when i saw billies hand

  97. jazmine hanley

    jazmine hanley

    9 dagen geleden

    i love her. 400$ is well worth it for that face

  98. Madison Walch

    Madison Walch

    9 dagen geleden


  99. Valeria Torres

    Valeria Torres

    9 dagen geleden

    I’m literally high and crying. I’m so happy for you, Chris

  100. Queen Jayee

    Queen Jayee

    9 dagen geleden

    I’m so excited for you!